Brandon Marshall: I Feel Like I Can Pretty Much Do Everything

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Saturday, October 4th, 2014 | 0

Brandon Marshall

Despite already having caught five touchdowns passes this year, Chicago Bears star wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been hobbled by an ankle injury suffered in a Week 1 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

He came back strong with a huge game in the team’s Week 2 win over the New York Jets, but Marshall was noticeably slowed in Weeks 4 and 5, recording only 8 yards and 19 yards with one touchdown. Willing to play through pain, Marshall was on the field but not himself.

The team promised to “take a good look” at Marshall’s ankle heading into their Week 5 clash with the reeling Carolina Panthers, but when they did, they apparently didn’t find much wrong. Marshall has been practicing all week long, and he is reportedly back to his old playmaking self. He spoke up on the Bears official website to detail his encouraging health status:

“I feel great. I can pretty much do everything. I wasn’t really able to run back then, so we did some good things last week that really sped up the process and now I feel like I can do pretty much everything. Before I couldn’t jog without pain. So it feels good to be able to go out there and get back to the old days.”

It sounds like a far cry from the past two weeks, where he’s rendered next to ineffective despite the one touchdown. He’s still only one off of the NFL lead, and he should push for it once back to full speed in the Bears’ high-flying attack. According to Marshall, he’s nearly there:

“It feels good to go out there and be back with the guys. After a while you kind of get out of shape a little bit and I feel like I got my wind back and feel more explosive, so it’s good. I can get in and out of my breaks, so it’ll be hard for guys to sit on me.”

Indeed it will be hard to sit on him, and the Bears could be ready to live up to the massive hype that has followed them since offensive genius Trestman took over as coach last year. As good as they’ve been, Marshall believes they will son take it to the next level:

“We have a deadly offense and it’s funny because we haven’t really lived up to our full potential. I really believe in the next couple weeks we’ll probably hit full stride. If we continue to hang in there and continue to get better every single play, every single week, I think in the next couple weeks we’ll put it all together.”

If they do, opposing defenses will have to look out, and that’s probably what the Bears will need to make the playoffs. Their defense hasn’t looked so stout, surrendering 34 points to Green Bay in a Week 4 home loss.

Carolina is in bad shape after injuries to starting quarterback Cam Newton and the suspension of defensive end Greg Hardy stemming from domestic violence charges. Their defense is no longer the well-oiled machine it was last year, and the Bears could potentially light them up this weekend.

Will this be the first game we see Marshall playing at his full capacity in 2014?

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