Top 20 FIFA 15 New Ideas and Wishlist

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 | 331

FIFA 15 ideas

Playing FIFA 14 ? on next-gen or current gen consoles ? there was a not much of an improvement from what we saw in FIFA 13 but still its a game worth buying for the sake of it. EA Sports next installment will be “EA FIFA World Cup 2014” which has been announced and will be released somewhere near the World Cup start date on Xbox360 and PS3. Having played the game for around 3 months now its time to look for and submit Ideas for FIFA 15, what changes you would like to see in the new game and what sort of wish list you have ?

Official: FIFA 15 New Features, Trailer and Screenshots Released

Here is the few ideas we at think will make FIFA 15 a must buy and will definitely get some improvement from the previous version.

#.1 Multiplayer career mode

Its far-fetched wish but hey with new consoles out and alot depend of online modes of a game success. EA Should finally think of building an online platform where you can be part of “Online multiplayer career”. The rough idea what i can think of is that people can creat their own game worlds in the game and invite friends to join the career mode. While A player must play a certain 2-3 games a week, and if a player can not play he can set up his squad and tactics and computer will take control vs other human player who is available to play. Complicated ? no go have a look at This is something very much achievable but EA has to dig deep and make start of by asking the community what they think and take feed back.

Can you imagine you had your eyes on a transfer, but at the last moment your friend nick it ? It will creat a whole lot new dimension to the game. But maybe they can start that out in FIFA Manager to begin with.

#2. Bring back the Mini Leagues/Tournaments

I have no idea why EA Sports took this mode off from FIFA 14 ? they need to bring back the possibility of making our own little league and tournaments both online and offline. This was a welcome addition in previous versions so I hope EA get their act together and keep this mode in the game.

#3. Career Mode Pre-Season Ideas

Yeah I know, FIFA 14 has pre season friendlies. But they are lame as hell, only three substitutions and i am sure like me many of you would prefer to just skip/simulate the pre season friendly matches. Why not put some glamour into pre-season ?

  1. Selectable Preseason Tour Destinations 
  2. allow a minimum of six substitutions
  3. Add preseason tournaments like Emirates Cup/ Guinness Championship USA/ Ajax Tournament

#4. Team Training

The most wanted career mode idea which we have been talking about for last few editions is “Team Training”. That should be the base of building a team style, ethos and certain club culture. As a manager i want to put my stamp on the team squad and they way my team plays and for that I have to develop a certain style for my team and If team training can be added to the career mode for example, you can focus your training on lets say “short passing” and over the time players should get slight boost in their passing. I buy a new player, he would have to build understanding with team mates/chemistry through team training.

  • “Training sliders” can be a good to begin with

#5. More Customisation Options:

Remember when we could edit kits, badges and more importantly our very own team from the scratch. That option has gone from fifa but a return of this feature can be highly succesful. Specialy in the “Pro-Clubs” team customisation options will make it shine even more.

#6. Reserve Leagus in Career Mode:

Offline Career mode is the mode which makes FIFA logetivity much more, to make it even better EA can introduce reserve league in the major fife league in europe. That way managers can play their youngsters in competitive games. That way we can develop our homegrown players better. (we dont have to play the resever league but it can be done in the background)

#5. Whole list of Ideas to improve the game.

  1. Deeper Tactics interference (change of tactics should have some weight behind them, certain teams should play like in real life)
  2. Effects of Stamina (should have impact on precision and shooting)
  3. New trait (provide more traits to players like “injury prone” “offside prone” “two footed challenges”
  4. Real-time weather (something which can be achieved in next-gen consoles)
  5. Coin toss
  6. Dirty Kits (another idea which can be implemented with next-gen games)

#6. All Star Premier League vs All Star La Liga (Idea by Jerome Antunes)

Now one of the users of tsmplug, got this cool idea where we can play with a kind of all-star team from a league vs all-star team from another league. It will be great to play with La Liga team vs Premier Leauge or bundesliga or Serie a. What you think about it ? The release date of Fifa 15 is set for last week of September

[ So far these two things I would love to see the in the game apart from the usual stuff about better commentary, being able to dribble precisely, real life players attributes, better animation for tackles/injuries. Smarter AI control players and we will discuss more ideas and wish list once you people start to provide feed back in the comments box. ]

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  • Joe Harvey

    Every Year A Team Changes It’s Kit. Not Massively But They Do. In Career Mode You Can Go On For Year With The Same 2/3 Kits. There Should Be An Edit Mode For This. Even If They Make It An Unlockable In The Fifa15 Catalogue. It Just Gets Boring Doing Season After Season On Career Mode With The Same Kits.

    Get Rid Of The GTN. It’s Crap. The Transfer System Isn’t The Problem It’s The Negotiations.
    1. You Can’t See How Good A Player Is. Unless You Have Scouted Someone For A Month You Can’t Just Buy Them Else You Don’t Know What Your getting. Therefore There Is No Fun In Transfer Deadline Day.
    2. I Really CBA Spending Money To Buy Scouts To Do A Job I Could do In Five Minutes On A Search Menu. It’s Pointless.

    I Used To Enjoy Doing Stadium Upgrades And I Think This Should be Brought Back. i Think The Stadiums In The Game Are Crap. They Are Nothing Like The Stadiums In Real Life. I Don’t Understand How Hard It Is To Create More Of Them. if It’s Because It Takes too Long Then Keep Doing Them And Add Them To The Unlockables!

    Bring Back Visual Sim. This Was You Can Sim The game But If Things Are Going Bad, You Can Go Into The Game And Sort Things Out. When Your Getting Good At Career Mode And Your In All The Cups, European Championships, National Championships (If Your A National manager). You play So many games That Sometimes You CBA Playing Them So You Sim Them. But Most Of The Time Your Team Loses In A Sim.

    Have Teams Bid For Your Players More Often. If You Put Someone Up For Transfer It Takes Donkeys For Someone To Bid And If They Do It’s A Crap Bid.

    Have Transfer Negotiations Quicker. Do It Like A Live Thing. instead Of Putting In An Offer/ Having That Accepeted/ putting In A Contract Offer/ Having That Accepted/ Accepting The Player! Why Don’t They Do it “Live”, not Literally but like asif your having a conversation with agents/player/managers. Therefore things can be done quicker!

    Everytime a good player moves to a worse club than his last, the next fifa game is rating goes down. This is ridiculous as being at a different club doesn’t make them worse.

    Pick your own friendlies at the beginning of the season

  • Alex

    Scottish Championship on FIFA 15 so there canbe more than 12 clubs in scottish cup

  • Andy williams

    Players in carear mode loose so much ability far to quickly. Soon as any player turns 30 they get so bad. You would expect to lose pace and stamina in the 30s but a player like robin van persie should not lose -3 or -4 every season on finishing passing vison ect. It’s just not ever worth spending 20mil + on a player around the age of 28, 29 as they will become awfull after 3 to 4 years

  • Mohammed Saad Ali

    You should have cutscenes for the career mode like for my player Rooney comes and tells him get ready for the World Cup or he gets a new agent like IAMPLAYR and Nba 2k14

  • Mohammed Saad Ali

    Even for the manager mode

  • Andy

    I would like to see the graphics pushed more, like dynamic weather, dirty kits, the pitch cutting up, snow settling on the grass, the crowd even more dynamic than they are now.

  • rumailison

    make fifa 15 like fifa 14 on the psvita because now it is boring pleasse do that with ultimate team plesse

  • rumailison

    make fifa 15 like fifa 14 on the ps3 for psvita

  • LoVeFiFa15

    I’d like to have some more opportunities in pro career as for example: When playing in Barcelona to go to bayern to if they then buy up to offer you a contract for £ 180 a week so you can say you want £ 200 week

    It would be more realistic if Bale for example had cost 900 mil 50 mil instead

  • Jon

    I would love the ability to pick which club you can transfer too in Player Career. Say as a player I’ve been playing in Europe my whole career but as I get older I want to step down a level so I can keep playing and be competitive week in week out, For example; I want to play in the MLS or the A League, make it so I can ask my agent to send a notice out to those clubs and see what sort of response I get. I think this would be more of a realistic players approach to playing instead of having no control over what clubs or county you go too.

  • ethan amies-taylor

    should be able to create mini ultimate team leagues with your mates, and put in 1k or something each so the winner gets for example 4k

  • Luqmaan Ramzan

    Id like to see EA add mini tournaments on FUT for friends that way they can challenge each other and earn coins

  • Gil Silva

    there should be online career mode so you have your players that you bought and play them against your friends and they should set up a online champions league for career mode as well.

  • Gil Silva

    there should be video or photo scene for when players sign into a new club in career mode like if a player signs for fc bayern for example it shows him having a medical and signing a contract and when a player is playing a last match for his retirement the cameras should be focused on him mostly

  • phil99

    The indian super league should be put into the game or something like that concept of having a major star but everyother player has to be from the country the league is in

  • Oneal

    Bring Back ONLINE TEAM PLAY 11 vs 11 and match lobbies 2 vs 2!

  • Givanni

    I think as well as buying packs in the game why not actually buy them in stores like 45p for bronze packs and silver packs £2.50 and Gold pack is £4.00

  • Valdez

    Ray Hudson as an announcer option!

  • tony

    there should be a feature were you can pick the goalkeepers kit so it does not clash with the opposition

  • Jerome Antunes

    There should be “new teams” like “premier league team”, “liga portuguesa team”, “la liga team”,etc where you would be able to choose (or it would be random) 2 players of each teams in the same league and you would play with that team in a friendly or online game.
    Imagine like “premier league team”: you would choose max. 2players of all of the teams and than put a starting 11 and play like a regular team. It would be awesome!

    • Admin

      thats cool idea man… something like “all star team” from every league. would love to play with all star epl vs all star la liga or bundesliga..

