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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 | 19

F1 game 2014 release dates on ps4 xbox1

Codemasters recently announced that they are going all out to make “F1 2014 Game” the best in the series so far, so far not much of details has been announced but one thing is for sure that they are developing the game for next gen consoles (PS4 & XboxOne), but again their is no confirmation as of now.

According to official facebook page of codemaster F1 game:

We’re working on F1 2014. But we can’t confirm platform details right now. One thing we can tell you that we are cooking up a storm in the studio

What about the release date ?

Last year F1 2013 was released in on 4th October 2014 in Europe while in North American it was released a few days later on 08th october. If we look at the history of release dates of few previous editions we can make our mind when to expec the game.

  1. F1 2013 Game – 04 October 2013
  2. F1 2012 Game – 18 September 2012
  3. F1 2011 Game – 20 September 2011
  4. F1 2010 Game – 22 September 2010.

As you can see from the above release dates Codemaster released 2013 version couple of weeks later than their normal third week of september dates. Its hard to predict this year because codemaster have not released any information on whether the game will be released on current gen or next gen consoles.

Current-Gen Consoles:

If codemaster do decide to release it on current gen consoles also, the game might be available in the 3rd week of september 2014.

Next-Gen Consoles:

Most of the big sports franchise like EA etc tend to release next-gen version of the game a month after the release on current gens so If codemaster decide to release it on next-gen (which is a big probability) we can expect the game in 1st or 2nd week of october.

Take a look at the some of the F1 2014 suggestion and wishlist from tsmplug and many f1 fans what they would like to see in the next edition.

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  • http://fabiocontierf1.blogspot.com.br/ Fabio Contier

    whatever the launch, Codemasters F1 2014 will always be arcade and games for children and fam not really. The game has always been copied, you can see the Interlagos track, the stands are the same ie only changed the advertisements, unfortunately the codemasters with this production. It has great graphics but what good if not to see them, opponents, fans nothing terrible replays the cameras, even worse direction, do not buy more until you change the F1, the codemaster handle what’s done and label as f1 2014. F1 really has to be with respect and not this little game for 7 years.

    • nopenope

      the tracks dont matter bro…. they are same every year in real life too… the heck is your problem.

      in every years f1 something has changed in the mechanics and physics aswell as other stuff outside the track.
      its a racing game… not an adventure game, so the tracks being same is good… they are such in real life too… what does matter is improving the vehicle handling and other mechanics, like in 2013 tires cannot puncture unless you hit a wall, thats retarded and must be fixed in 2014.

  • Roy

    I really hope that formula 1 2014 will be released as soon as possible. I really prefer if in this year they can add in the career mode that the player start from gp3 or gp2 and go all the way to formula 1. It would be a nice experience to go through these steps to get a seat in a more decent seat in formula 1.

    • McSmokey Dabs

      Totally agree with you. MotoGp ’14 video game does the same thing too. It actually helped me become a better racer with slower bikes and then progress into a faster bike (Moto3, Moto2 etc). F1 2014 should definitely go with your suggestion.

      • Mashiat

        They can’t. You should never expect something like that from any F1 game, at least in the near future. Even Steve Hood recently tweeted out, again, that only F1 cars can be used in the ‘F1’ title. And MotoGP 14 has Moto 3 and Moto 2 due to the leniency of the FIM and also because they are directly part of the series

  • gcler03

    F1 games have even fantastic in previous years however the wet weather racing is so bad and unrealistic that heads should role!! The idea that the game can be realised and some eejit giving it the go ahead even do cars can lap in terribleness conditions within 5 seconds of a dry lap time is beyond me!!

  • nathan-turner

    I would like the new f1 2014 career mode to start from gp2 or 3 if possible and also have more realistic post race and after race realisum like grid walk and podiums if that is possiable

  • dobbyl

    You should be able to experience mechanical problems such as engine and gearbox failure in f1 2014

  • Hanzino

    Mark the F1 Codemasters game never was and never will be a racing simulation! It always will be just scripted racing game redesigned with the old/new EGO engine. The game look good as far the graphic goes, but its in category of ” Semi-simulation-style racing games” which is a fancy name for non-sim-games
    where all the setting and tire wear is just scripted and the games is not focused on realism.
    If you wanna play racing simulation you have to get Assetto Corsa or Project Cars, iRacing or rFactor .

  • Diego

    Hope They’ll Release Also on PS3 :))

    • Dane22

      And Xbox 360

  • Marcus nightingale

    I personally love the game the damage to the car could be more realistic aswel as the tire wear but I can sit here for hours in a day playing that game they have improved on it in so many ways and am looking forward to see what there going to do this time I’d like to do my own warm up lap tho 🙂 that would be cool

  • ollie

    LOL @ Simulation ! ahaha. This game is nothing like a simulation.

  • Dane22

    Put in more safety cars and red flags also make there be more aggressive AI especially get rid of the wind tunnel and bring back interviews and put in press conferences and realistic podiums. Put in formation laps, podium lap,red flag laps and garage to grid settings. 100% manual pit stops and tv setting for the game. Make there be a setting where you walk your way to the garage and on the way let an interviewer talk to you there. When you retire from the race you can jump out the car and make there be more realistic damage, put in commentary and spectator mode in it. Make there be create a car, team management mode and make the cars look like its real life…

  • Dane22

    Please put F1 2014 on Xbox 360 as well

    • Dane22


  • Dane22

    1. Formation laps, pit to grid, victory laps and manual pit lane assists.
    2. More aggressive AI and more red flags and safety cars.
    3. Ditch wind tunnel bring back interviews, put in press conferences and more realistic podiums
    4. Commentary, spectate mode and tv mode
    5. Ditch young drivers test put in team trials at the teams country
    6. Realistic models and livery
    7. Better tyre wear and fuel mode
    8. Walk your to the garage and walk your way out the car if you retire
    9. Put in team management mode and create a car mode
    10. Make there be fantasy changes like J. Button at Ferrari and vettel at mclaren
    11. Realistic engineer speaking
    12. More realistic crashes

    • Dane22

      Good ideas but try to put in the words get rid of the wind tunnel instead

  • Mark

    More classic cars 1950-1999

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