I don’t see myself playing till 37 like Roger Federer: Rafael Nadal

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 | 0

Ever wondered what keeps Rafael Nadal going at 31? Is it the motivation to keep up with his arch-rival Roger Federer, who, at 37, is arguably playing the best tennis of his life?

No, the Spaniard says, as he insists that it’s the motivation to keep performing year by year.

“That Federer is playing at age 37, is not a motivation, what motivates me is to play another year and be competitive as long as possible,” Nadal was quoted as saying by bolamarela.

Nadal, however, says that he doesn’t see himself competing on the biggest level till the age of 37.

“If you ask me if I see myself playing with 37 years like him, I’ll tell you no, but I do not know, at the age of 26 I did not see myself with 31 and here I am,” he continued.

“Let’s enjoy every moment and when it’s time to say goodbye, no problem, I’m not afraid of that moment.”

Meanwhile, Nadal will look to kick-off the 2018 season on a high when he participates at the Brisbane International, scheduled to be held in the first week of January.





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