Argentina Vs Brazil in Copa America History – statistics, head to head, records, results

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Argentina and Brazil is two biggest sensational team of the whole world. Their rivalry goes way back and from then on their teams met quite a few times. Both teams are nearly equal on overall stats but things show a bit difference when we take not of individual tournaments.

Copa America is coming and its very much possible that these two teams will meet before the final. So, everyone is waiting to know which team is better in terms of a head to head comparison. We will show you the stats and everything to follow here. Hope you all enjoy this.

Argentina vs Brazil copa

Head to Head (total) –

Matches Played – 59

Argentina – 32

Brazil – 27

Here we only included world cup, Copa America, Confederation Cup, Olympic Gold, Pan American Games, U-20 world cup and U-17 world cup. No draw was included in the count as we only showed the total count of which team has more wins.

Head to Head (Copa America) –

Matches played – 30

Argentina – 14

Brazil – 8

Draw – 8

According to FIFA, any match won by Penalty is considered as draw and that is why the count is like that. Otherwise, Argentina has one more win while Brazil has 3 more.

Now that we have taken a look at the stats now lets take a look at the results. Here is a table that has all these matches and their result included. This chart only includes the Copa America matches as that is why we are here –

Date Result Goal
10th July 1916 Draw 1-1
3rd October 1917 Argentina 4-2
18th May 1919 Brazil 3-1
25th September 1920 Argentina 2-0
2nd October 1921 Argentina 1-0
15th October 1922 Brazil 2-0
18th November 1923 Argentina 2-1
13th December 1925 Argentina 4-1
25th December 1925 Draw 2-2
30th January 1937 Argentina 1-0
1st February 1937 Argentina 2-0 (E.T)
17th January 1942 Argentina 2-1
15th February 1945 Argentina 3-1
10th February 1946 Argentina 2-0
5th February 1956 Brazil 1-0
3rd April 1957 Argentina 3-0
4th April 1959 Draw 1-1
22nd December 1959 Argentina 4-1
24th March 1963 Argentina 3-0
6th August 1975 Brazil 2-1
16th August 1975 Brazil 0-1
2nd August 1979 Brazil 2-1
23rd August 1979 Draw 2-2
24th August 1983 Argentina 1-0
14th September 1983 Draw 0-0
12th July 1989 Brazil 2-0
17th July 1991 Argentina 3-2
27th June 1993 Draw – Argentina (P) 1-1
17th July 1995 Draw – Brazil (P) 2-2
11th July 1999 Brazil 2-1
25th July 2004 Draw – Brazil (P) 2-2
15th July 2007 Brazil 3-0


In terms of head to head Argentina might be ahead but Brazil is a good team and they can defeat any team no matter how strong they are. More importantly, the two talisman of Brazil and Argentina is still to face off in Copa America and frankly put Messi puts Argentina ahead with his superior skill but let’s not forget that Neymar’s raw talent can turn everything around.

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