Top Running Backs In Madden NFL 15

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Saturday, October 4th, 2014 | 0

With the NFL an ever-evolving league that can change on a weekly basis, the virtual realm of video games doesn’t always necessarily translate into an exact mirroring of the real game.

But with technology at the advanced level we enjoy today, it can certainly get close. Players move and react almost just like they would in real life in EA Sports’ Madden NFL 2015, and there’s not a position where you realize that more than running back.

Some running backs have taken over the top spots in terms of actual football this year, but in the video gridiron, the big names still rule the roost. Here are the top five running backs in Madden NFL 2015:


Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings:

Now suspended indefinitely after being indicted by a Texas grand jury for charges of child abuse, Peterson isn’t even playing in the NFL right now, and his return to the Vikings is a highly doubtful one at best.

But when it comes to Madden NFL 2015, Peterson is in a class of his own. He has insane 97 rankings in speed, acceleration, and agility, he’s a tough player to catch when you play as the Vikings. He can also truck stick over defenders with ease, making him the most complete package in the video game like he once was in real life.


Lesean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles:

“Shady” is off to a very rough start in 2014, but in Madden NFL 2015, he doesn’t suffer from the problems that his suspect offensive line has given him in actual football. He comes in a close second to Peterson in just about every major statistical category in the game, and is especially dangerous on outside runs and screen passes out of the backfield.

If only his video game success could translate into real life.


Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs:

Chiefs speedster Charles recently returned to the field to destroy the New England Patriots last Monday night, showing many of the skills that earned him the rankings of the third best back in the game.

He has the highest speed rating in the game with 98, and he can also rack up long gains through the passing game with his 85 rating.


Matt Forte, Chicago Bears:

Forte doesn’t have the speed of Charles or the overall skills of Peterson, but he is a very balanced back who can add several dynamics to your game. He’s an excellent receiver in coach Marc Trestman’s system, and he can be counted on for a steady volume of effective touches.

He’s off to a rough start in actual football, but in Madden NFL 15, Forte can take your team to the Promised Land.


Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks:

It’s hard to imagine that the bulldozing Lynch is the last man on this list, as he routinely runs over defenders with his powerful 99 Trucking and Stiff Arm ratings. He obviously lacks much of the flash and speed that runners like McCoy and Charles have, but Lynch’s game is all about getting the job done in the trenches.

For that purpose, he’s the best at the game if you want t focus on a between-the-tackles running style, and he’s also the back who’s found the most success on the actual field so far this year.

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