  • Tim

    fifa have to make some sort of an ultimate team only then offline so you can play 1vs1 agains your friendsd an chose the players you want in your team.
    so i would pik messi and he wil pik cavani or something and than build your dream team offline buy players and sell them.
    so please ea make this

  • Staf91

    Id like to be able to sign with a new kit sponsor or edit the kit with updated league badges, new designs or a third kit. In the latest version of madden you can relocate a team and with it design their new kit, build a new stadium and build the team into a powerhouse. I hate relocation so id never suggest that in a million years but I generally like to start my managing career with a league one or two team in England and would love to be able to change kit makers, get bigger sponsors and upgrade my tiny stadium as I get more success. I think adding the owner type scenario would add something to FIFA, it would be the virtual equivalent of the Man City takeover and turning them into the powerhouse they are now.

  • KS

    India football league(I-League) should be included. More clubs from all over the world should be there including the Turkish League. The transfer should be more realistic like a club should talk with his agent
    before approaching the respective player. The European competitions should be more realistic. The commentry language should be improved with more commentators. The managers’ name should be included & more stadiums must be there.

  • fan111

    Here’s some suggestions for career mode( Be a pro and Manager Mode)

    1.Include cut-scenes or short video for player of the year, manager of the year, new signings, etc.

    2.Make it more interactive and diverse.

    3.Include kit creator and sponsorships as same old kits for 3/4 years becomes boring.

    4.Include stadium expansion. Especially for lower division clubs, where they can expand the stadium with their revenue.

    5.Manage signings interactively (fun and quick).Instead of waiting every 2 or 3 days waiting for the reply, negotiating the fees, etc., it can be processed within a day, discussing stuff with agents.

    6.Include video clips at the starting of every major cup match like Champions cup,Euro League,etc

    (Below are for ‘be a pro’)

    7.Enable fan graphs and popularity index for be a pro mode

    8.Animations and interactions with players and coaches

    9.Sponsorship deals and agents

    10.Fan wars and animations.

    11.Rumors and gossips which we as a player has to handle.

    12.Enable accessories like glasses, hats, mask (lol, i know it’s unreal but this things makes it interesting and fun)

    13.More animations and clips is what I suggest for be a pro. It’s supposed to be a strategy after all, controlling one player entire life.It gets boring after the first career as its repetitive. It have more scope to be interesting but no complications.

  • Graham

    I hope tournament mode is coming back as I was very upset to find out it wasn’t on the ps 4 version

  • Jako

    My FIFA 15 wish list is mostly for player and manager career.

    1) If a player has low energy in a match it affects passing and shooting

    2) Press conferences improved with more subjects to talk about. Dislike of refs and thanking fans.

    3) Ref decisions not all the time 100% accurate.

    4) U21 + U19 youth games against other teams in your leagues youth teams.

    5) When using GTN a range for potential that gets more accurate after longer scouting.

    6) Training that can make a player to be able to play in more positions.

    7) Fix goalkeeper growth

    8) Chemistry for career so if a new player joins it takes away some chemistry which will be earned back after a couple of weeks.

    9) Cut scenes

    10) youth player game faces instead of a black faceless head

    11) make a manager like you create a player

    12) in player career being able to send the manager messages

    13) have players in your squad request you get a player in a particular position when your the manager.

    14) Choose your own staff for example a player that just retired can be a positional coach.

    15) Owner career so you choose manager and all staff.

    16) Striker coach midfielder etc. medical

  • gary

    change goalkeepers kits along with kits before each game..

  • Oskar

    Please we realy need slovak national team also slovak league if is possible,Thanks

  • Bobby

    Also include more national teams, for example Ukraine and the Ukrainian Premier Leagues.

  • Myles Mintzler (@SmylieMyles)

    Need to have the Career mode sim match have an actual sim to it…. like actual players moving and shooting and scoring etc.

  • Dai

    Release the bloody NEW game (Not a crappy port of last year’s version with a new title) on the WiiU.

    Not all of us want to be fleeced by Sony or XBOX.

  • pooper

    Customize new jerseys each year in career mode would be awesome!
    Ability to sign deals with new sponsors too

  • Bob

    When searching in the transfer market add inform to the tab were u search for bronze silver or gold
    Spectating a friends game should also be included

  • uryu

    Fifa 15 should integrate with spotify or rdio for music listeners.

  • MrProlifeeq

    Would love to see the African Champions – Nigeria, in the FIFA15 edition.

  • mavneil

    Manager mode

    1. Put South African, Ukraine leagues in
    2. Make it Champions League instead of Champions cup with all the logos etc, same with europa league
    3. Have a youth teams, e.g. U15, u17, 19, u21
    4. When you search a player it shows their rating, also shows attributes like passing, e.g when I search ramsey I have to scout him further
    5. Have real life refs on the game
    6. Have live training e.g set pieces, throw ins or a game
    7. When signing a player it takes to long to get him. Make it like this, you go into transfer section, search him and then phone the club and say I would like to enquire about this player, then you fly over to the country and have like a conference about the player and how much you would offer for him, if the fee is agreed you contact the players agent and talk about wages, after that is agreed the player has a real live mesical infront of you.

    Be a pro

    1. Buy cars in the game
    2. Tell a manger you don’t want to play
    3. Not show up to training
    4. Tell your agent when tired of your current club, you would like to be in a certain league

  • Damar

    My FIFA 15 wishlist for manager mode is:
    1.More pre-season match (like 5 to 7 match)

    2. Under 17, Under 21 team (because it’s
    one reason we play manager mode, to find and improve our youth)

    3. Youth scout staff up to 5-6

    4. Broader skill search for youth staff

    5. Actually i don’t like GTN too much, but if the features gonna be added again, add another skill instruction

    6. Add another chants, and chants should be more singed along the match

    7. And the last, add another event, like when certain player plays against former team there’s gonna be boo or standing ovation, or during press con we not just comment the players and the team with praise and unnerve, but answer some question from media and you can also walk out the room

  • bryce

    1. Fix headers
    2. Have a short 1-2sec delay after a cut scene/replay shows in UT
    3. Remove handicap in UT
    4. Fix touches
    5. Remove contract and fitness cards in UT
    6. Ability to spectate friend matches
    7. No 5% tax in UT
    8. Remove all button for sold items in UT
    9. Remove all black football balls in UT
    10. Remove silver cards from gold packs
    11. Allow 1-4 controllers/people to play UT online matches (not online friends)
    12. No affect on your DNF% or record if your game is disconnected due to EA or lag
    13. Create advanced plays in UT

  • Croft

    Haven’t played FIFA 14 so I am only talking from my experience from FIFA 13.

    1. 1-5yr contracts in CM mode. No mgr stays longer than that at any club anyway. Plus the ability to be tapped up by a bigger club.
    2. Improve the directors so that you can request funds easier but they can also sack you for under performing too.
    3. Add in Greek/Turkish/Ukraine/Japanese leagues. If not possible due to licensing then add more teams to Rest of the World. It’s boring playing the same teams over & over again.
    4. Ability to host a pre-season tournament.
    5. as new kits are NOT possible due to licensing (EAS has already stated that) perhaps ability to mix & match current strips eg home shirt/away shorts/3rd socks. Add more retro kits as 4th strips eg Liverpool green/white quartered adidas strip.
    6. More national teams with 2 or 4yr contracts. Most national managers are in a role until the start of tournament,
    7. Improve the academy. It’s easier & cheaper to just buy free agents who are more developed then your own youth. Not expecting Messi type players but there should be some reward for scouting for example 10% on future contracts if the player is sold on.
    8. More real life challenges. For example Man Utd 2-1 win aet over Bayern to win the Champs League. Why can’t EAS replicate that as side challenges.
    9. Emergency loan deals.
    10. Older players being more open to joining lower divisions.
    11. Less emails/news updates. Most player pop ups are rubbish anyway.
    12. New job offers come either as a news item that someone has been sacked or as an approach from the club. If you’re unsuccessful then the job should disappear.

  • KS

    In FIFA 15, there should be Champions League and other logos,etc. like the real one instead of Champions Cup and the same goes for Europa league. Please include Indian league in fifa 15. Also press conferences when a new manager has joined a club & also when there is a big match ahead like matches of derby. More national teams and more leagues. There should be a special commentatory on players. Extra commentatory should also be made during matches. Referres should be more realistic like if it isn’t an offside but mistakely the refferes gives it. Youth academies of U-19,U-17 should be created. Like Champions League , the AFC (Asian football cup) should be done. Also former players of a team should be made spectators. There should be small videos of legendary players, certain teams and leagues. All-Star Asian team, All-star European team should be made. Also, All-star La Liga team ,All star premier league team, All star serie A & Bundesliga team should be made. The cover page should contain more than one players like Messi and Ronaldo, etc.

  • James O’Reilly

    More Classic teams! I want to settle an argument, by watching a sim of The 90’s Milan side with Van Basten, Gullit and co. against Messi’s Barcelona or Zidane’s galactico’s etc… It would be fun to pit West Germany’s WC Winning team against the current World Champs.

  • asdd

    hello,please orinal logs in italy please!!,cittadella,cesena,bari,bresca ,the tarots logos is very orrible,and please in italy add 2 league. ITALY LEGA PRO 1division A, and ITALU LEGA PRO 1division B

  • KS

    Many asian and african clubs should be included. The graphics should be improved.The spectators should be more lively. Also many national teams should be included. There should be a system of players receiving Ballon’d’award. The scouting of players should be more realistic. There should be a lot of players’ reaction. Also, the refferes should be more realistic like not giving a goal , though it is a goal. Lastly, Indian club competition should be included.

  • Purist

    What a bunch of moronic FIFA fans are here???? What about the core gameplay??? What above excessive use of skills? Have you ever seen Cristiano Ronaldo hit 5 skills at the same time at lightning speed? What about overpowered air through balls??? What about lightning pace of defenders in Fifa 14 which just looks so off?? Where is the balance in the game?? where is 3000 modelled crowds??? What about no difference in Goalkeeper ability!! Even you could beat Classic XI goalkeepers with ease! Where is the refined sound and crowd experience!!! Where is new animation for build up!!! When will the stale commentry be fixed? When will realism come in commentry like NBA 2k14 where the momentum isin’t stopped while scoring and before scoring the goal. What about post goal celebrations in a more fantastic way??
    Other sports title made by other studios are wayyyyy better than EA titles… When are you people going to realize that fifa is degrading???

