Tom Brady: Rob Gronkowski ‘Absolutely’ Back

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 | 0

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Ever since his massive 2011 season, New England tight end Rob Gronkowski has been dealing with a never-ending stream of debilitating injuries, everything from back surgeries to several surgeries on his forearm to a torn ACL suffered against the Browns in December of last year.

It’s remarkable that ‘Gronk’ is already playing after such a serious ailment, but he’s played every game for the Pats this season. He was on a snap count at first, and although he caught some touchdowns, he clearly wasn’t the same player. New England was mired in a down stretch during that time, and many were quick to declare that the team was no longer the all-powerful dynasty it once was.

But fast-forward two weeks after the team’s flawless victories over Cincinnati and Buffalo, and everything is right in New England. That includes Gronkowski, who recorded six catches for 100 yards and a touchdown against Cincinnati and six catches for 97 yards against the Bills.

According to Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, those two performances have Gronkowski officially back to his dominant self (courtesy of

“Oh yeah, [Gronkowski] is back. Absolutely. He’s a great player and he’s playing great. So it’s great for a quarterback. I have a lot of confidence in him, I love playing with that guy. Great to be out there with him.”

With Gronkowski back to form, Brady continued to elaborate on what makes him arguably the NFL’s best tight end:

“He’s a great option out there. So if they don’t cover him, he usually gets it. If they put extra guys on him then it frees everybody else up. He’s tough to stop. You put a safety on him, he’s got size. You put a linebacker on him, he’s got speed. He’s been that way since he got into the NFL.

He has had a lot of touchdowns and he’s playing with confidence. And the kind of enthusiasm and energy he brings is awesome. Just adds to what Julian [Edelman] does and Shane [Vereen] does and Brandon LaFell and Danny [Amendola] and the rest of the crew. It gives everybody a lot of confidence.”

Brady obviously has a lot of confidence overall after the two recent wins, a stretch where he’s thrown for six touchdowns and no interceptions. Having Gronkowski back at full strength is a big part of that, and New England would not be able to play to their full capacity if he were not.

For his part, Gronkowski said that a lot of his recovery has been gauging his ability to take big hits, which he knows are coming his way each and every game:

“They were giving me some lickings. All you can do is get right back up and get right back in the huddle and go on to the next play. It’s part of the game and sometimes I like getting lit up.

It’s the game of football. I’m not stepping out on that field thinking that I’m just going to be able to get out there and not get hit. No way.”

With Gronkowski ready (and even anticipating) contact, the Patriots are back to form. If they keep playing like they are right now, it will be next to impossible to stop them from winning the division yet again in the talent-shallow AFC East.

And not only could they win their division, but they could make another deep playoff run like they have so many times before. As it usually goes with the NFL, winning just seems to solve everything.

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