PES 2015 New Ideas, Wish-list for PS4 & Xbox One

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, March 24th, 2014 | 1

PES 2015 wishlist

PES 2015 Confirmed for XboxOne & PS4

Konami has announced that PES 2015 will also be coming on next gen consoles PS4 and Xbox-one, though they dont have any plan to release the 2014 game on the next gen plateforms. So now we have one thing off the way with confirmation of PES 2015 and we take a look at some of the features fans will be looking to see in the new game after disappointing 2014 version.

PES 2014 new ideas and wish-list

You can give us your ideas by commenting in the forms below, and good ideas will be included in the page itself and In March 2014 we will send all the selected ideas to konami’s PES developers.

Every year PES promise to be the best football game and every year they leave big holes which leave even dedicated Pes fans in the hot water. Its January 2014 and game is not expected to release before october 2014 but we take a look at some features which might help improve the game.

Either make all teams licensed or none

When we play master league we have a few teams which are fully licensed, while most of them are not. Which makes it an un real feel to the master league. So since FIFA has all the rights for official teams what PES can do is make all master league teams un-licened. So we can make own teams and go through the seasons.

Remove delay in response

I dont know about you people, but when I play PES at xbox I can clearly feel that there is this delay in responce from hitting a button and players reaction. That really irritates, you can not play fast fluid football in pes because of that. Atleast the speed of gameplay should be like pes2013 where it was much easier for quick passing ability.

Improve passing and Player Movement:

More than anything else I would like konami to build a system where passing and the players movement are a notch fluid and easier to get control over, without loosing the realistc feel to the gameplay. In PES 2014 passing and players movements are very very slow and its hard to build good attacks.

Second Division Leagues

I would love to have couple of lower division league in PES, it will be great to have some quality youngsters coming through the ranks

Editable Kits in Master League:

We should have the ability to be able to change the clubs kit at the end of every sesaon. It will be great if Konami can put a set of sponsor logos and templates to choose from.

Online-line modes ?

Konami now adays often copying FIFA ideas, so why not take another leaf out of EA’s book and make an “online season” mode just like in EA FIFA game. Infect they can go ahead and improve that further. Include cup games in it and transfers.

Let us know your ideas in the comment section below and we will include them on the post itself with your name.

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