  • Nigel Pat

    Hi,please make the players to celebrate with their trophies or cups after winning a league or a tournament.They should be awarded the trophy on a stage by the officials and fireworks should be shot after that

  • KS

    I would like to add some points to improve the next FIFA:

    1.Manager should be appointed by President in front of the media.
    2. Manager will appoint other coaches(goalkeeper,defence)
    3.manager will also appoint stadium manager and also caretakers and security to look after the stadiums.
    4. Money would be reqd. for upgration of each coach(like in FIFA 10). Also money from ticket sales(FIFA 10). Ticket sales should be decided by the stadium authorities and the manager. Also, the price would be fixed acc. to matches and seats.
    eg- UEFA ticket prices> league matches or derby/imp matches > other matches
    front seats>back seats
    6. videos of arrival of teams , media vds of imp/derby match,wins,losses should be included
    7. a retired player can also be appointed for coaching
    8.the coaches can opt for a job by showing his bio-data. Then, an the manager if pleased would offer him the job with wages.
    9. cut-scenes of practising and instructing a team by the coaches and manager
    10.a system of Ballon d award, best player of europe, asia, africa, america. Best country and club each year and updation of ranking of players, clubs, countries every year.

  • Ben Grieshaber

    I think there should be a career mode for a linesman or a referee or make your own card for FUT or play as friends 2v2 or in drop in match (pro clubs) you could play with your friends.

  • covaliu

    I Would love more leagues on iffa 15 , like uckrainien , romanian or turkish league . Or some more teams in rest of the world teams like, steaua , dinamo kiev or something like this. Then on career mode please please make it back like in fifa 13 , 12 and so on…. . It is eassier to search for players with overall between x and y than scouting a player…. About the spactators make them more realistic you know i want to hear that booooo when playing tiki-taka or when playing outside. It will be genius a career mode like a ref , starting in a second league and going so on untill world c;up . At least in fifa 15 i hope to see more realistic overalls and faces…. . PLZ make at least one of this

  • Wesley Gibson

    To be able to be a reserves and under 21s and under 18s manager on career mode and have reserve leagues under 21s and u18s league. Include under 21s and under 18s champions cup and european and world cup

  • Jimmy

    Definitely should put these things into FUT:
    1. Earn more coins, on average in FUT 14 I earn around 500-600 coins every match and so it will take me over 3500 games just to save up for Ronaldo, so please can we have at least 1400-1800 coins or so just so we can save up for those players we have wanted since FIFA 11.
    2. More formations to choose from, even though since FIFA 11 there has been a big update of how many formations we can choose from I would like a bigger variety such as a 4-1-2-3 where you have LB, CB,CB,RB,CDM,LM,RM,LF,RF,ST and many more varieties of custom formations.
    3. More packs, there should be many more packs like all gold player packs for 25k and you get 12 gold players with 3 rare so you don’t open a premium pack and get 2 rare consumables and a rare kit. Also consumable packs and specific league packs. e.g. Barclay PL pack or La Liga pack but depending on the quality of that league and the standard of teams in that league the more expensive the pack.
    4. International kits and better ref’s, half the time in FIFA 14 you will do a rainbow over a player, run into that player and it won’t be a fowl or you will roulette around a player but get tripped and nothing happens and this is very frustrating in game. Also the offsides are horribly timed. If you are level they almost always call you offside.
    5. Positions, in FIFA 14 a LM can’t play LB or a RB can’t play RM and it also goes for LM not being able to be RM and players like Bale or Neymar who originally play in the wing position this FIFA can’t because they cannot swap. They should be able to have preferred positions, so Bale who can play ST,LM,LB,RM,CF,CAM can be able to play in all those positions not just what the position card can change him to.

    These are just a few of the many changes that could be done to improve the FIFA series.

  • Travis

    I’m probably the one of the few to come out and say this, but I’d like to see a highly detailed women’s national team / club team game. I think it would sell quite well.

  • KS

    A manager on managing a country might also appoint assistant coach and other coaches along with the authorities in a meeting. A player should have his own intelligence by which he can play with the situation of the game , conditions of other players and even skills and dribbling of various types whenever needed.This should make fifa friendly.

  • free Fifa 14 Hack

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  • Arash17

    Add real coaches like mourinho and guardiola and referees in manager mode. it’s better to write the name of most of the coaches for famous teams top of starting line-up like EPL in fifa13. Add an option to choose your team coach and assistants. More league like Iran pro league, turkish and ukraine.

  • sam

    listen to me! you must add league from asia you have just 2 league from asia+turkish league
    in asia have good teams guanzu 33 fifa ranking. esteghlal iran 55 .and ….
    yours national teams add all team they go to world cup examp hundoras and iran

  • Nikolai

    Some points I would like to see in Fifa 15 besides what is mentioned: The game already includes an Adidas All-Star team with players like Messi, Gareth Bale and Casillas. As you are talking about the La-Liga and BPL-All Star Teams, I would like to see a Nike- and Puma All-Star team. The Nike team would include awesome players as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Wayne Rooney. The Puma team would include Aguero, Falcao, Reus and Yaya Touré. It would be amazing teams, just like the league-all star teams.
    Another point that would be awesome to see in Fifa 15 would be some sort of mini-game mode. There are several funny games, that we play in real life, that could be added to Fifa. Games played to one goal, where you each control a player, and then fight against each other to score the goal. If you score, you continue to the next round. The last man standing in each round are out, unless it is in the first round, where the last player gets the chance of scoring on a penalty to continue in the game. This is fun, and I have heard many of my friends who would find it completely awesome. There is a lot of other game modes, but it takes a long time to explain. For instance, there is a similar mode, but where you play in pairs (2 and 2). These modes could be taken online. It would be so awesome!

    • Sameer

      Nikolai, you Adidas vs Nike idea is cool but it will never happen in EA game.

  • Nikolai

    Another amazing mini-game to see in Fifa would be, they you play a game, where one of you is the goalkeeper, and everyone has points. You start by shooting to the crossbar, to find out who starts in goal. The guy who shoots the lowest (or above the crossbar which equals a ball that runs through the ground) starts in goal. The points are splittet, the one who starts in goal gets a head lead with 12 points, and the guys in the field starts with 10 points. Now the guys have to cooperate, to score against the keeper. The trick is, that the ball cannot hit the ground before shooting it into the back of the net. That means, that you have to pass the ball, to the other receives it in the air, so the can score. The way you score is deciding how many points you as a goalkeeper loses. A normal shot is 1 point. A header is 2 points. A heel is 3 points. A bicycle kick is 5 points. Anything else is one point. If someone kicks it behind the sideline, without the keeper touching it, will have to get into the goal, and the player in the goal gets into the field. The ball is startet by the earlier keeper now throwing the ball from outside the post to someone in the field. He can try to throw it to a header. When the guy in goal is down to 0 points, he has to concede a header, heel or a bicycle kick goal to loose. When he loses, the guys in the field gets to shoot at him from the penaltymark, while he faces them bowed down with his butt in the air. They get a shot at him. (yeah, this part is more fun in real life, but still a funny touch). There is more some more minor rules, but this is the main part, and how fun would it be to be able to play? And even online!

    • Sameer

      that looks like Fifa street idea to me 🙂

      • wengerman

        just go out and play heads and volleys lol

  • Jake Davies

    i think fifa 15 should include classic teams such as galacticos of real madrid (ronaldo, zidane, raul, figo) ac milan (years of seedorf, pirlo, nesta, shevchenko, inzaghi) man united winning team (beckham, keane, scholes, yorke, cole) liverpool champions league (alonso, cisse, gerrard, garcia, hyypia) and also brazil winning teams including (rivaldo, ronaldinho, ronaldo, cafu, r.carlos) even (pele team) or liverpool including (dalglish, rush)
    Great idea..!!!!!!! come on fifa

    • Sameer

      Classic teams is a good idea. but what you think of the All time best Premier league XI vs Best La Liga …

    • Benjamin Smith

      don’t forget Arsenal’s undefeated 2003 squad… or Cruyff’s time at Barcelona, or the New York Cosmos for the North American audience.

      • Lord_Flashheart.

        was that really 2003? 😐 Omg..that only feels like 3-4 years ago 😐

    • tanjit

      man united class of 99′ , arsenal invicibles of 02′ ,

    • gary doran

      Too true. My thoughts exactly. Especially the galacticos

  • 10liveira

    sponsorship for offline virtual pro
    affects the type of boots you wear such as nike, puma, addidas etc.

    • Sameer

      that will be cool.

  • Aman Bhatnagar

    One feature, more than all stars or classic teams that I’d like to see in FIFA 15, would be in addition to the “Highlights of the week” feature right now, which I think is brilliant too – the feature of playing classic games all over again with original squads – e.g. 1999 Champions League final with United with Sheringham, Solksjaer etc. and so on. Lots of classic games have happened over time, if EA could just encapsulate those gems, it’d be worth any amount of money 🙂

  • chainer

    What about gameplay changes? How about mid-air fouls, which are mysteriously absent from FIFA? How about more fouls in general? You rarely get to take free-kicks in FIFA 14. What about a better shielding system to let the ball out of play when it comes off the opposing team?

  • Reece

    Being able to dive

    • niklas

      Good thing

      • Sameer

        I remember either pes or fifa introduce this a few years back.. did not work and it should not happen. many kids play this game…

        • Russ

          I think that was “this is football” that introduced that and look where they are

          • Greggggggg

            Nah it was pes, i remember it cos every time you did it you just got booked hahah and it was difficult to do cos it was like 4 buttons

    • gary doran

      I agree. It’s naughty but it happens all the time. The game should include it

  • Frank

    Add central and oceanic national teams!!!!!! Honduras is in the WC and they get no love

  • Binkus_10

    I think they should make a be a ref so where you can be a ref like e.g. Be a player instead of doing that, well they can keep Be a player but they should add be a ref where you make the calls and you ref every game. It might not be a good idead but just putting my thought out there

    • don

      Your grammar and spelling is awful.

