NFL Fines Geno Smith $12,000 For Shouting Obscenities In Week 4

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 | 0


New York Jets second year starting quarterback Geno Smith has been under fire during the opening weeks of the 2014 NFL regular season, and you can hardly blame his critics. Smith has thrown five interceptions and fumbled four times as the Jets fell to to a 1-3 mark through four games.

Jets fans’ impatience reached an all-time high last weekend as Smith failed to put up much of a fight against the fearsome Detroit Lions defensive front. The New York crowd began to repeatedly chant “We want Vick,” asking for backup Michael Vick to step in and save their rapidly failing season.

Certain fans took their heckling to the next level, and Smith was spotted yelling some choice words in response as he walked off the field following New York’s Week 4 loss to Detroit. It was a moment of weakness that led to Smith apologizing to any children that has witnessed his emotional response.

Despite the apology, however, the NFL took notice of his public outburst and fined the quarterback $12,000 earlier today (Fri., October 3, 2014).

Yet he didn’t necessarily regain his cool in the fullest sense of the term, repeatedly chastising reporters who asked him if Vick might provide the “spark” that the team needs this week.

While Smith has looked ineffective, it’s not all his fault. He’s surrounded by precious few offensive weapons, and with No. 1 wide receiver Eric Decker potentially out of the Jets’ Week 5 clash with the San Diego Chargers, his numbers may get worse.

And the Jets’ defense, while incredibly strong in the front seven, has some serious issues in the secondary with their best cornerback Dee Milliner hobbled. Allowing high-powered offenses to rack up points through the air has put a tremendous amount of pressure on Smith, pressure that is incredibly difficult to overcome without the help of his teammates or coaching staff.

Rex Ryan may be coaching for his job this year, but he certainly isn’t acting like it. He’s already said that Smith is the team’s starter, and they aren’t all that far out of the division hunt in the lackluster AFC East.

But if Smith turns in one more bad performance, can the team really justify keeping him on the field as the season goes down the drain?

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