Miami Coaching Staff Meeting To Decide Future Of QB Ryan Tannehill

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 | 0


After defeating the favored New England Patriots at home in Week 1, the Miami Dolphins thought got 2014 started with a bang. That momentum didn’t continue, however, as the team lost to the upstart Buffalo Bills in Week 2.

Miami followed up that disappointing performance with an even worse one in Week 3, losing to the previously winless Kansas City Chiefs at home. The Dolphins allowed Chiefs backup running back Knile Davis to rush for 132 yards, enabling Kansas City to control the clock and tae home a victory in hostile territory.

While that may sound like a defensive issue, quarterback Ryan Tannehill isn’t exactly winning any games on the strength of his arm. Tannehill has completed 56.5percent of his passes this year for 624 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions. While those aren’t exactly stats to get excited about, they don’t exactly suggest that the losses are all on him.

But the Dolphins coaching staff apparently feels differently, as they met today to decide the future of Tannehill as the team’s starting quarterback. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald asked Miami head coach Joe Philbin if Tannehill would be the starting quarterback in Week 4 against the Oakland Raiders, but the coach would not confirm that he would be.

Instead, Philbin offered up the following vague response:

“We’re going to choose the best 46 guys we think will help us win a football game and we’re going to go from there.”

When pressed with the question again, Philbin stuck to his guns and his ambiguous answers:

“I’m going to stick with the answer that I’ve given,” Philbin said. “That’s what I’ve done since I’ve gotten here and that’s the answer I’m sticking to.”

Not much to go on from the Miami coach, but there has to be something to this quarterback ‘controversy’ if the coaches find it necessary to have a separate meeting to decide Tannehill’s future.

Maybe it’s just to light a fire under the third-year man from Texas A&M, because given that Miami’s backup quarterback is longtime journeyman Matt Moore, it’s clear that Tannehill still gives them the best chance to win despite his flaws.

He was considered a project when he was drafted in 2012, and he shouldn’t be expected to have learned to be a top-flight NFL quarterback by now.

Yet this is the NFL, and players are expected to in and win now. While the Miami coaching staff could be dooming their season if they do bench Tannehill, he’ll have a short lease throughout the rest of the season.

That’s never an easy thing to work with, especially when a quarterback is still learning. If the Dolphins don’t turn it around fast, we could see both Philbin and Tannehill out of a job when 2014 comes to and end.

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