How Much Floyd “Money” Mayweather is Worth ?

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Mayweather Net worth 2013-2014Mayweather Jr Net Worth : $300 million (Forbes)
Earning Per Fight: $50 million
Major Brands:  None
Sport: Boxing
: 35
Forbes Highest paid sportsmen List: 1st
Sport Illustrated Fortune 100: 1st

How much Mayweather is worth again ? Well he is believed to be much more than $150 and growing in every fight he is involved in, his most recent fight against Robert Guerrero earned him $34 Millions while in 2012 he fought twice and made $90 in one year and became the highest earning athlete in the world. His next fight is against Canel Alvarez which will be net him at least $70 million because of the magnitude of the fight and he can anytime cash the pacquioa fight which is believed to be worth $200 millions.


Floyd Mayweather Career Earning Per Fight

Here is the breakdown of recent 10 fights and what they earned him in the process, starting with Carlos Baldomir his first big payday which netting him just little less than $10M, rest are shown below.
While His biggest purse to date was against Miguel Cotto last year as he earned around $40 Millions in single fight

  1. Carlos Baldomir – $8 M
  2. Oscar De La Hoya – $25 M
  3. Ricky Hatton – $25M
  4. WWE Wrestling Appearance – $20 M
  5. Juan Manuel Márquez – $25M
  6. Sugar Shane Mosley – $30M
  7. Victor Ortiz – $40M
  8. Miguel Cotto – $40M
  9. Robert Guerrero – $34M

Total Career Earning$290M

Mayweather’s $200 Showtime Deal
Mayweather has signed a six-fight deal with CBS/Showtime, and those six fights are supposed to happen in the next 30 months and one is already done and 5 remaining, do we think Mayweather will fight 5 times in two years time ? well he is aging and even when he was young he was only fighting twice a yeat at most so I can’t see that happening.

why mayweather has no endorsements ?
He said it in an interview to SportsIllustrated this year, that If major brands like Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, Coke they want him they need to pay. So it looks as if major brands are not willing to pay what Mayweather demands so no endorsements. After all its all about the money man.

Where Do Mayweather Spend His money?
He is real spender and a shrewd businessman, takes care of his contracts and money on his own, never earned a single deal with endorsements, but where do his spend the money ? He bought flash cars, mentions, show off his betting slips on twitter (well only the one his wins) and much more.

Mayweather JR [ Cars Collection ]

1. Mayweather Downtown Las Vegas Mension:
Floyed mayweather bought a massive mension in Las Vegas back in 2005 for around $9 Millions (which he reportedly want to sell now) and this huge mension comes with all sorts of luxuries a man can want, on top of those it is located near the hub of Vegas night life and if you have bank account as massive as Floyed why wont you buy immunities like that.

Floyd Mayweather Las Vegas Mension net worth

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