FIFA World Cup 2014 Matches Kickoff Times

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FIFA World Cup 2014 – Match Schedule
 12 June 2014 Opening Ceremony 19:45 BST
 12 June Brazil vs Croatia 21:00 BST Sao Paulo
 13 June Cameroon vs Mexico 17:00 BST Natal
 13 June Spain vs Holland 20:00 BST Salvador
 13 June Chile vs Australia 23:00 BST Cuiaba
 14 June Colombia vs Greece 17:00 BST  Belo Horizonte
 14 June Uruguay vs Costa Rica 20:00 BST  Recife
 14 June England vs Italy 23:00 BST  Fortaleza
 15 June Ivory Coast vs Japan 02:00 BST  Manaus
 15 June Switzerland vs Ecuador 17:00 BST  Brasilia
 15 June France vs Honduras 20:00 BST  Porto Alegre
 15 June Argentina vs Bosia 23:00 BST  Rio De Janeiro
 16 June Iran vs Nigeria 17:00 BST  Curitiba
 16 June Germany vs Portugal 20:00 BST  Salvador
 16 June Ghana vs USA 23:00 BST  Natal
 17 June Belgium vs Algeria 17:00 BST  Belo Horizonte
 17 June Brazil vs Mexico 20:00 BST  Cuiaba
 17 June Russia vs Korea 23:00 BST  Fortaleza
 18 June Australia vs Holland 17:00 BST  Manaus
 18 June Spain vs Chile 20:00 BST  Rio De Janeiro
 18 June Cameroon vs Croatia 23:00 BST  Porto Alegre
 19 June Colombia vs Ivory Coast 17:00 BST  Brasilia
 19 June Uruguay vs England 20:00 BST  Natal
 19 June Japan vs Greece 23:00 BST  Sao Paulo
 20 June Italy vs Costa Rica 17:00 BST  Recife
 20 June Switzerland vs France 20:00 BST  Salvador
 20 June Hondarus vs Ecuador 23:00 BST  Curitiba
 21 June Argentina vs Iran 17:00 BST  Belo Horizonte
 21 June Germany vs Ghana 20:00 BST  Cuiaba
 21 June Nigeria vs Bosnia 23:00 BST  Fortaleza
 22 June Belgium vs Russia 17:00 BST  Manaus
 22 June Korea vs Algeria 20:00 BST  Rio De Janeiro
 22 June Portugal vs USA 23:00 BST  Porto Alegre
 23 June Australia vs Spain 17:00 BST  Brasilia
 23 June Holland vs Chile 17:00 BST  Recife
 23 June Brazil vs Cameroon 21:00 BST  Curitiba
 23 June Mexico vs Croatia 21:00 BST  Sao Paulo
 24 June Italy vs Uruguay 17:00 BST  Sao Paulo
 24 June England vs Costa Rica 17:00 BST  Fortaleza
 24 June Greece vs Ivory Coast 21:00 BST  Natal
 24 June Colombia vs Japan 21:00 BST  Belo Horizonte
 25 June Nigeria vs Argentina 17:00 BST  Manaus
 25 June Bosnia vs Iran 17:00 BST  Rio De Janeiro
 25 June France vs Ecuador 21:00 BST  Porto Alegre
 25 June Hondarus vs Switzerland 21:00 BST  Salvador
 26 June Germany vs USA 17:00 BST  Recife
 26 June Portugal vs Ghana 17:00 BST  Brasilia
 26 June Korea vs Belgium 21:00 BST  Sao Paulo
 26 June Algeria vs Russia 21:00 BST  Curitiba


28 June 2014 A Winner vs B Runner-Up 13:00  Belo Horizonale
28 June 2014 C Winner vs D Runner-Up 17:00 Rio de Janiero
29 June 2014 B Winner vs A Runner-Up 13:00 Forlaleza
29 June 2014 D Winner vs C Runner-Up 17:00 Recife
30 June 2014 E Winner vs F Runner-Up 13:00 Brazilia
30 June 2014 G Winner vs H Runner-Up 17:00 Parlo Alegre
1 July 2014 F Winner vs E Runner-Up 13:00 Sao Paulo
1 July 2014 H Winner vs G Runner-Up 17:00 Salvador


The 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup will be played in Brazil next year with 32 teams going for a glory in what should be a massive sporting event and probably the most watched team game tournament in the world. There will be around 64 matches in the space of 1 month and it will be interesting to see can spain continue their dominance on world football or we will have a new Champions with 32 teams going head to head.

The schedule for the event was announced back in October 2011 and so far 5 teams have been confirmed in the FIFA World Cup with host Brazil getting and automatic place while 4 teams from Asian region has booked their ticket to the mega event and here are the key dates and Timetable of the matches.

World Cup 2014 ScheduleOpening Ceremoney: 11 June

First match: 12 June
Round of 16 Matches: 28 June – 1 July
Quarterfinals: 4 July – 5 July
Semifinals: 8 July – 9 July
3rd Place Playoff: 12 July
Closing Ceremoney: 13 July
The Big Final: 13 July

We will be updating the Quarter Final and Semifinals matches Dates and venues you can bookmark this page and comeback here once all the teams have been confirmed and FIFA World Cup 2014 draw has been made.

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