Here’s what ball boys have to say on Ryan Harrison versus Donald Young controversy

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Thursday, February 15th, 2018 | 0

Ball boys, who were present during the controversial first-round match between Ryan Harrison and Donald Young at the New York Open, have spoken on what they overheard on court.

Harrison and Young were involved in a heated argument during their encounter as the the chair umpire was forced to intervene.

Young later took to Twitter to allege that he was racially abused by Harrison, who immediately shrugged off the accusations, demanding evidence.

Now, a couple of ball boys took to Twitter to shed some light on the incident.

“I was one of the Ball boys working that match I was standing right behind them. Not one thing was mentioned about race. There was cursing and threatening to fight outside and Ryan made fun of Young’s height,” Michael Bruno claimed.

“The 5 other ball people with me and the chair umpire also did not hear anything racial. I like Donald Young but none of us can vouch his accusation towards Ryan.”

Harrison was quick to retweet Bruno’s testimony.

Another ball boy, who goes by the name Sam Axel, concurred. “I concur. I was one of the other ball people. Nothing racial. Harrison was just frustrated that Young was cheering for Harrison’s mistakes and pointed out Young’s height and both said they were “ready to go.””

The ATP, meanwhile, is currently investigating the incident.




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