Codemasters F1 2014 Game Wish-list

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 | 31

F1 2014 game wish-list

As a massive formula 1 fan I always end up buying every version of codemasters f1 games and the last one was released back in October 2013, which was a pretty solid game. Immedialy after the release, without giving away any secrets, codemaster kind of announced the next version of the game which will be F1 2014 for the new consoles and according to them they are “cooking up a storm” for the next gen release. So we expect the f1 2013 game anywhere around october/november of 2014.

What we know from Codemasters about the F1 2014

  1. Improved resolution and frame-rates uoto 1020p (HD) and 60FPS respectively (confirmed).
  2. Real f1  teams simulator data right into the next gen editions.
  3. Even more crisp graphics.

F1 2014 Wishlist:

Having played the last two games, I am going to write down a few ideas which according to me will improve the game by some distance and I would expect some super ideas from you as well.

  • Difficulty: I think we could do well with harder difficulty, I managed to win championship with torro rosso (I turn off most of the aids)
  • Smarter AI: It gets boring after couple of season, AI are so predictable and don’t push you hard enough while chasing or maintaining the lead.
  • Improved damage graphics: codemaster have to work on this issue, in 2013 version damage was just silly I am sure with new gen consoles they should be able to do more. (but should not go over the top)
  • Control over R&D: the 2014 r&d stuff was childish, I would like to have control according to my priorities. tweaking with parts some should work and some can be unreliable or even slows you down and thats where practice come into play.

The things I can live without but would be cool to have them:

Warm up lape, victory Lap and press conference: all this stuff is good for just the first few races, than they become boring and now body care about them. So no need for them but if they have it I won’t be crying.

Your turn guys, put in a few things which you would like to see in F1 2014 ?


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  • Bernie Ecclestone

    To present the game like a real FOM broadcast, so all in race graphics are as they look on the world feed, with pre and post race segments that mimic exactly that of the FOM broadcast.

    At the moment the game doesnt have an authentic F1 feel, so by making it look like an FOM broadcast the immersion and authenticity factor is then significantly enhanced

  • Adilson Lobo

    Acho que poderiam dar opções de o jogador mudar o numero de voltas pra menos de 25% e após a vitória deveria ter a comemoração no podium.

  • rondennis

    For me its the little things like the warm up laps and you been able to controle launch off the grid,character customization and helmet customization to make your career more your own as for on the track not that much realy I think the marbles are a nightmare even on racing line on some tracks and tyre deg is extreme all in all I cant wait to see what they serve up just hope they listen to the fans

  • Stipe

    I’d like to see FP1 and FP2, smarter AI, smarter engineer, realistic damage, more safety car and yellow and red flags.

  • TheBarricadeMan

    I know this is far fetched, but I think it would be cool if you were able to freely move around the padock, or even the grid efore a race. You could then talk to other team bosses, drivers and reporters and build up a relationship, or rivalry, with them. This could affect the chances of you gaining a drive for the next season. I think it would also be cool if they brought in the idea of commentary or a driver being fired mid season, as it would make the game much more realsitic.
    I know there are licencing issues, but if Codemasters brought in a lower formula, like GP3, it would make the game much more realistic and believable. It would also be great if you weren’t the only driver who could more teams. That doesn’t mean a driver like Max Chilton ending up moving from Marusia to Ferrari in one year, but minor changes, such as Valteri Bottas maybe moving to Force India or Sauber. We could also see drivers like Rossi move into Formula 1 in your second season, replacing other drivers.
    This is going to be a long comment. wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a manager mode, where, similar to Fifa, you could make a team, choose from fake sponsors, and pick drivers up from lower tiers of formula 1.
    In addition, warm up laps and podiums would be a great addition to the game. I think with the new consoles, codemasters should be able to add a feature where you can create an avatar, and a custom helmet. The next-gen consoles have a much larger memory, so I think it would be possible for Codemasters to implement these sort of features into the game.
    Oh and also, a greater damage mod would be great too. In modern F1, your wheels don’t just fly off, there are tethers to keep them on. Yet apparently in F1 video games, this doesn’t apply. And whats with the flashing red animation when you retire. This isn’t COD!
    I know all these features are a bit far fetched, and Codemasters can only go so far with the transition onto the XBox 1 and PS4, but it would still be cool to really “live the life” of an Formula 1 driver.