      • Lord_Flashheart.

        Maybe his first language isn’t English? Shh and go back to bed.

    • Ilewansagon

      Put your thoughts back

      • Greg

        Nah i thought that! It’d be sick when playing with friends, ref mode

  • Hrod

    They should have different parts of the kits chosen differently, because sometimes teams play with different short of the home kit. I don’t think that classics teams is THAT good idea, and they should focus on the simulation of the sport.

  • Amir

    Please add the iranian league to it , we don’t want Netherlands league , nor Switzerland no one plays with these clubs, add iranian league and the turkish league thanks

    • Descant

      Erm, no

  • Tom

    I think there should be match attack cards for fifa thatnyou can buy in shops and basicly theynare the same as normal packs its just if you dont want to put your creditcard onto your xbox or ps3 then you can just buy a pack in a shop and there shouldmbe a code that you can redeem the things you got in the pack, like if you got van persie there would be a code on the back, you could type it in and the p
    Ayer would turn up onto your fifa ultimate team

  • Zain

    Add Pakistan come on EA please.

    • Sameer

      play ea cricket my friend 🙂

  • Midoz

    what about the ability to lift a cup or a title all u can see is a celebration not a captin lifting the cup, and change captins in the middle of the game too

  • Chronic Music

    Transfer block in career mode (during setup): Have the ability to stop certain transfers, e.g. Luis Suarez always transfers to Real Madrid in my career

  • John Bargh

    Keepers should be able to be sent off , being able to dive for penaltys and free kicks

  • MadridKB9CR7

    With added time, they need to actually show how much time is left. I’m surprised they don’t have that.

  • Cairon

    how about in game manager sackings in career mode.

    • David Moyes

      So you sack yourself?

  • Kempy

    Make the money mean something. I play for newcastle and when real or barca offer me a contract worth a lot more money it dosn’t lure you at all because the money does nothing.

    And being able to talk to the manager like the players talk to you when you are a manager. Then you can complain about being subd at the 60th minute every game.
    Or even talk to the media to hint at what team you would like to play for.

  • GW

    FIFA need to improve the overall look of the game. It just doesn’t look as good as it should now on these new consoles. I’ve heard rumblings through some ‘insider’ blogs that FIFA 15 is going to look 100% different but play the same. The Ignite engine was NOT used in FIFA 14, no chance. It was the same PS3 engine. I’m going to say it, this years game on PS4 will be an entirely different game to the PS3 game. It will play 100% different, look 100% different just like the old days.
    Anyway, E3 is coming up in a few weeks so we’ll see what garbage PES are bringing and how FIFA has changed.

  • BC95

    – 2 footed challenge trait, you’d have to double tap Square (ps4) or X (xbox one) to perform it
    – A similar player career mode to jumpers for goal posts
    – Improved offside decisions
    – pitch invasions when clubs are promoted or win their current league
    – Pre and post match interviews on and off the pitch
    – training with the squad as a pro
    – when a player gets injured, a stretcher should be brought on and all the physios
    – Chants for certain players when they score or to boost their performance in a match (you shouldn’t have to implement them into to the game yourself)
    These are just some i would put in the game.

  • BC95

    – 2 footed challenge trait, you’d have to double tap Square (ps4) or X (xbox one) to perform it
    – A similar player career mode to jumpers for goal posts

    – Improved offside decisions

    – pitch invasions when clubs are promoted or win their current league

    – Pre and post match interviews on and off the pitch

    – training with the squad as a pro

    – when a player gets injured, a stretcher should be brought on and all the physios

    – Chants for certain players when they score or to boost their performance in a match (you should have to implement them into to the game yourself)

    These are just some i would put in the game.

    • peter

      if it was to have pitch invasions then wouldn’t that be telling the fans its acceptable it would be good for it to be on but you know it wont get put on

    • Timothy

      Totally agree with the injuries. Seeing someone with a broken tibia walk off the field is so unrealistic!

  • WiFi720

    on ultimate team having a game mode that lets you wager players or other ones!

  • Loot23

    being able to make subs for example in the PS4 using the PAD in game allow you to pull out all your subs and make changes without pausing it

    • Tyler96

      You can do that already via connect

  • Lugoblink

    Create your own squad formation

  • Tanjit

    allow players to even walk , rather than short running , allow walking to regain stamina quickly , players messi , ronaldo , van persie , luiz and torres walk more often to regain stamina to sprint again ..

  • darren wiseman

    I think ea should have away goalkeeper kits in fifa 15

  • Jon

    Start the game younger
    i.e youth teams/ tournaments

  • Anil

    Turkish league should be back on FIFA 15 its been 4 years

  • nick

    Why aren’t Japan and Ghana available?They qualify almost every year and instead we get Bolivia and India

  • ali g

    being able to download older squads like 04-05 real madrid with zidane and other clubs also .

    • Burak52

      already in it, creation center

  • tanjit

    show managers reaction , wen u score or concede a goal , or u make a tactical change during game pause as it makes game more entertaining to play

  • Keron Johnson

    there should be a rating system on the goals you score so you can have a goals of the week in career mode

  • trttr

    I want in Fifa 15 Liga 1 Romania.

  • Anonymous

    In Career Mode,
    Improve the Transfer Section by adding clauses (like on FM14).
    Improve the interaction with the media and the impact on players.
    Change the position of a player by playing him games in that new position (in UT too).
    Add financial challenge (UEFA fair-play, financial crisis etc.)
    Fix the issues about players always transferring to a certain club.
    Fix the issues about the OP Regens so we can play Career Mode longer…

    UPVOTE if you think it is good ideas 🙂

    • Sadsack

      Love your ideas about position change and players always going to the same team!!!!!

  • Sange0504

    WAGER MATCHES on ultimate team so just select the player and wager him

  • utdfan

    its class of 92

    • Tanjit

      ya i know , actually the 99′ won the treble !!! so ya …

      • Senor cunto

        Its the class of 92 and invincibles of 04

  • hy

    how about having a moral boost for your players in both career and in ultamate

  • Mitchell

    Reserve teams in Online Career mode. fifa dont disappoint

  • kdokd


  • kdokd

    messi should be 100

    • Halllllll

      No he shouldnt

  • tom

    Needs much more depth in manager mode, deffinatly training and more use on contrachs ie point to having loan players and make more realistic bartering for wages rather than players demanding a set wage and not changing from it

  • Twally

    We need a fully customized crowdfunding Football Sim!

  • Adaken David

    When a team wants to buy a player from your team, should be able to ask for a player plus money from the other team. Like if Real Madrid wants to buy Suarez from Liverpool, should be able to add a player from their team in the negociation. Suarez+20 millions+ Benzema….

  • Bailey

    Adjusting goalkeeper kits before the game (just like on-field kits currently) and being able to change referee kits, because they sometimes have the same colours as the teams

  • armin


  • Chad payne

    Let me start with… where are the African football league?? How has EA Sports done nothing about this, every other continent has more then one league. The South African league is one of the biggest if the biggest league in Africa. I think the South African, Moroccan and Zambian leagues should be added to the Fifa 15 game as well as more African international teams eg. Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, morocco etc. .. stadiums should be more detailed and have the clubs theme color around the stadium and on the seats (This applies to clubs that do not have office stadiums in the game. If that makes sense). They also should improve the atmosphere of the stadium and fans.

    Another thing is Pre-season, I love those ideas #3. I believe the game should have more advertising on the billboards… like real adverting not adds of EA Sports- Let the game look more really- Official adverting is a easy and simply way. New commentators- I think we are all tired of the same voice commentating. Make the game interesting- Have international English commentators eg. German commentator commentating in English..

    There are a lot of small things that EA sports can fix and the not hard to do so. They simply and easy small details that will make its new customers happy. THANK YOU 🙂

    • Garyyyyyyyyy

      Cos theyre all poor leagues whats the point nobody wants to play as saudi arabian teams or out its pointless

      • Ohchamakh

        its supposed to be a challenge bro

  • Makaveli506

    Some ideas to help improve career mode;

    You should be able to play players in different positions and over time they can change to that position. For example, if you play a LB in the LW position for a while and he does well he should have the option to play there fluently.

    Goals of the week; You should be able to see the highlights from the week of football from your league.

    Play as a manager; You have the option to choose a manager to play with.. EG Mourinho at Chelsea, you can be Mourinho and eventually leave Chelsea for a different club.

    Custom Managers; You should be able to customize your manager EG Facial Features, Clothes, Height, Weight ect and you should be able to see him on the touchline.

    Financial Takeover For Other Teams; I know this is already in the game but every time it says a team has been bought by a wealthy business man nothing seems to come of it. Every 5 years or so a club should be taken over and that club should start to buy world class players depending on what league you are in. That will add another dimension to the game, making one of the lesser clubs a title contender.

    • Sameer

      financial takeover thing is cool. Would love the idea of 2 seasons down the line I see Newcastle or some other club from premier league become oil rich 🙂

    • TomOld

      I’ve seen this happen in my CM’s… clubs get taken over then they spend heaps of money on brining in loads of players

  • Annoied @ ea

    I want it to work, its made by EA and they are shocking

  • Laharh

    Since I only play Fifa in Career mode so here are what I would like to see in that Mode:

    – Option to change kits every new season, seriously, who would want to see the same kits over and over again?

    – Manager details: since EA decided to put the image of manager into the game, it wouldn’t hurt to go a bit more details on this aspect. Let the players to be able to customise the appearance of the manager, let us see him celebrating like crazy when the team win a trophy.

    – Youth Academy: please please improve the physical stats for those young players, took me forever to get a player with decent physical stats, especially speed and pace.

    – Longer career mode: 15 seasons period is seriously too short. SAF had been the manager of MU for almost 30 years, why couldn’t we?

    – Pre-season matches: I started playing FIFA on PSP 4 years ago, and I remembered that we were able to choose the teams and locations we wanted to go to. Most importantly, we had the option to shared the money from selling tickets which will benefit players who want to start the game with lower league team.

