Falcons Coach Mike Smith Has No Concerns About Job Security Following Epic Week 8 Collapse

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Monday, October 27th, 2014 | 0

Mike Smith

After biggest blown lead in team history during a controversial Week 8 loss to the Detroit Lions in London, England, seventh-year Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith finds himself in under an extreme amount of heat.

The Falcons, who were expected to contend for the NFC South title in 2014 after starting out 2-1, have now lost five straight and are quickly being deemed as one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL.

However, if you ask Smith about it, he isn’t feeling any of the pressure that goes with such a terrible collapse. When speaking to the media today (Mon., October 27, 2014), ESPN’s Vaughan McClure revealed that Smith reportedly has no concerns about his job security as the Falcons’ lead man:

But Falcons owner Arthur Blank has a much different view of the situation, expressing his frustration about the loss to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Sunday:

“You’re up 21-0. There’s no way you lose that game — just no way. There’s nothing else I can say.”

Blank seems speechless about the loss, and he probably should be. Atlanta is a team loaded with high-priced offensive weapons and should be able to hold onto a three-touchdown lead; yet when you look below the surface of the unfortunate matter, there are several factors that play into their collapse.

One, Atlanta had the game won when Lions kicker Matt Prater missed a 43-yard field goal at the end of regulation. But a delay of game of penalty on the Lions – one that cannot be declined by rule – gave Detroit another shot at a 48-yard field goal, and this time Prater nailed it. So Detroit essentially broke the rules and was rewarded with a questionable come-from-behind win for it.

You could argue that they should never have been in that spot in the first place, but their atrocious offensive and defensive line play has made any lead a dire uncertainty in Atlanta. With the situation quickly spiraling out of control, Smith thinks that his team has the attitude of a winning one and only needs to get a victory to begin building a streak:

So Smith may not have any concerns about his position with the team, but the Falcons simply aren’t living up to the lofty standards set by Blank and their successful run that saw them get within one play of the Super Bowl in 2012.

Those days are ancient history in term of the ever-evolving NFL, and no 2-6 has ever made the playoffs.

With problems on both sides of the ball and losses mounting, Smith should probably begin to have some concerns about where he’ll be coaching next year

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