Billy Joe Saunders, Chris Eubank Jr involved in social media altercation over controversial video

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 | 0
Billy Joe Saunders beats Chris Eubank Jr on points - BBC Sport

It’s no secret Billy Joe Saunders and Chris Eubank Jr just do not like each other. The duo have often been involved in fiery exchanges off the field… especially on social media. And they are at it, once again!

Saunders was involved in a controversy recently after he posted a video of himself, teaching men how to ‘finish off’ women during lockdown. The video was widely criticised by fans, before the BBBofC suspended him for six months.

No wonder, Eubank Jr accused his rival of being an undesirable role model.

“So @bjsaunders_ a women beating, COVID-19 hoaxing, drug abusing, police impersonating Moron… oh yeah paid a vulnerable women to punch an innocent man in the face as-well. How many more chances is this idiot going to get before his license is taken away for a good amount of time?” Eubank Jr questioned on Twitter.

He added: “As fighters at the top we have the kids looking up to us, copying what we do inside & outside of the ring. Having @bjsaunders_ as a representative of boxing is an injustice to all women suffering in abusive relationships & to the kids who look to learn from us as ambassadors.”

Even as Saunders was forced to apologise for the video, he was in no mood to take a step back on this occasion.

Posting a photo from his winning moment against Eubank Jr, Saunders included just a hush emoji in his caption.

For those unaware, the duo had traded punches for a trio of domestic titles back in November 2014. After both fighters dominated either halves, Saunders was handed a split decision win. 

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