    • frankestine

      yeah u r right,ticket selling was a great idea by fifa. they should bring it back

  • Kazi1920

    Better commentators Like Rob hawthorn and gary neville

  • Papo1489

    it’s a bit late for fifa 15 but not for fifa 16, if any of you has played new star soccer for mobile devices it involves the players personal life as well, girlfriend, lifestyle, etc, which all effect the players happiness and his game performance. whether he starts or is a sub.
    another idea is feeder clubs for youth regens coming through the academy.

  • Sámuel Emilsson Abrahamsen

    the faroese leagues like Effo Deild, 1. Deild, 2. Deild and 3. Deild
    and more english leagues like blue square bet premier
    please don’t dissapoint me EA 🙂


    i think fifa should bring back LAN play


    bale should b the icon fig

  • nat

    You should be able to go more in depth and reply back to players when they want to be transferred or have a problem and ea should make it a bit more like football manager as in you get staff and speak to the board

  • Aaron Williams

    the ability to import your career mode team into your leagues, maybe only for offline. i have a few friends who all individually play a career mode building up lower league teams to the elite however we cannot play each other and it leave’s us in the theoretical discussion of who’s teams better, Why cant we take it to the console?!

  • LOL

    make cut scenes. make the money be able to buy you training gear boots etc. cut scenes for press conferences and pre game talks in changerooms and stuff like in NBA 2K14

  • Sam

    I think the global transfer network has ruined career mode. It is all well and good in first years when you know the players but when you are say 8+ seasons in relying on free agent players and players with no picture i miss when it showed you their overall and not now when it doesnt show you and its in alphabetical order which sucks because you end up signing a player who is like 52 overall

  • Sam

    Also i feel ea should learn from games like NBA2k14 with the chairman options when you can approach them and request transfers or play time etc etc and the social media site they have were your popularity/followers grow after a good performance and you are being complimented on it or offered challenges. Also, i dont understand how the NFL games are so far ahead of our fifa games when EA design both! The NFL games are so life like with press conferences and warm ups and outside the ground and fan coverage!

  • David j

    Must be able to scout youths in every country. Much better commentary. More commentary languages for announcers. It would be awaome to scout a country and land a thiery Henry or gabriel batistuta. Zidane. And when a certain Steven Gerrard retires you can wait one season and scout England to find him. Or your a team such as Lazio and scout Italy and find A. Nesta CB. Bring back lengands of the game. Have up to date stats as your career progresses. Not wait till may 1st for youth players to turn into Hulk. Have a youth team set up. Be able to watch games. Or go to other games to scout players. A better way to select players for international selection. With stats and form. In game real ness. Players complaining. Flares. Crazy people on the fences. Stamped celabration when Boca scores. Pre-game analysis. Louder chants so as it’s your at te game itself. Real ness stadium fans ball boys tv camaras security. If it’s a derby say inter Milan. Riot police would be cool. Real life managers like mourinho or van gaal to appoint for you team in career mode. Option of contract extension or termination. Since this is fifa that should be compliant for the game. Hear better news about raising stars around the world and offer then trails at your club. More leagues players avatars for players that do not have a face picture. Keep that lock players feature I love it. A better transfer set up. Option to see all transfers and in order of cost. That’s it for now.

  • Roninho

    Add fifa manager package to the manager mode as an extra package
    Add realistic referees
    And the Dutch jupiler league

  • Epicman

    Referee mode;
    Realistic Referees (like Mark Clattenburg, Howard Webb etc.);
    Conference Premier (England);
    Get rid of leagues that are useless and put the good teams from those leagues in Rest Of World;
    Rest Of World sections, like Europe, Asia etc;

  • Fifadude

    Stadium creators, easier to be sacked in career mode, bring back player-manager, players diving (not too much though), more reactions of players when sent off or missed a chance, being able to create a manager just like you can when creating a player, pre-match interviews (you are able to type what you want the manager to say and it pops up in a speech bubble), in FUT and career you are able to change positions of players, more things in Custom Tactics!

  • Ninefourtwo

    Scottish Championship – In career, choosing who you want to play in pre-season friendlies – More Rest Of World teams – Managers and clubs getting fined and taking small amounts of money off the managers’ budget – Able to release more players at the same time in career

  • Johnny

    Transfer animations. Like revealing new players at press conferences or a world class player In front of thousands of fans in the stadium. Giving the player his jersey, signing a contract etc. Balon D’or and Golden Boots/ personal titles should play a bigger part. And also the ability to see your trophy case, where you can see all the honors you’ve won throughout career mode.

    • matthew anderson

      this is a really good idea n if its a skill player u can see him doing a bit if juggling n warming for certain matches. also put some huge emotional celebrations like in a finals.

  • Johnny

    Also, finding a new job in manager mode is ridiculous hard as I just get rejected by every job I apply for except for bottom feeder clubs. It should be like FIFA 08, where at the end of the season, you are able to see what clubs have a vacancy and then apply. Also a star rating judging how much of a chance you have of landing the job.

  • Camdude007

    Make expensive players like messi Ronaldo and Players like that more affordable

  • Camdude007

    In ultimate team

  • vdruts

    Here’s a good one how about removing the blatant handicap/scripting/momentum.

  • anonymous

    What about making a mini game where you can recreate the best goals of the year in fifa 15?? Just a nice mini game where you can have fun and relax a little bit after play ultimate team for example.. I would love that in fifa 15 🙂

  • Niki Kovacevic

    Put more international teams in like Croatia,Bosnia and other teams

  • fightstar

    career mode: all the players stats should accumulate through out their careers. should be able to see their overall goals, assists, matches played etc. that should be also included in their international career.
    loan system: we should be able to see how the players are doing on loan. and have a contract agreement that the player should atleast play a certain amount of games.

  • Nick Carrithers

    Owner mode. Where you can hire and fire managers and the managers have overall ratings that affect team play, style, and affects which players come to your team and vice versa.

  • Unknown

    Being able to design your clubs strip each year in career mode and having to secure main club sponsors etc

  • Philip

    I think for every competition in career mode they should a different cup logo instead always having their leauge badge

  • Philip

    And also I would like to change the teams kits in career mode just like in pes

  • dkwilson

    team mode should be more real have a 25 man team under 18 squad and acadamy

  • dafty

    should add more leagues like Turklig (Y does turkey miss out)

  • ChelskiFan

    The growth system needs to be linked to form initially and age secondarily. Players’ technical stats ought not to drop until they lose form, whereas their physical stats ought to drop around 32; this would reflect players like Pirlo. Moreover, players stats ought to improve relative to their stats (e.g. a high passing completion rate leads to increase in short/long passing but a low tackle completion rate would lead to dropping tackling stats) and ought to be able to improve their technical stats throughout their career (this would begin to stop around 32). Also, young players’ physical stats should only grow when given specific training and at a much decreased rate past roughly 23; for example, I could give Salah strength training to increase his balance and strength but the increase gained would become less every season (as he aged).

  • manster

    In career mode I want ref career mode so you can ref matches

  • Dominico Richie

    include GHANA, it’s been long over due,…………even smaller african football countries are on fifa……

  • Sam

    Change the shape of the nets and make players look realistic and a good match to their actual appearence, scrap the ea sports boots randomly assign a pair of boots to a player rather than the ea boots also make gameplay a bit slower on teams that pass alot (boring teams such as chelsea).Actual Stadiums of all premier league clubs and maybe all of the major leagues. Assign the actual sponsors of clubs to their stadium and enable the player to pick which sponsors they want the season after, be able to switch the sponsor and the kit around after 2 seasons so its fresh and realistic. Make the score tally thing at the top like the actual one we see on television and change the camera angle when someone scores. Stretchers on the pitch when someone is injured, better more advanced commentary
    With the global transfer thingy make it find players that would be a good match the side that the player is managing, longer loan periods and team training. Real official licensed tournaments (champions league europa league etc). Player form to make the player select the right team. Manager to player communication. Choice of just managing an international team by itself when sacked by a club.

  • h303

    why is there no fifa ballon d or …..something like fifa team of the year…………… and the world cups and continantal cups should have more variety of stadiums in it it gets boring playing in the same stadium………………….and c’mon fifa get those press confrences and player interviews realistic like in nba it is so awesome seeing ur manger or player speeking like a boss…………………….should be able to change player’s hair style

  • Nico93-29

    A lot of Improvement can and SHOULD be made. I’ve noted a couple of ideas down which I think would add a degree a realism to an already excellent game !

    – Half-time team talk could be good, to motivate your players if you’re being dominated or in big matches (derbies for example, or CL knockout matches)
    – Ability to maybe contest some decisions and see the manager getting annoyed on the touchline, with a mass of players approaching the referee (but no violence of course)

    In “Be a pro”
    – Negotiate a contract (salary, length, role)
    – Choose an agent or change one the better you get
    – Request more play time or ask to be rested
    – Have your agent give you advice when a big team wants you (player and manager)
    – Come on as a substitute

    – Player/ manager personality evolves with time (Mourinho mind games, Pelligrini very calm, Ronaldo very arrogant)
    – Team should adapt to coach style, and play like they would in real life (Barcelona play very high with high possession, Chelsea defend and Counter Attack, Real Madrid always play through Ronaldo)
    – Team Training
    – Better and more developed transfer talks, you can really negotiate, saying that life here is better, you’ll get CL football, etc.
    – Real Tournaments would be nice (official Champions League and World Cup instead of Champions Cup)
    – Better trophy celebrations, it’s always the same, it gets a little boring, I always skip the celebration because I’ve seen it once already
    – STOP unlikely transfers ! Messi leaving barcelona after one season, Ronaldo going to City, I bought eto with Southampton (Shaw for 7 million, Hazard for 30 million, Ronaldo for 50 million, etc.)
    – Ex-players get booed by fans (Cole at Arsenal)
    – Feel the home advantage more. If winning a knockout game away, the home team will pile the pressure in the last minutes to get a winner to send them through
    – Online Career Mode could be very interesting
    – Better press conferences (have a look at NBA 2K14, need I say anymore? You could storm out of the conference room)
    – Better media speculation about transfers, rumors, behind the scenes
    – Get more authentic stadiums. It would be nicer
    -More player mistakes, like a bad pass, bad control, miss-hit (when under pressure, in a derby, at the end of the match when stamina is low)
    – One thing that particularly annoys me are the GK. When a GK is rated below 75, you have the impression that he cannot make a decent save, dives years after the ball has passed him. The other day, Gerrard scored a goal from 40 yards out, and the keeper just looked at it and dived at the last minute
    – Media reacts to how your team plays (Media hate Mourinho)

    Would love to see this next year…
    Hope you guys agree !!

