Wimbledon 2015 Prize Money (Breakdown)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, July 6th, 2014 | 5

Wimbledon Prize Money

Wimbledon became the the highest paying tennis grand slam in the world, as they have announced an increase of almost 10% in totle prize money payouts. The winner of the Wimbledon 2014 will be taking home around £1.76 million GBP ($2.97 million USD). But the biggest increase in the payouts is in the earlier rounds. Below is the full fledged breakdown of prize money in all category and their respective rounds.

Wimbledon 2014 Prize Money – £25 Million ($42.2m)
Category Winners Runner-ups Semi-Finals Quarter-finals 4th Round 3rd Round 2nd Round 1st Round TOTAL
Men’s Singles £1.76m £880,000 £440,000  £226,000 £117,000 £71,000 £43,000 £27,000 £9.6M
Women Singles £1.76m £880,000 £440,000  £226,000 £117,000 £71,000 £43,000 £27,000 £9.6m
Men’s Double £325,000 £163,000 £81,500 £41,000 £21,500 £13,000 £8,500 N/A £1.46m
Women Double £325,000 £163,000 £81,500 £41,000 £21,500 £13,000 £8,500 N/A £1.46m
Mixed Double £96,000 £48,000 £24,000 £11,500 £5,600 £2,800 N/A N/A £350,000
Legends  £21,000 £18,000 £15,000 £14,000 £13,000 N/A N/A N/A £123,000


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  • Mike Fairbank

    Although I’m completely for equal pay for equal work between men and women and I love watching the women play, but… why are the women getting the same prize money as the men when their matches are best 2 of 3 and the men’s are best 3 of 5? The women are doing (approx.) 30% less work!?

    • Stella Humphrey

      Because they pull in just as many fans and thus generate just as much revenue as the guys.

      • Victor Carter

        No way, do women deserve what is about 30% more than men in pay. Its compete utter rubbish to say they pull in the same amount of fans. Everyone knows the level of tennis for the womens game for all but the top players amounts to top highschool boys tennis or advanced club male players. The wear and tear on the guys is crazy, the level of tennis is far superior from the beginning to end of each and every event. Typically, only during the later rounds does the womens game get interesting..its laughable argument that women should get paid the “same” as men. But it reflects a dumbed down world were people are afraid to offend anyone. Where news media seems intent on talking about nonsensical off socially acceptable concepts that are not central to problems.

        • Stella Humphrey

          Wow. Sexist pig much? You probably have a poster of Bobby Riggs in the bedroom in your parents’ basement …

  • FormerLiberalnowConservative

    Would be curious as to how this translates into US dollars.

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