Josh Gordon Reportedly Suspended For 10 Games As NFL Drug Policy Talks Continue

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Friday, September 12th, 2014 | 0


The NFL Player’s Association and league owners supposedly agreed to an all-new policy that will drastically change the way drug testing is handled in the NFL. Changes would include decreased testing for marijuana, the first tests for human growth hormone (HGH), and a lessening of offseason categorization for certain drugs that could potentially reduce the suspensions of players currently sitting out.

The two sides were rumored to be coming to an agreement last night (Thurs., September 11, 2014), and reportedly reached an agreement earlier tonight (Fri., September 12, 2014). That was apparently not the case, however, as league spokesman Greg Aiello said, they are still significant details to work out between both sides:

According to Insider Ian Rapoport, the fact that no deal has been reached means that suspended players will very likely not be able to play on Sunday:

Obviously at the heart of the matter is Cleveland Browns wideout Josh Gordon, who is currently serving a 16-game suspension for repeatedly failing drug tests for marijuana and a DWI arrest from July. Under the new policy, Gordon could potentially see his ban reduced, and initial reports had him serving around an 8-game ban.

According to head coach Mike Pettine; the Browns aren’t waiting around with baited breath. He knows how drawn-out legal matters like this can be, and Pettine isn’t banking on getting Gordon back anytime soon. According to Browns beat reporter Mary Kay Cabot, Pettine isn’t expecting to get Gordon back anytime soon:

Although seemingly pessimistic, it’s probably the best course of action for Pettine and the Browns. Getting their hopes up for having their star wide receiver back could easily blow up in their face, so they’ll just have to wait and see what happens to the troubled Gordon.

The team has to focus on beating the tough New Orleans Saints at home this weekend (Sun., September 14, 2014), and after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1, Gordon’s suspension (or lack thereof) should be one of their lesser concerns. They have no control over it and Pettine knows that.

While it’s true that Gordon could be back sooner than they had expected, it’s just as likely (or perhaps more likely) that he continues waiting on the sidelines while this whole mess gets sorted out, if it ever does.

With the back-and-forth proceedings dragging on for what seems like forever, will we see Josh Gordon play in the NFL this year?

*UPDATE* It looks like we definitely should se Gordon on the field this year, but not all that much. According to Cabot, a source told that Gordon’s suspension will most likely be for 10 games:

Cabot later stated that Gordon was notified about the reduction of his suspension from 16 games to 10 games:

It looks like Pettine was right to not wait around for Gordon’s return, as the star wideout will still miss most of the year. Still, nothing has been confirmed as official, but it’s clear the Browns should begin to move on without their ultra-talented star, at least for the time being.

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