Janay Rice Rice Releases Statement Blasting Media Instead Of Her Husband

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 | 0


Even though there was a full slate of NFL games on Sunday and two more scheduled for Monday Night Football, most of the media attention yesterday (September 8, 2014) was focused on the disturbing video of Ray Rice knocking out his wife (then-fiancée) Janay Rice (ne Palmer) in an elevator security camera video leaked by TMZ.

Rice was subsequently released from the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL, but by then, many felt the punishment came far too late. After all, Rice had received a mere two game suspension when the “only” evidence they had was a video of Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer out of the elevator.

The Rices were married shortly after the incident, and Palmer even appeared in a Ravens press conference to apologize for her “role in the incident.” But when the video surfaced early yesterday morning, it was painfully obvious (if it wasn’t already) that she was not at fault; only that she was a victim of severe domestic abuse.

Yet like so many unfortunate women trapped in the vicious cycle of domestic violence, she stuck up for her man then, and today, she did the exact same thing once again. Janay Rice took to Instagram (courtesy of Chick Hernandez) to shame the media for covering the spectacle and people who offered up their “unwanted” opinions even though she was the one attacked and knocked out:

The post was promptly erased from her account, perhaps at the suggestion of those understanding of the PR aspect of this whole ordeal. She was highly critical of those who “made her relive” her pain by constantly discussing it. But at the heart of the matter, it was her husband, whom she spent the offseason defending, that threw a haymaker at her chin and knocked her out in a highly public setting at a casino of all places, where you’d be hard pressed to find a place with more cameras watching each and every move.

No, the people who criticized Rice, the Ravens, and the NFL’s handling of the situation are not to blame. Rice is to be blamed for hitting his wife, an inexcusable act, the Ravens are to be blamed for circumventing responsibility onto Janay, and the NFL is to be blamed for even considering that they could get away with suspending Rice for two games without the massive backlash that they are now embroiled in.

The jury’s still out on whether or not the NFL had access to the video before they made their initial decision on Rice; most believe that with their vast amount of money, resources, manpower, and security industry connections, there’s just no way that they could not have seen the telling tape.

But they’ve released three statements in 24 hours trying to explain that it was a legal matter and the tape could not be released to them. We’ll probably never know.

What do know, however, is that Ray Rice is no longer a Raven and will probably never play in the NFL again. That judgment came way after the fact; there’s no reason why it took such a graphic video being leaked to determine that.

What may be the most shocking aspect of the whole sad scenario is Janay Rice’s reaction. She places blame on those who cried out for her safety, sticking up for a man who showed no second thought in cold-cocking her to unconsciousness.

Women like her are keeping the cycle of domestic abuse going in the world, and until they stop blaming the men who hit them rather than those who criticize them for it, that sickening dynamic will unfortunately persist.

At the end of the day, the money and fame of the NFL simply could not sweep this disgusting saga under the rug, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

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