UEFA Champions League TV Prize Money Distribution 2013-2014

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UEFA Champions League match dates 2014

Champions League Prize Money:

Champions League is the highest paying competition and every team in plaoffs recieve around €2.1 Million, even if they fail to qualify for the group stage, once they reach there all 32 teams recieve €8.6 Million as base money regardless of the results, while there are incentive base money as well. €1 million is given to a team whenever they win the group game and €500,000 for a every draw in the group stages. when they draw, qualifying to the Round of 16 further give a team another €3.5 and so on upto €10.5 million for final winners and a winner can take home around €35m just in prize money.

Prize Money Real Madrid 2014 Champions League Earned:

  • Merit Money: €40 million
  • Performance Based: €5.5 million (for winning 5 group games + 1 Draw)
  • TV Money: €16 million
  • Total Money: €61.5 million
Prize Money Distribution
Playoff’s €2.1 million
Group Stage (Base Money for all 32 Teams) €8.6 million
Every Group Game Win €1 million
Every Group Game Draw €500,000
Round of 16 €3.5 million
Quarter-Finals €3.9 million
Semifinals €4.9 million
Runner-Ups €6.5 million
Winners €10,5 million
Real Madrid (Winners Total Payout – €62m 5 group wins + 1 Draw= €5.5 m  €40 million €16.5m


What About The TV Money ?

So if a club go all the way and win the competition as of 2012-13, in case of Bayern Munich who won the competition in 2013 recieved around €30,5m as prize money + €21,8m as tv money from Champions League making their win a worthy of €52.3 million overall.

How the money is distributed among 32 clubs ?

Ever wondered how the UEFA Champions League money is distributed between the 32 participation clubs and whole lot of clubs taking part in Qualification before the group stages ? Lets take a look at the last couple of years money statistics, Just ask Arsenal how important Champions League competition is for every top tier club throughout European leagues

When Chelsea won the champions league in 2012 beating Bayern on penalties the average viewing figure were around 167 million. Chelsea got €60 million in total from UEFA, which was combined total of prize money and TV money. Now if FC Basel win the champions League they won’t necessorly get as much as Chelsea did, the prize money will be same but TV money will be way less than what bigger clubs get.

Manchester United were knocked-out in the round of 16 stage last year, and they made around €40 million while Bayern Munich won the Champions League and they got €52 million from UEFA.

Champions League glory vs Premier League:
When Chelsea won the Champions League they earned around €60 million in total prize money + TV money from UEFA, which was higher than they earned in Premier league in the same year which was around £54 million.

you can see from the above analysis that how Premier league teams do in Champions League in the last couple of years and how much did they earn, while following diagram shows why for Arsenal finishing in the top 4 in the league is like winning the league, by competing in the champions league top 4 premier league clubs have huge money advantage over the other 16 teams in the league.


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