How Miroslav Klose Became Top Goal Scorer World Cups

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Miroslav Klose became the leading goal scorer in the history of FIFA World Cup, when he scored the second goal against Brazil in the semifinal of 2014 world cup. Below is the list of his all 16 goals.

Miroslav Klose greatest world cup goal scorer

Miroslav Klose has been around the world cup scene since forever, he came to limelight on world stage when he scored 4 goals against Saudi Arabia in 2002 world cup but was beaten by Brazilian Ronaldo to the golden boot race in 2002, but back in 2006 world cup which took place in Germany Klose finished the tournament as the top goal scorer and claimed his first golden boot. here is the list of 50 All-Time Leading Goal Scorers in FIFA World Cups

He was part of 2010 squad as well and scored 4 goals for Germany while not many people expected him to play any major role in 2014 world cup but Klose still has his killer instinct as he managed to score a couple more in 2014 world cup and broke the all time record with 16 goals and beating Ronaldo’s 15 goal mark. Here is how he scored his 16 goals.

Miroslav Klose World Cup Goal Record
1 Saudi Arabia Group 2002 Japan-Korea
2 Saudi Arabia Group 2002 Japan-Korea
3 Saudi Arabia Group 2002 Japan-Korea
4 Ireland Group 2002 Japan-Korea
5 Cameroon Group 2002 Japan-Korea
6 Costa Rica Group 2006 Germany
7 Costa Rica Group 2006 Germany
8 Ecuador Group 2006 Germany
9 Ecuador Group 2006 Germany
10 Argentina Round of 16 2006 Germany
11 Australia Group 2010 South Africa
12 England Round of 16 2010 South Africa
13 Argentina Quarter Final 2010 South Africa
14 Argentina Quarter Final 2010 South Africa
15 Ghana Group 2014 Brazil
16 Brazil Semifinals 2014 Brazil


Video of All Miroslov Klose Goals in FIFA World Cups (2002 to 2014)

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