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The 135th edition of US Open is going to be held this year and it is ground breaking news for all tennis fans. The level of this tournament is Grand Slam level and one of the only 4 tournaments of this level.

Before we get swallowed up by this tournament, let’s revisit the history of this great tournament.

Information –

1st Start – 1881

Grand Slam upgrade – 1987

Last Edition – 134th

Last held – 2014

US Open tennis

History –

We all know that US Open is a hard court tournament but it is quite shocking to know that the first US Open which was held at 1881 was played in grass court. For the first year, only USA Players were permitted entry. From 1884 to 1911, the tournament used a method where the defending champion played only in the final to defend his title against the winner from all the other players. In 1911, the tournament was relocated to New York.

After the relocation process completed which took nearly 10 years to be done, first 3 seasons the matches were held at Philadelphia. Then it went to Forest hills at 1924. This is the year when for the first time this tournament was declared as one of the world’s main tennis tournaments. At those times, 5 different tournaments was going on and all of those tournament merged to create US Open. This happened around 1968. This merging made this tournament even bigger and it was quite obvious that this tournament would one day be called a Grand Slam. US open is the first Grand Slam tournament to use tie-breaker at 6-6 situation. They were also the first Grand Slam to pay equal money to both men and women. They did that in 1975.

On 1978 the tournament once again relocated to USTA national Tennis Center. This process also saw a change in the court as the clay court of previous 3 years turned into hard court for the first time. Jimmy Connors is the only player in history who won the US Open in all 3 courts. After that it was given Grand Slam title and it’s been held every year after that.

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