Top 10 Hottest Wags Footballer’s Girlfriends & Wives 2014

#.1 Alice Goodwin (jermaine pennant wife)

Jermain Pennant the former Liverpool and Arsenal player recently married a british glamour model Alice Goodwin, she got some knockers on her as you an see from the pictures. She started the modeling career in early her age and now she got married and probably will like ot have kids untill than we can enjoy her hot body.

#.2 Oksana Andersson (Girlfriend of Christian Wilhelmsson)

One of the hottest wags back in the day, Oksana Anderson dated Christian Wilhelmsson for a few years not sure whats going on now. She was born in Russia but moved to sweden at very young age. She has worked as a signer, actress and dancer for a band Sunblock.

#.3 Danielle Bux Gary Lineker’s Wife )

Gary Lineker has long retired from football but he can stil score outside the pitch and he is a hottie he is dating these days. Danielle Bux is alot younger than Gary but they have been together for several years now. She was a professional model and posed for magazines like Maxim etc.

#.4 Zaira Nara (Diego Forlan Wife)

Zaira Nara is one of the hottest wags around, she is wife of Diego Forlan who played for teams like Villareal, Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan. A Argentina model and TV host for sports programs she is a hottie for sure, google here to see how good she is.

#.5 Irina Shayk (Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend)

Irina can be seen with Ronaldo often and both have been together for quite a while now and this is probably the longest relationship Ronaldo had in his footballing career. From the looks of things its more than just a fling as Ronaldo can be seen caring about Irina who dont miss a game where Ronaldo is playing. Will they eventually get married ? time will tell.

#.6 Sara carbonero ( Iker Casillas Girlfriend )

Another hottie who came to fame in the 2010 World Cup when Iker Casillas kissed her in front of millions watching after winning FIFA World Cup. Carbonero is Spanish Sports reporter mainly about football spain and she is pretty famous. She is a longtime girlfriend of Iker Casillas

#.7 Natalia Velez (Falcao Wife)

Rademel Falcao scores huge amount of goals on the pitch off it he scored a beauty in Natalia Velez who has been dating Falcao for a while now and she posed for famous sports illustrated magazine last year. If memory serve me right she is pregnant now with Falcao as he moved to monaco.

#.8 Abbey Clancey (Petre Crouch Wife)

Another english beauty, Abbey Clany is a professional model and she has been married to Petre Crouch since 2009 and have a daughter together. She posed for sportsillustrated in FIFA world Cup 2010 with other few wags from different countries.

#.9 Alena Šeredová (Gigi Buffon Wife)

A Czech Republic model and tv host currently working in Italy and she has been married to Gigi Buffon for a quite a while. Buffon and Seredova have two kids together.

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