Roger Federer the Greatest of All Time, Rafael Nadal Second: Andy Roddick

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Friday, November 7th, 2014 | 0

Former World No.1 tennis player and 2003 U.S. Open champion, Andy Roddick, believes that 17-time Grand Slam winner, Roger Federer, is the ‘Greatest Tennis Player of All Time’ and that even 14-time champion, Rafael Nadal, is second to the former.

“What Roger has done this year is incredible, but am I really surprised? No. I know first-hand what he is capable of,” quoted Roddick, who focused on the Swiss maestro’s successful season this year, who holds an impressive win-loss record of 69-11 so far in 2014.

According to Roddick, though Nadal lead the head-to-head record by 23-10 against Federer, it is not a unswerving foundation to gauge the greatness of a player.

“For me Roger Federer is still ahead in the greatest-ever debate, with Rafael Nadal second,” he continued. “People talk about their head-to-head being the determining factor, but I can’t comprehend a single match-up being the deciding factor. 

“It’s about total wins at major tournaments, not an individual match-up, in my mind. If Rafa were to tie with Roger and win 17 major titles then you would go to the head-to-head, and then it would be in favour of Rafa.

“In its most simplistic state, while Roger has more major titles than Rafa, Roger is the greater player. Major championships are what define our sport.”


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