How Konami Can Make PES 2015 Better Than FIFA 15

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 | 4

fifa vs pes 2015

In the early to mid 2000’s PES was leaps and bounds ahead of FIFA in every department but towards the tail end of last decade and the start of new decade EA Sports have kind of put together a very decent game with all these superb game modes, PES on the other hand have going backwards in terms gameplay and features both including online and offline. PES 2014 was not up to the mark and it struggle big time against FIFA 14 which was the most selling sports game in the world.

Having said that even with all the money, investment FIFA still can creat that magic which PES did on PS2 back in the days. So what exactly PES can do to overtake or atleast put up a competition against FIFA ? Lets take a look at few points which if dont right PES can easily get back up there. First couple of not so important features but Konami can still do somthing about it.

PES licence

Official Team Licences:

Okay so this is somthing which is not so important, specially for PC gamers who can get full fledge edit packs and we should go easy on Konami here. UEFA Champions League and Europa league are welcome additions though. EA Sports splash huge money on getting official licenes from premier league and other big clubs but they can afford to do that. Konami can not compete with EA in terms of money having said that PES can start to explore other league which don’t fall into EA’s trap.

Maybe signup up a deal with potugese, scottish or even couple of south american leagues plus they can make it easier for console users to install patches Pes community makes. All in all, I can live with Man blue and North London if Konami can offer more depth in games modes and faster game play.

Player Faces, Crowd & Presentation Graphics:

PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 faces comparison

Graphics wise PES already has advantage as far as I am concerned, Look at the comparison picture and you will see how real players look in Pro Evo even the default ones comes with alot of variety.

Plus a few welcome additions can be better looking “main menu” “pause menu” and professional looking tactics screens, make it fluid and faster.

Crowd graphics can be improved even more with next gen consoles giving it a real feal to the stadium atmosphere.

Fluidity In Gameplay:

One ting which really pissed me off while playing PES 2014 is the fact how slow the response time is, Sometime it takes ages for player to shoot and the snappy element is gone from 2014 edition most of the time I am just struggling to maintain control over my player. This is somthing PES need to work at, I understant they would like to give reality touch to the game but for heaven’s sake keep the fluidity.

Back in 2004,05 and earlier versions there was not a move which PES was incapable of executing, those game had fluid passing and movements and that is where I think newer versions are struggling big time compared against FIFA. Specialy for new players of PES, who get tired and can not adjust to the gameplay and jump to FIFA. I am sure Konami can do better in new consoles or atleast I would like to think so.

Game Modes:

Now this is where FIFA 14, 13, 12,11 were way ahead that PES, there is no competition whatso ever when we compare both game’s “modes”. I am talking about both online and offline. FIFA has all those flashy online modes like Ultimate Team and Season Mode, which in my opinion give FIFA the real advantage over PES.

Come up with something new, something like FIFA Seasons and make it even better. Put Bronze, Silver and gold division into the mix, put couple cups and some global competitions and longevity will increase by miles.

[ Part two of the article is coming up pretty soon, check back later ]

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