15 World’s Most Inspirational Athletes In All Sports

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Sports is argubaly the biggest entertainment industy and it not only provide huge money to the athletes but also the fame and acknowledgment throughout a athletes career. Many sports athletes has inspired millions of people around the world and today we take a look at greatest athletes in their respective sport.

First we take a look at some of the great athletes who created amazing stories in their careers having suffered trouble past or difficulties before the turn things around and became world renouned.

#1. Manny Pacquiao – Boxing

Pacquioa’s rose to fame story is one of the most inspirational, born to a poor family with 6 siblings his parents seperated when he was just 6 year old. He had to leave his family (mother) at the age of just 14 because she was not making enough to support 6 children. Pacquiao lived in the streets before he made it to the philpines amature boxing team. Government was paying for his room, food and training while he was fighting in amature ranks.

In turned professional at the age of just 16 year old and never looked back. Now he is regarded as the one of the best boxers of all times and was declared the best boxer of last decade.

#2. Vince Papale – American Football

Papale was 30 year old bartendar when he was selected in the Philadelphia eagles through a impromptu tryout in 1976. After a difficult time in his first season he went on to represent the team for next three seasons and that makes one of the most inspirational sports stories which was potrayed into the Mark Walberg’s “Invincible” movie.

#3. Magic Johnson – Basketball

Probably one of the greatest basketball players to have graced NBA, Magic Johnson was tearning defences apart before a shocking announcement was made back in 1991, that Johnson has been tested postive of HIV. But he was never gonna let that overcome his love for basketball and more importanly his life. He suffered through 5 years to make a remarkable recovery and played for LA Lakers in 95-96 seasons. Once retired he took on the role of HIV awarness advocate and inspired huge number of of people who suffer from the same disease.

#4. Jim Abbott – Baseball

Jim Abbott was a quality baseball player and he made it to the MLB the main professional league in american baseball. But what is amazing about Jim abott’s story is the fact he was born without right hand. But that did not stop him playing in the top league as he played around 100 games over 11 year career.

#5. Rudy Ruettiger – American Football

Ruettiger was sufered from dyslexic in his early days and was considered too short ot play american football sport. But he went against all odds and made it to the Notre Dame football team. He also got some playing time once new coach took over the team who put him in defensive line vs Georgia Tech back in November 8, 1975. The movie “Rudy” was inspired from Rudy Ruettiger story.

#6. Jackie Robinson – Baseball

Jackie Robinson was the first high profile athlete to have break the colour barrier in american sport back in 1947 when he played his very first MLB game for Brooklyn Dodgers. He was booed, had to suffered racial slurrs but he ended up the winner at the end of the match.

You never know whether the participation of black players in american sports was possible without Jackie Robinson initiative. Now MLB dedicated a single play in every regular season where played wear 42 jersey in respect to Jackie Robinson.

#1. Muhammad Ali – Boxing

Boxing is one of the oldest sport and still going mainstream and thats because greats like Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier etc played a huge part in popularity of boxing. Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer in the history of boxing and one of the overall best athletes. His career record stands at 56-5 but unlike today’s boxers he fought the best and created a legacy which will remain untouchable for some decades to come.

He was not only the greatest boxer but the man was intelligent and nobody could beat him in talking on or off the ring. His stand against “vietnam war” put his boxing career in trouble but he stood by his words had to serve boxing ban.

#2. Michael Jordan – Basketball

The greatest Basketball player ? yes Michael Jordan had the greatest NBA career in his history of american basketball. He lost his father at a vry young age, dropped from his high school basketball team and failed to make it in his favourite sport baseball but boy he turned all that around once he set foot on NBA courts as professional player.

His guided his team Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA titles and won countless individual honours before he retired from the sport back in 2003. Michael Jordan is a house hold name in america and biggest sports manufacuring company “NIKE” still has endorsement deals with michael Jordan sometime refer to as MJ.

#3. Michael Schumacher – Formula 1

German car racing driver Schumacher is face of Formula 1 in many ways, he is the most successfull driver in the history of sport having won World Championship title 7 times. Currently he is fighting for his life in french hospital having suffered a terrible skiing accident. But the kind of passion and courage he has fans still pray and hope that he will make it out of the coma which is into 6th month.

He raced for most prestigious F1 team Ferrari for 10 years from 1996 to 2006 winning 7 world championship titles and becoming one of the worlds most celebrated athlete.

#4. Michael Phelps – Swimming

Most olympic gold medals won by a single athlete record is currently with American swimmer Michael Phelps who burst on to the swimming and olympic scene back in 2000. He won 8 gold medals in beijing olympics and have 14 in total which makes him the greatest swimmer in history of sport and thats without any shadow of a doubt.

He is planning to retire after the Rio Olympics 2016 but his legacy is already assured. Phelps is not only a great athlete but also can be a perfect role model for young athletes of the sport scene.

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