Roger Federer is not the real possessor of SABR. Then who’s it?

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Friday, September 25th, 2015 | 1


‘Sneak Attack by Roger’ (SABR), an unusual shot, believed to have invented by tennis maestro Roger Federer gained popularity when the Swiss left the spectators amazed with the execution of this novel attempt, wherein he rushes on to the net while returning the opponent’s serve in tandem.

However, Federer is the not the first player to draw on this tactic, it seems. Former Austrian tennis player Stefan Hern perhaps brought the ‘SABR’ into play even before Federer. In a video published by bolamarela, Hern can be well seen implementing the shot.

“It was the third meeting I was playing that day and we [he and his opponent Patrick Ofner] we were tired, so I thought I’d save some energy trying this tactic,” Hern was quoted as per saying.

Hern, now 35, was best-ranked at No. 1461 in the singles and 1247 in doubles.

VIDEO (skip to 4:43)



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