Top 10 Beautiful Cheerleaders in 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, January 30th, 2014 | 0

Super Bowl is just few hours away from now and today we are going to take a look at top 10 of the most hottest cheerleaders you are going to see before and during the match. Seattle Seahawks and Broncos will fight it out on the pitch while we have cheerleaders from both camps pumping up atomsphere throughout the game. So lets get into the business and take al look at top 10 hottest CHeerleaders in Super Bowl this year.

These are pictures from official profiles and google search you can find out more about these cheerleaders on the official websites of the teams.

#01. Natalie (Seahawks)


Natalie has been with Seattle for more than 3 years now and usualy her makeup stuff does not show her real beauty but if you look at the picture above she looks stunning her more of a natural look.

02. Candace (Broncos)


Another beauty with brains is Candace who is with Broncas cheerleading squad. She has a degree from University of Daytona while she also work as part time surgon assitant.

#03. Toni D. (Broncos)


Now Broncos have two Toni’s but one of the hottest cheerleaders in NFL is Toni D of broncos who has been with them for couple of years and she is one of the hottest you will see in Superbowl.

#04. Zoe (Seahawks)


Another blonde with not only with looks but with brains as well, she is a pre-medical student and also have major in communication degree.

#05. Stephanie (Seahawks)


Another Seahawks cheerleading squad entry, Stephanie is woking as a project manager and she will be shaking it on super bowl 2014 and she is hot.

#06. Geraldine (Seahawks)


Another Seahawks cheerleader squad entry and this is Geraldine who was voted as one of the hottest in NFL last year.

#07. Brittany (Broncos)


Britany is with broncos and she is in our hottest list she is also a full time student in University of colorado. reminds me of a pornstar called “Briana Banks”

#08. Ashley (Broncos)


Ashley is very prominant cheerleader from Broncos, she will be there on Super bowl. She can easily on the top 5 list.

#09. Kelsey (Seahawks)


A degree in sports science and one of the fittest bodies in whole cheerleaders in 2013, she is in our top 10 list for both beauty and brains.

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