San Francisco Looking To Limit Frank Gore’s Carries

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Saturday, October 11th, 2014 | 0

Frank Gore

The San Francisco 49ers have found a ton of success in recent years by utilizing a grinding style of play centered on rushing the ball and defense.

A big part of that success has come on the back of longtime back Frank Gore. Every year, he’s supposed to break down and fall off a cliff like so many running backs do, but every year Gore proves his doubters wrong with yet another 1,000-yard season.

And it’s been that way this year as well.

In San Francisco’s two losses this season, Gore has rushed for 63 and 10 yards respectively, his lowest totals of the season. By comparison, he’s racked up 66, 119, 107 yards in the team’s three wins, including two 100-yard efforts in their Week 4 and 5 victories over Philadelphia and Kansas City.

With 42 carries in those two games, it would seem like the 49ers go as Gore goes. However, San Francisco offensive coordinator Greg Roman told CSN Bay Area that the team wants to limit the 31-year-old Gore’s wear and tear.

“We don’t want to just ride that stallion all day, every day. There’s a point of diminishing returns at some point. That’s almost true for any player at that position. Who gets hit more than running backs?”

Roman has a good point as those aspects of the game definitely catch up to every running back eventually. But that is also exactly why Gore continues to buck the trends every year.

Regardless, the team is building up a talented stable of running backs in anticipation of Gore’s imminent demise, drafting Carlos Hyde this year and looking forward to South Carolina standout Marcus Lattimore’s return:

“I think we’re in good shape and feel confident, and I think Carlos Hyde is an ascending player. And we’ll have a chance to work with another running back pretty soon.”

The outlook in terms of the rushing game in San Francisco is positive indeed, but rumors of head coach Jim Harbaugh’s exit after this year are causing a rift in the Bay Area.

As long as the team keeps winning in the tough NFC West, rumors of their downfall will subside. Yet it would seem that they need a heavy dose of Gore each game if they want to win. How much longer will Gore continue to plow the 49ers forward to victory?

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