Report: Ray Rice Could Be Reinstated In Mid-November

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Sunday, October 19th, 2014 | 0

Ray Rice

After initially getting only a two-game suspension when a video surfaced of him carrying his unconscious then-fiancée Janay Palmer (now Rice) out of a New Jersey casino elevator in February, former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely when tape of him knocking out Palmer was released by media outlet TMZ in early September.

Amidst a media spectacle, the shunned Rice claimed that the evidence was handled inappropriately and appealed the decision. According to Jason La Canfora, Rice has a date for his hearing, and a decision could be reached by mid-November. Although the NFL is currently mired in a lengthy investigation by former FBI Director Robert Mueller III, Rice and his legal team do not want to wait for the results of said investigation to have their case heard.

Theirs will be presided over by a third party judge, as former U.S. District Court Judge Barbara S. Jones will assume the role of arbitrator. Rice and his legal team contend that he never lied in his initial testimony to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has fallen under extreme criticism for his handling of the situation.

Despite several reports to the contrary, Goodell contends that the NFL had no prior knowledge of the video that was inside the casino elevator. Rice’s team will argue that the NFL did indeed have knowledge of the tape, meaning that nothing had changed from when he was given the two-game ban up until his indefinite suspension.

La Canfora also reported that he’s spoken with several legal experts who believe that Rice has an incredibly strong case. Many expect third party arbitrator Jones to reinstate Rice, who, under the NFL’s new domestic violence policy, would have earned a six-game suspension as a first-time offender.

That time has already came and went, and with a decision on Rice’s appeal slated to be reached around Week 10, he could potentially be reinstated in around a month.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that any teams will be in a hurry to sign the controversial Rice. Despite several injuries at the running back position, the media distractions and baggage that signing now out-of-shape Rice would most likely far outweigh any benefit to the team. It would also make any team that signed him a staunch public enemy, as droves of people would jump to criticize them as supporters of domestic violence.

Yet this is America, and unfortunately, NFL players have done worse and returned to play. Will Ray Rice somehow return to the NFL in 2014?

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