    • tehcerialgamer69

      that point about ex-players getting booed actually does happen! Van Persie and Cole are both Booed at the Emirates, Torres is Booed at Anfield. Not just ex-players though there’s others like Ronaldo being booed at the Nou Camp

  • Lord_Flashheart.

    I have a question.
    I haven’t played FIFA in a while due to career mode.
    Does anybody know if you can now play it in the old way? The way where you pick a team and just play with them rather than having to make a player and having to keep your score up otherwise you get fired/dropped from the first team? -_- I hated that feature.

  • TheNJHammer

    – There should be enough international teams in the game so as a manager you can have the same final qualifying situations as real life. Have at least 10 CAF teams, 8 AFC teams (how is Japan not in the game?), 6 CONCACAF teams (so the US and Mexico don’t automatically make the WC). Add the new Copa America.

  • Jordan

    Should make ultimate team player chemastries full no matter what position u put the player in

  • Ryan Hubbard

    Put the non league’s in it but this is only a suggestion 🙂

  • Daire Ferguson

    Be a referee, get awarded for making correct decisions, start off refereeing lowe league teams ans work your way up to cup finals

  • Ervin

    The sleeve badges for Barclays premier / Championship league will be reflected on the teams that are either promoted or relegated. Premier league title winner must come with a golden badge instead of a fix sleeve badge, eg: Man U in multiple seasons still don with golden badge. Edit mode on jersey should be made possible for multiple seasons u played in career mode as well

  • Mag96

    i agree with your point about the cups and small leagues. Can’t understand why they took them out. You could get a few lads over and set up a cup,but you can’t do that now. you have to draw it out yourself and it as good. another point id make is the ref need improving.

  • KronicKrona1

    I still think the crowds need a lot of improvement

  • Quik005

    -Create a new franchise
    -schedule subs for sim or played games.
    -edit kits
    -negotiate contracts with players from other teams in final months of current deals

  • fifalover


    • MrMac

      Wth Cyprus u no what dat would be nice

  • borokinni tobi

    let there show the bus of the team you are playing against. also, when you wana buy a player they should show the interview

  • stone

    The manager got no say to his players complain, it will be great a manager responding to his players e-mails.
    improvement on red card fifa 14 red cards are soo unreal they are dominating yellow cards.
    The manager should has a say about his players, request for additional on his wage

  • stone

    the t-shirts are too solid, t-shirt should be free, as a manager i would like to be with my team once they win a trophy, real ceremony please handing over of the trophy. assistance manager involvement in the squad not good at all, let me manage ma team as i wish. on transfer let me also request a player to be added to the bid if the team didn’t approach me with enough money

  • Jim the fish

    Add all premier league stadiums and in turn remove some default stadiums that most people dont use

  • George Dub Dabanlis

    Referee mode!!!!

  • Dimitris

    Greek Superleague and Cup
    More Classic Kits and add a classic kit to Liverpool,ManU,Real and others…
    Create Classic Teams like Liverpool 80s – Real Madrid 50s or 90s and many other great teams 😉 !!!

  • matthew anderson

    My career mode improvements i would love to see.
    more emotional in celebration especially in finals. make warm up before games n side line warm up more graphical. Put more emphasis on new transfer like wen the club giving the player the jersey in the middle of the stadium especially if its a world class transfer. Have a last match game were the player is leaving will be announced that its his last game for the club n like he claps before n after the match. Put in golden boots better award ceremony more emphasis on top goal scorer n assister. The same jersey is getting boring and annoying please let we edit that. N better communication with player as a manager especially wen chage in formation u can see the player go to the coach n talk.

  • Stanley Nowacki

    Add the Ladies, I think it would be awesome to play as an Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach ETC. Make the futures the way they are in real life. There is the United States Women’s and NWSL. Add them both.

  • Rowtjuhh

    This ideas are very good i hope if EA listen

  • Rowtjuhh

    Why have EA none competitions in The Netherlands alone Eredivision and not Ajax Youth League or the guys who playing on saturday and sunday? i want Spartaan’20 in that things or DRL, Leonidas or Jupiler League and not from Belgium from the Netherlands

  • jerrylights

    FIFA Club World Cup!!! and also the actual champions league

  • jerrylights

    renovating stadiums making them bigger changing the tunnels players come out from

  • :)

    I think they should bring back the virtual pro feature. That was fun…

  • charles_takar_arunachal_fifa15

    First of all i would say all of u gave a very fine n required progress. I am telling because i have read all the comments..i would say non of u have mention the requirements that is notably needed..infact u folks might not have these thoughts n idea…lets me tell u
    1: what about the proper transfer in a carrier mode like all the club across the league(country) can buy u moreover, not like only from same famous clubs ask you for transfer
    2: say what if we can controll the fight mode like if players do foul u can raise your self, like the fight we can see, can hit any one even to refree.
    3: lets say including women football world cup.
    4: commenting in few more other language.
    5: commenting changes every after couple of matches
    6: press talk with man of the man
    7: proper coach graphics
    8: proper celebrations by single player or controlling others as a whole after winning
    9:autograph season
    10: new players signing welcome
    11:party n discussion in drrssing room

  • none

    i think there should be a lobby were you can trade players on ultimate team

  • yeezus

    I couldn’t agree more with no.3 – pre-season friendlies are incredibly boring – at least let the player choose them or have them as optional.

  • 117S7M.F

    I think you should be able to get new sponsors for your team therefore also change your kits from season to season, and there should be more to use that money on for example training facilities, and in player career you should be able to talk to manager,media etc and you should be able to buy things with your money.


  • sultan abdulla buali

    I want to go football with my friend. I want to go spain in the playground. I want to go airports with my friend.

  • Michael

    I think EA should make the fifa 15 my player the life of a football player. The ups and downs. The same with manager mode. And they should stop with 90 mins cheese goal! Making my player based on a soccer players life is more realistic. Like driving yourself to practice and all that.

  • RobertFifa15

    Put some new teams in rest of the world and one thing that would help a lot would be editing your own formation on ultimate team for example if you want to play with 5 players st you just put them there on your formation

  • Trinimick

    In career mode make the calendar easier to see, due to the fact that as a manager you will want to see the games after to manage your team to use for furture games as well as the current one. Customization kits after every season in career mode. Maybe locked and can achieve when brought, this will allow you to customize the kits to your own liken for the next season.

  • Psych Out

    Anyone else notice that youth players are very small? I’m getting 16 year olds who are 4’11” and they’ll be center backs

  • gary doran

    I’d love for it to have legends that you can play with. Legends in their prime to go in your team if you wish. Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Raul, Luis Figo, Dennis Bergkamp, Gabriel Batistuta, Beckham, Keane, Edgar Davids,Thierry Henry, you get the picture.

  • Fifa lover1

    add more leagues! I know most people like to play in the big more known leagues such as bpl and la liga but it would also be nice to start out in lower class leagues like Nigeria or canada

  • lovdfsjd

    I think Conference Conference North and south should be there

  • Markinho Primavera

    o fifa 15 tinha que ter condições fisicas tipo a do pes bom,regular e ruim,a cada jogo entende

  • Matt

    I think they definitely need to improve the job offers in career mode, its stupidly hard to get a team to accept your application

  • frankestine

    i need more international teams to be available and also to boooo a particular player when he touches the ball , i can select whom i want..and i also wanna know the top scorer,match results (with goals) in other leagues without being a manger of a team of that league…

  • zebest

    add uefa in fifa 15

  • danny

    have old classic teams like they had in fifa 2000 such as england 1966 etc. also other pro leagues n england like blue square and more stadiums maybe a few in the championship

  • youssefbh

    i think that the youth teams of big clubs should be assigned to them in carrier mode and we will be able to take some of their players to play against lower teams. like barcelona B for example if we play a match of cup against a very low team we can ,if we play with barcelona, play with some players from the B team

  • Kostas

    A different online ranking with a competition like career mode. Players separate in divisions. Have a maximum badget for eatch division. Make transfers, develop teams and players. Shell them. And the Greek League please…

  • Sergio G

    Pay more attention to minor leagues!!!!! Liga MX, for example
    (add a 2nd Division)
    Add Concacaf cup so we can compete with River Plate, Boca Juniors etc.( it’s like champions cup)


    Career mode gets boring with minor teams! I use Mexican teams, I’m FIFA they only have two cups, in real life they play concacaf against other leagues from Argentina etc. Also implement 2nd division for the Mexican league. It will make career mode more enjoyable

  • Macosta

    Turkish league should be back!

  • Burak52

    The answer that you would get for #6 from EA Sports is that they have added a creation center where you can create/edit players, teams & competitions/tournaments.

    I think they should add a bit more features for the Pro Club.
    Like ehm, contracts for example. And wages that players get for playing matches so that they can buy new shoes?

    Also like editing mode for Pro Clubs like you mentioned.

  • Marty Perron

    When you get a break away, the screen should change into the practice mode. Just you and the keeper. Even if there’s a defender right on your tail. Get him in there too.

  • Marty Perron

    During breakaways, the camera should change to practice mode. Just you and the keeper.

  • oleosmirf

    What FIFA should do is include the sim version of FIFA Manager (which is now discontinued) and incorporate that into the manager mode.

    This way you get the best of the manager aspects with the gameplay of FIFA.

