One Batsman. Out Twice!

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Out! Batsman is sent off. All fielder is joying bravo. After some times out another batsman and fielder joying again. But he walking out quietly to the dressing room. Some fielder look into his face and thought this batsman got out previous time! It is seems unbelievable, but this unbelievable things happed twice in Test cricket.

In the era of Steve Woaha and Mark Woaha the scenario seen many times. Same scenario was also available into Zimbabwe’s team when Grant Flower and Andy Flower played.

But interestingly the real story are different. It is not a story of twin brothers. There have 2 out of one batsmen in 2 consecutive wickets. The first one was happened 100 years ago.

At 1911 South Africa were on Batting on target of 364 runs of Australia’s. Skipper Parsi Sherwoal batted on number 10 for South Africa. But he got out in only 5 run as last batsman. But in the second innings he come to open the innings to save his team from follow-on. But he get back to pavilion after only scored 14 runs from 16 balls in only 19 runs of his team.

But this was the first batsman in the history get out in the same test. On the same test another interesting matter occurred. The opening batsman of the first inning’s batted on no 11.

2nd time it were come about after 50 years. In 1959 Alidade test among England vs. Australia, England’s last batsman Wili Watson bated on no 10th in first innings. And in second innings England played him as opener batsman. In opening partnership Watson’s contribution was 40 runs where partnership was 89 runs.

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