Roger Federer and Klay Thompson to lock horns for a game of ping pong?

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 | 0

Roger Federer is currently eyeing the Shanghai Masters title, but that’s not all he is there for, it seems.

The Swiss maestro is set to take his tennis skills on the table as he challenged basketball star Klay Thompson for a game of ping pong. And, the latter is up for it too.

Prior to the beginning of the tournament, Federer caught up with the players of Golden State Warriors – an NBA team – for which Thompson plays.

And Steve Kerr, the Warriors coach, relayed a conversation between Federer and Thompson where the two mulled locking horns for a match of ping pong.

“How’s your ping pong game?” asked Thompson. “Pretty nice,” replied Federer. “Mine too.”

And now, Federer took to his official Twitter handle to take things further. “Sounds like a challenge to me @KlayThompson,” he wrote.

Thompson appeared more than glad to oblige. “Name the time and place. Game on!”

Who you guys got winning on the table?


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