  • Anonymous

    What I think would just be something unique and cool, would be that as long as there are enough players in certain positions that are from the same country, like at least:
    2 Goalkeepers, 5 defenders, etc. (All from Egypt)

    Then, If that amount is reached, automatically the country would be put into the game, so it would make career mode more accessible to lower nations. Then you could take them to the top!

  • popballoons

    be a ref get balloons on flieds football payer pop balloons

  • Uyi

    Can we give stars to an opponents goal in Fifa 15? If an opponent scores a great goal. I want to star it

  • Mykamyke

    I’d like simple additions to Player Mode. Like the ability to ask the manager for a raise, playing time, or to be used in a different position. Also more hair styles or tats to better customize your player. This only caters to ppl like me who play a lot of career/player mode.

  • Chinz

    Whoever made this page, you are the most incredible person or group of people. Hats off to you for these incredible ideas because this is exactly what most Fifa players/fans want in the game. I truly hope EA sees this is what needs to be done from now on. Especially with the next gen consoles.

  • Chinz

    Fifa also needs to bring back career stats. Get to see players’ overall performance throughout each season for club and country.
    Next gen consoles should also introduce official award ceremonies, e.g players winning golden boot or PFA and seeing the player holding the award maybe during a game or end of the season.

  • soccerfreak7

    If I am going to do a player career they should make it like the 2k series

  • Richard Jones

    They need to add alternative shorts and socks! This would be so simple and would not take much time to add. Clubs never wear the same colored Shirts, Shirts are socks when against their opponents.

  • hedornuevans

    the medals should be presented to the winning team to make look real

  • Hawk

    Players can get carried off the pitch instead of walking off with a broken foot….
    Also think someone mentioned this, but if you play a player in a position enough in career mode (youth or sr) they develop that position as one of their side positions as it’s annoying to have a lot of youths just being able to play in one position.
    Also I’m career mode you can hint to any club or international, that you want to be the manager as you may want to drop down a league for a challenge.
    Also their should be like an emotion between a player and manager in a career mode, so say if you didn’t get on with a player when he was at your club ( ie you sold him or didn’t play him enough or insulted him in the press conference if he played at your club e.c.t) that should effect how well he plays for you or if he would sign for your club.

  • Hawk

    Also other managers can be sacked or leave different clubs and join up and also retired players can become managers and should effect how they play. so like for example say like the manager of a Real Madrid team could come and join a mid table team in the premier league that team should be effected how the team plays and who they buy.

  • Aliyou

    Youth players need pictures on team management and newly created players like when you make your pro those kind of pics

  • Guest

    You should be able to watch players you want

  • WasabWasabUyayaya

    I think they should make ‘Be a Pro’ just like Fifa 11, when we had the reputation and get different roles at the club. I think they should make contracts for your player: 2 year contract with a wage of 20,000 etc. If you like my ideas feel free to build on them and upvote

  • fabvarsa

    Career Mode:
    – Change stadium during seasons by paying rent on them
    – Upgrading the stadium (so it can generate more income)
    – Stadium fans income (increasing by winning streaks or current club position in the table according to objectives, etc)
    – Can select team’s line-up when doing a match simulation (I don’t want to change my star line-up just to simulate a match)
    – Media feature, I wish I could talk about a specific player in the team which doesn’t need to be in the star line-up
    – Can select team’s line-up when doing a match simulation (I don’t want to change my star line-up just to simulate a match)
    – Media feature, I wish I could talk about a specific player in the team which doesn’t need to be in the star line-up

  • Dylan Brito

    More International teams and leagues to create more reality .

  • Dylan Brito

    Fifa needs an academy football to create player with real names

  • Unknown??


  • Seeme

    In career mode ad uefa champions league in that way clubs could play with other clubs from different leagues for example man united could play bayern Munich

  • future game creator

    in fifa 11 when i had wii there was a game mode when you start semi pro in the street and street leagues and such and would play on concrete and in alley ways with miniature or raised nets (wich i didnt really like) you would get traded and leave street leagues for different leagues and places until a pro squad noticed you. It was sick. I also ripped this next idea off a wii baseball game called mlb power pros 2008 i liked this game because despite the purpousley cartoony graphics was crazy realistic. I played as David Ortiz when i was forced to sign with the red sox because thats the team he played for. The captain of the squad would greet me and he would take me out to a movie to build chemistry that got me to a two star friendship with him. With a five star friendship fellow team mates can offer you thier favorite agent to hook you up with bats and gloves and a great contract at the end of the season. But here like i saw in another comment, the money counts. With your small contract you have in the beginning you need to buy an affordable house. I would like these ideas back or added into fifa 15. This comment has gone on to long so if anyone from EA sees this i have more about the second idea and could explain at [email protected]

  • future game creator

    i tried doing a comment once but i think it failed so im too tired to right my wicked long comment. I say recreate fifa 11 and more. Im [email protected] for any EA workers out there if sameer would like to here my full idea comment and ill retype it

  • Jim

    Liverpool are sooo crap

  • #FIFA should change

    I really like FIFA games and I think we should add players interviews , earn rights to change kits ,buy back rights for European knockout leagues and ability to create own boots.On form players should get own adverts for boots and kit . Example Adidas all in or nothing and Nike risk everything.Players ,managers backroom staffs words should be typed in using Xbox and PS3 keyboards. videos off loanee form,top goals,misses of the week and over all performance should be added in career mode. These are just some of the things FIFA 15 and future FIFA should have. Please give this message to FIFA 15 game creators.thank you

  • #FIFA should change

    sorry, I meant to say FIFA creators should add . thank you

  • #FIFA should change

    goal line technology should be added as well as African leagues.

  • nbkm

    Everyone wants to play with their nation so please add at least the nations who are members of FIFA , add MACEDONIA…

  • Dezin

    If the game freezes during an online match, you wouldnt get a god damn dnf -_-. That’s something I bet we all want, a stable game that actually works without freezing.

  • connor

    i would like to see low league stadiums added such as league 1 and the championship like they had for Newcastle back in fifa 10. also when you have finished a season on manger mode maybe make your own kit and edit you sponsors. maybe even start editing stadiums aswell and balding new stands. like pes introduced this year !

  • Kesamijr

    Ooh, another idea:
    Legend Points and Super Accomplishments: Basically you would have a legend/fame ranking, it would start out low but it would get higher as you played more, improved, won, became captain etc. But then, there would be things called “super accomplishments” which are basically world records. So for example some would be: score over 91 goals in a season, or score 404 goals for your club, or get 4 Ballon D’Or or things like that. There would be a ton of these, for all kinds of obscure statistics. As you beat them not only would your skills greatly improve, so would your “legend rating” at the end of your career you could see how much of a legend you had become and how you compared to other legends in football history like Cruyff, or Zidane, or even Messi. As your “legend” rating went up you would get payed more, get more offers if you were young, and you would get more play time, and wouldn’t get substituted for some 62 player at the 60th minute of every game.

  • will

    more personal things for be a pro like lifestyle, buying things, dealing with family and friends, being professional or not on and off the pitch, being made captain or vice captain if you play well for a couple of seasons

  • will

    more input from the press!!!

  • Yossi Cordoval

    First of all a simple thing, when you play as a pro player it really annoys me that you’re or on line up or not playing at all, you need to be also sometimes a substitute to show the manager that you need to be in the line up.
    Second and most important, real life player personalities, for example, as a manager I need to not only consider a player’s ability on the pitch but also his behavior, if I want to buy Balloteli I will need to think if he’s worth it, cause he is provocative and may get expelled in an argument with the ref (I hope players could argue) or if I want to buy Suarez I need to think about his dives and he might get yellow and res cards because of it, and if the player is nice to everyone and loved by his teammates, let’s say Modric it will be better for the team or a high morale player, like Marcelo, will improve the groups morality.
    So the managers will need to think more if a player is worth it, and maybe they’ll take a player less good but better for the team spirit.
    I think a lot will be very happy with those changes, it’ll be really fun and interesting to have more aspects to think about.

  • Yossi Cordoval

    And also the connection between team members can be improved by assists and passes, and could get worst if you don’t pass the ball.

  • alex

    how about after you pay for a full price game you dont need to pay to win?


  • Henry

    In career mode, they need to make it so transfer bids reflect the way the player played previous season. For example, I bought Livaja for Dortmund and he scored 32 goals for me and was only a 74 rated, therefore I received no bids for him whereas in real life he would of been subject to 20+ million bids. This needs to be in the game!

  • -MUtd-SD

    When you time waste with the ball on your goal keeper’s hands, give them a yellow card like in the real game not to kick the ball automatically

  • Zuri1218

    Have best players from opposition teams switch jerseys after the game. It is a football tradition.

  • Para Will

    Manager mode absolutely needs for there to be a “coach mode” during matches. I hate having to control a player during a match because if I wanted to do that, I would have simply played as a player in the career mode.

    I’m only saying that the option needs to be there for gamers. I like to only set the strategy and watch the action play out, and then make decisions based off the actions of the AI. There is a good number of players that play FIFA this way and the option should be there.

  • Anthony K

    Manage training like hire training staff, update kits i.e. when I am Leeds and get promoted I still have sky bet championship logo in the premiere league if you could help customize the kit that would be awesome. More financial control over sponsors and ways to improve income i.e. open more merchandise stalls, food and other ways to gain more money like events at the club adding a stadium restaurant/bar/nightclub. If you could customize your stadium building and appearance inside and out, opportunity to build a new stadium. Adding youth leagues also would be a plus.

  • Fifanumberoneplayer


  • Dan

    Better player customisation e.g, tattoos, 3/4 sleeves like bale wears, those tight tops random players have, choosing a free kick stance like bales, beckhams, roberto carlos. Having more than 5 traits, ronaldo can basically do ever trait an i wonna be able to. Also having changed kits like sometimes chelsea wear all blue not to clash with opposition

  • James

    I think that at the end of every season, in career mode, you should be able to design a kit for the team that you are managing; like being able to change patterns/style on the kit and sponsors, etc.

