The Average Salaries of Horse Racing Jockeys in US & UK

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How Much Horse Racing Jockey Earn ?

Betting and horse racing go hand in hand and with so many high profile horse races in USA, Britain and around the world you sometime must wonder how much a jockey can earn in top flight races. Well not much, if we go with the rumoured figures.

salaries of Horse jockey per race

Take “Kentucky Derby US” for example the pay structure in this track event is as follow. The jockey of the winning horse recieve 10% of owner winning share which is around $1,425,000. So the winning jockey takes 10% of that which is around $142,000 while the runner up and third place jockey takes 5% of owners purse ( which is around $400,000 and $200,000) so 2nd and 3rd place jockey can take home $20,000 and $10,000 respectively.

While the jockeys who dont finish in top 3 can barely make any money. On average a successfull jockey can make more than $1 million in a single year while least successfull can take home around $20,000 a year on average in United States.

But if you are trying to find information on your average track jockeys. here is the details on average salary/income a jockey can make during a race.

Average Payout To Jockey Per Ride
Jockey Earning Per Race
Jump Jockeys Receive £157.72 per ride – US $100-$300
Flat Jockeys £115.52 per ride – US $90-$200


Annual Average Salary/Income of Jockey
Jockey Yearly Income
Major Events  $22,000
Simple Derby Race’s $15,750 – $18,000


Some of the major events which include the likes of  Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes and British Derby etc. These events have huge price money and jockeys who participate in these events can make handsom money, specialy the ones who are successful in winning or getting into the top 3 places frequently. Jockeys who participate in jumping track/events usualy make slightly more money than flate track jockeys.

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