  • TheBarricadeMan

    Also, check out my YouTube channel

  • Keleak

    Just a few thoughts, I don’t know if they can be done but I would love to see these things:
    -It would be great, if I could replay a (hot) lap right after I get back to the garage during practice for example. It would help to learn how to take the corners the next time I try a hot lap. I could learn from my mistakes.
    -It would also be great to get/see telemetry data to help adjusting the car setup.
    -More view options/angles during replay to see what happened behind or in front of me
    -It would be great to see more faults from others during a race, more crashes and hits or even more safety cars during a race, and nevertheless more flags, etc
    -Earlier F1 games (I guess it was pit stop) had a chance to review how the race went on a chart. Who was where, at what position in each lap. I think it was fun to see that at the end of the race.
    -In the garage, when adjusting the wing or the suspention or anything else for this matter, it would be great to see that effect on the car/ to follow the change/ to see the angle of the wing or the height of the car changing.
    -More race info/comments/ advise/etc from the pit would be fun to hear during the race or a practice session, sometimes things in which we have to make decisions – maybe.
    -It would also be great to have the option of manually selecting the pit limiter and if you dont get it right, then get penalty for speeding in the pit lane
    -Also manual control in the pit lane would be great

    Just a couple of ideas, the rest (AI, graphics, etc) has been already said by others.

  • Sheepo

    For me I want to see FOM graphics just like what the moto gp game looks like, I want to see better penalty system as in “under investigation” penaltys and “gearbox penaltys”, they need better damage instead of bassically stonehard wings and wheels, they need more realstic ai driver errors and better, more aggresive AI. They also need for us to be our own car and driver and even our own number instead of having eg “Mark Webber” on the side of your suit and car. They need press conferences and meetings. And lastly better replay camera angles like the ones in the FOM

  • Pon

    I would like to see character and helmet creation not just a set of designs but you can make you’er own unique designs. Character States so as you move through your career you improve in certain areas such as braking maintaing tires, aggression and smoothness. personal relationships with drivers, engineers and team managers they can improve or brake up depending on things you do on and of the track. i would also like a create a team mode, design and build a championship winning car and manage the team whilst on track with good strategy and driver line up and also manage finances with sponsorships and clever investments but it’s probably not going to happen.

    • David Dalton Jr.

      Hell no, I don’t want to have another responsibility to build up my driver stats, I already know how to drive superbly. Character development is more for arcade games, and I don’t want F1 to be a lousy arcade game.

  • blob

    Enhanced replay options were you can quickly jump to another time in the replay. As of now you have to fast forward or backward. For time trials this can be helpfull when you want to save your fastest lap and you don’t want to fast forward trough all previous attempts that were recorded.


    i wanna see manager mode where you can take over team or make your own team and try to win championships

  • Cemro

    F1 2014 should have the option to do a full on split-screen career mode, including practise sessions and qualifying. Where one of the players could have a great season and get contract offers while the other might not get any. This would ensure some great competition with your friends. Also make this an online option (more players) but don’t leave split-screen out of the game.

    What would be a cool optional extra is hearing your teamradio through your bluetooth headset. When you have two of them or a friend brings one with him, you don’t hear eachothers tactics.

    And then I totally agree on the fact that there need to be more realistic physics, resulting in crashes that feel real. When you steer wide and hit a wall for example you shouldn’t bounce off, but destroy your front wing/wheel and grind along the wall until you come to a full stop. The AI should make these mistakes more often aswell, on any difficulty, making the races more unpredictable and exciting.

  • bloops

    With the soon to be entry of an American team I think the design your own team is an Important addition if they want the franchise to stay fresh, you can get sponsors, colour schemes, engine suppliers etc. All this stuff othe games are doing but more importantly is that this is to a degree the things that are making this season. The importance of merc engines, martini sponsor giving Williams a new lease of life, Honda coming back.

    I would love an immersive cam option with visible helmet edges, camera vibration, kinect head motion, visor layer rip off in rain.

    Better noise (they could go to town on the noise, really make a 2014 growl which you don’t get used to straight away). Also the sound should not be so consistent, there needs to be occasional , pops bangs and off notes when just in general but especially when you don’t get the best drive. Sounds more realistic and stops the exact same consistent pitch perfect droning annoying the bell out of you.

    THE OPTION TO CHANGE GLOVE DESIGN – it pees me of when in games you can change driver, helmet etc but when your driving from in cockpit the only thing you can see is gloves yet you can’t customise them, this would fun to do.

    Grittier environments, – sometimes stuff looks a bit too shiny and clean, with next gen power they should use it to add imperfections rather then making it smoother.

    First lap challenge, ai is rubbish on the first lap, you can be on the hardest mode and still get 15 places up with relative ease.

    Ai overtakes, they don’t do it unless on a straight. cut backs, underbraking, dummies don’t exist in ai world yet is the cornerstone to f1 overtakes, teach your ai.

    Getting in to your car and then driving off, only a small thing.

    Better voice acting for engineers, they should make it more natural and with more personality, give them an accent, maybe use the voice of a current radio engineer.

    Safety car is badly done and marshalls get very confused and hand out penalties foretold things = frustration.

