VIDEO: Duke University coach surprises Rafael Nadal with underhand serve, wins point

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 | 0
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Rafael Nadal was surprised with an an expected serve from an unexpected opponent during a recent exhibition match.

The Spanish ace was up against Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria in Premier Live Atlanta Challenge on Monday for a fun contest.

During one of the games – when Dimitrov was up 40-0 on his serve – he decided to have some fun by asking a lady in the crowd to play a point instead of him. She, however, wasn’t up for it, instead asking someone else to go ahead.

It turned out to be Ramsey Smith, the head coach of Duke University and a former ATP player himself.

And guess what he did straight up? He served underhand before unleashing a nice-looking forehand.

“I decided last second to go with the underhand serve and do everything possible to get a forehand on the first ball,” Smith was quoted as saying by Baseline Tennis.

“I know Rafa hates the underhand serve so I thought it was my only chance. The ball may or may not have been out, but I celebrated like I won the point anyway.”

Irrespective, the crowd couldn’t believe what they were seeinh.


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