Biggest Hits In NFL History

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Thursday, September 25th, 2014 | 0


The NFL has risen to the popularity it enjoys as the most-watched sport in the United States thanks in large to its exciting, fast-paced, hard-hitting nature Each year, players risk their health and well-being for a shot at the glory and riches that comes along being a professional football player.

And not surprisingly, many of them don’t make it to the next, as bone –jarring hits unfortunately end many players’ otherwise promising careers due to injury.

That’s just the nature of the game, and payers are obviously looking to get their name recognized with an electrifying hit that’s aired repeatedly on television.

In the wake of unfortunate findings on ex-NFL players and concussions, many steps have been taken to protect players from unnecessary head trauma, but that wasn’t the case until recently. In decades gone past, NFL players played through concussions and other brain-rattling big hits.

It’s all just part of the game, and while no one wants the players to get hurt, it’s also part of what makes football so exciting. Here are some of the biggest hits in NFL history courtesy of ChatBrowns:

Biggest hits in NFL history

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