    Multiplayer needs help from undeserved penalties and destructive players.

    Ai battling against each other, having crashes, unexpected things happening in the race so you Dingell like the whole thing just relies on you.

  • strataboog .

    I would like to see TV type presentation and constant commentaries just like with FIFA and Fight Night. It would be cool if your own name could be used in the commentaries or a menu with names to choose from, using FIFA and Fight Night where there are hundreds of names to choose. I would like to see more in depth practice sections where the driver gets more involved with car set up while having data changes while you drive discussed with you and your crew, by doing this the driver would hear what affect the changes have on the car the minute the changes occur and this would heighten the sense of involvement for the whole season.

  • Henerie Morris

    It is kind of annoying (and slightly funny) that the 2013 AI’s performance are not matched to the 2013 driver’s performance. Raïkkönen sucks and Hamilton is way better than Vettel, etc. My point is: AI need to be more relative to the actual driver’s performance.

  • seb valentine

    2010 live the life needs to come back and damage needs to be realistic also with AL money contracts also and team radio meaning you can talk to your team and team mate please thanks

  • Rick Wijffels

    I want to see also GP2 and GP3 in the game and maybe Porsche Supercup as well. If you start your carreer, you could first drive a GP3 car or a GP2 car and after a few years driving a F1 car.

  • jovany

    I would like we had to change tires themselves can perform as well as the front wing and self drive in the pit-line

  • Rossco

    I think it would be a great idea if you could talk to your race engineer via mic or headset. You could ask what sectors you are going slow in, where you can improve, gap between the car behind, tire wear etc. Also the other things that have already been mentioned i.e. Smarter AI, helmet customiser etc.

  • Dennis Hellmann

    man i want commentaries back from Formula One game [PSX] and i will prefer the REAL HUD from the F1 2014 Season. also in f1 2013 was no “real” driver/car performance with a mariussia in P1. also, MORE DMG pls.

  • Steve

    Data overlay of yours and team mates laps, not just your slow in sector 1 but how to improve gear throttle brake etc

  • RedBull123

    I would love to see FP1 & FP2 in the new game. Even if there was a setting to turn it off so that people who don’t like it don’t have to do it. Also I’d like to have warm up laps and a lap to the garage at the end of the race. And having control of your launch at the start of the race would be good. 2013 isn’t great for that because you just floor it, then use abit of Kers and watch cars fly past you, then your having to really attack in the first corner. Also I’d like AI crashes & car breakdowns leading to retirements. Every race I do there is always 22 finishing even with damage on. Press conferences would be good too you could talk through a headset. And also talking to your race engineer to see about improving lap times or seeing if you have problems with your car that would lead to you retring in a race or stopping on the side of the track or whatever.

  • koubousoucou

    all is gud that they said…..for me, celebration.on each track and at the end of the season….something emotional when you see it because these little thing is very motivating when you finish each race or season….some things to adjust like: conference before( in grills appear) & after the race( in podium) , new interviews or bad satisfaction from team mats,probably be out from team with follow with new proposal… and all said on.

  • Craig

    I think it would be goog if you could have a team radio and speak back to the pits, e.g when you want to switch tyres or have information on whether. I also think that we should see the safety car more often and make the weather so realistic that half way through race it has to be stopped due to bad weather conditions.

  • Matheus Machado

    Narração de Galvão Bueno,mais cameras onboards e que tivesse no jogo durante a corrida chuva e as vezes chuvese mais forte e dar bandeira vermelha como acontece as vezes na Fórmula 1 Real e mais realismo nos graficos e na jogabilidade

    • Dane22

      In English please

    • Dane22

      In English

  • Michael Gorman

    I love the idea of warm up laps and bringing back press conferences. I think they should put more into tire ware and also with brakes since that has been a big problem and in the real F1 season so i think adding something that in will make the game more realistic and fun to play.

  • Dane22

    Put in pit to grid, formation laps, cood down laps and victory laps and also make there be more safety cars and red flags. There should be more realistic damage and more realistic engineers, especially make the AI more aggressive. There should also be fully manual pit stops, speaking of pit stops in qualifying you could put in pit stops instead of goiing into the garage all the time and you bring back interviews and you can be able to manually walk your way into the garage and in your car and if you retire you can make your way out of the car. In the menu I hope you can make a create a car mode, but I think there should be more realistic podiums you can put in commentry and a tv mode in the game to and in career you could put in a team trial wear you do a race against other rookies to make the team. Also you can put in press conferences and manager mode.
    I think this could make the game so much cooler

  • Racer

    1 – Safety cars
    2 – Podiums
    3 – Warm-up lap
    4 – There should be some kind of unlockable mode where one would be able to completely manage his own team or completely create a team choosing from base country to car colors.

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