  • Scott


  • Rizo

    Bring back Fifa 11 penalties. Put more nations like Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia. More language options like BKS (bosnian-croation-sebian). A lot of fans playing Fifa in the Balkans.

  • Jjuice

    I’d be glad if they put more teams from the Ukrainian League for example Dnipro, Dynamo Kiev, Metalist. And also Fernerbache and Besiktas from the Turkish League in Rest of World. Or Red Star Belgrade. Just Basically all the teams that would be in the Europa League.

  • fabio123

    Suarez should be able to bite people


    How abt signing sponsorshop deals pre season tht determine ur transfer budget.And the training thing is pretty cool.How abt virtual interviews post game and pre game and real life stats and archives


    Also world cup tournaments being playd at the best stadia
    And The ability to create ur managers physical appearance and demeanour.I think fifa 15 shud hv these wishes to make it a worth while game

  • James

    Stop giving free kicks/penalties for legal tackles (sliding tackles!!!) When a player hits ball first, that is not a foul even though the other play falls to the ground. Too many penalties are given because of this obvious mistake!

  • Kesamijr

    I agree with almost all of your ideas, except the star one. In my Player Career Mode, I started out with Fleetwood town. The Team’s Average is probably 65, but we’re 1st in the Barclays Premier League. If there was no way for us to get good players, we would never get any good players, because our team isn’t good enough that it SHOULD be at a Premier league level

  • Kesamijr

    One thing that would be cool would be a “real manager Mode’, a mode where it was like you were really a manager. You couldn’t see a player’s rating at all, even when they were on your team, you could only see their form, a general idea of how good they are, and their statistics like age and stuff like that. That way you wouldn’t be able to just go for the highest ranked players, form and that kind of thing would have more of an effect.

  • Pep Boy

    I Would Like Buying Players To Be Easier On Manager Mode .
    National Teams That Should Be Added
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Costa Rica
    New Caledonia
    North Korea
    El Salvador
    Leagues That Should Be Added
    Blue Square League
    Chinese First Division
    Swiss League
    Latvian Premier League
    Portugal League 2

    • Tokyohoisto

      National teams basically pes 2011

  • Pep Boy

    I think we need womens teams futsal teams and beach soccer teams. Also we need better commentating.

  • Sam

    I would love if boots effected sats so ie Adidas f50s would increase the players pace which would make customisation more than just a visual effect and make the choice of player boots more that oh do I like that colour

  • ggg

    plzzzzzzzz put the greek league

  • Kesamijr

    Another thing i want is big World Events. I want crazed Uruguayans to bite Italians, I want Frenchmen to headbutt Italians, I want Liverpool fans to kill Italians when they lose. (Of course, I want this stuff to happen to more than Italians, but it just happens to them a lot.) Big world events where players get suspended for a long time, or where player values change, or where teams can’t play in competitions be a fun and different change.

  • Del501

    I would love to see my Hartlepool united kit change as I get them promoted on career mode, also ad a star when I win the champions leave. Also World Cup stars added to national team kits on winning the cup. Cheers

  • joel

    Maybe more friendlies to play your youth, or charity games. Also youth or U-21 teams would be good for the growth of young players.

    Customising kits and boots would be nice. For instance your own design on the adidas predators etc.

  • joel

    Position change would also be good, like if you play a player in a position for a while and he is successful, he can then be able to play in that position.

  • joel

    Team training would be nice. Like to focus on certain stats, or even just to play in the arena or skill games with your team that you have created

  • Miguel Soares

    anyone knows if fifa 15 will ve available to buy in the psn store?

    • Meekatman blues

      I think september 23 for the Americas and the 26 for Europe

  • joel

    It would be nice to be able to pick how many are season friendlies you want. Also picking who you want to play for pre season friendlies would be a good idea. You might be able to negotiate with other clubs ticket allocation, how many away fans can be taken, when you want the friendly, and to also negotiate whether you want the games to be played home or away.

  • joel

    Once you’ve scouted a player it can be annoying, because you still don’t know the players’ overall after all that time. Like when you scout youngster for your youth squad, it would be good if it said at the end, a range of overalls, for instance 80-84

  • joel

    Ticket allocation for every game would good. For instance for the next game we will be away at Manchester City, the ticket prices will be high and we are taking 5000 people to the Etihad.

  • Senor cunto

    I just want to be able to edit kits like on pes

  • Butthole

    They should have the Scottish championship because hearts rangers and hibs 3 of the top 4 teams in scotland(top support) are in the championship and it will mean relegation from the premiership

  • dark gamer

    the all star league idea is really great.fifa should adopt it,it will be cool.

  • f

    Being able to start a brawl/fight in the match.

  • dav

    when playing virtual pro you should get interviews like nba2k14 does

  • Kesamijr

    Another cool idea to improve national team coaching would be the ability to fight for youth players i.e., If you’re England, you would have to convince Ross Barkley to play for you instead of Nigeria, or if you’re USA you want to get Julian Green before Germany do. Not only would that make national management harder/more interesting, it would give more motivation to play as countries like Algeria, or Morocco who have good talent, but just lose it. UPVOTE IF YOU LIKE THE IDEA

  • oskar

    We would all love that fifa be a pro had like a little story line. Like play in high school and make it to the big leagues.. that would be good..

  • oskar

    Or a story mode that starts from universiti. Get ranked to the pros..

  • Kesamijr

    Another idea: National teams could fight for players. i.e. As England coach you would have to persuade Ross Barkley away from Nigeria, Raheem Sterling away from Jamaica, and Jon Flanagan away from Ireland, in an effort to make your team stronger, or it you’re the USA you’re in talks with Julian Green, Aron Johansson, and Mix Diskerud to keep them away from their native countries. Not only would it make national gameplay more interesting, it would encourage players to play as smaller countries because they could get talent to their team even if it wasn’t native

  • MX league

    They should add all soccer divisions

  • Me

    More free kicks

  • ProAlbanian

    can they add albanian team and league

  • pogba madness

    Add central america countries and leagues to fifa 15 and enable user to scout in those areas.

  • Waldo

    Should be able to respond to players complaints. Like if they are saying ‘I want more game time or I can’t be at this club’, you should be given a list of responses, which would effect the player’s moral. Maybe something like ‘I don’t think you’re ready for that yet’, ‘I have a better player than you in that position’, ‘You’re only 19, shut up and be realistic’, ‘Off you pop, you’re rubbish anyway’ etc

  • Matt Fryatt

    Players youve loaned out shouldn’t be allowed to play against your team and
    Andy Reid, The Wand! Should be rated much higher than he is. U REDS

  • Matt Fryatt

    In Player Career, if you’re told your being loaned out, you should be able to apply to other clubs yourself rather than the crappy ones you’re offered.

  • Argyris gabriel 1994

    Is a pity that “Rest of World” is so small and have teams that are absolutely rubbish or are no longer exists(Rangers for example) and prefect teams as APOEL fc are not included….

  • craig pashley

    I would love them to make it so as the manager you can walk round the stadium and go to different parts and do all the jobs a manager actually does I think it would be enjoyable instead of just a menu you can talk to your players and actually watch games from the side lines

  • anonymousdudeman

    Fifa 15 needs to make player lock for all game modes.

  • TheSuperonion

    I would love EA to have Croatia as an international team in Fifa 15. With players in the first team like Modric, Mandzukic, Rakitic, Perisic, Lovren and of course Captain Srna, together with solid players who can grow such as Corluka, Sertic and Badelj, and most importantly young talents such as Kovacic, Livaja, Vrsaljko, Jedvaj and of course Halilovic (He’ll be in the game with Barca B next year!!), they’d be one of the most fun international teams to manage in CM. Please EA??? Please??? (hope I spelled all those names correctly!!)

  • PUP

    On FIFA 15 I’d like to see, a coin toss before a game, changing captain when you sub your first choice captain, selecting a vic captain for your team. For career mode, when you send out a scout and they come back with a report, give an estimated rating of the player instead of just value and wage. Also in career being able to use player exchnages in counter offers, and being able to customise your manager, and see him appear on the touchline, they could also improve the press conferences and the news in career, because it isn’t world news that Northampton have beaten Torquay 2-1

  • Derek

    Can we simply add allowing people to take free kicks with their weak foot?

  • Fifa2015

    I really just need the player rating system back. I don’t like this scouting system, that’s basically the only thing I have a big issue with.

  • Dec

    I think the player potentials on career mode should be changed. If a 32 year old suddenly got 30 goals in the premier league, he would be rated as a 90 overall striker in the next FIFA game. Likewise, looking at someone like Torres, we see as well that stats can go down incredibly quickly within a season.

    I feel the player ratings need to be a lot more heavily dependent on how well the player performs rather than their age – you can find a lot of exceptions of young starlets who turned out to be flops (e.g., Bojan and McGeady) and also lots of players who became exceptional as they grew older (e.g., Scholes, Pirlo is still an exceptional player).

    Their stats like speed and stamina should be rated on how much they run in a game, ball control and dribbling how often they take it past players, tackling on how many tackles they make and shooting skills on how many goals they score. In fact, I think EA should consider making age an obsolete factor in deciding how good a player is.

  • bozidar

    Legends on ps3

  • bozidar

    legends for ps3 plizz EA!!!

  • Tableworm

    My five cents for Career mode, I’ve tried to be realistic, which can be hard at times 🙂 :

    New leagues:
    Italian 3rd tier division
    Dutch 2nd tier
    German 3rd tier
    Spanish 3rd tier
    Japanese league
    Uruguayan league
    Ukrainian league
    Turkish league (which has been confirmed)
    Greek league
    A pool of teams for any league without a lower division. 4 or 6 teams that are randomly picked for promoting after every season.

    National teams:
    We need at least 20 more national sides, there are so many missing currently, that I won’t bother listing them here, but I’ll get a bit dissapointed not to see Iceland in FIFA15, they got very very close to qualifying for Brazil2014.

    Youth squads:
    A working youth squad. Playing your 16 year old talent regularly in the first team to make him grow isn’t very realistic, neither is loaning him for 6 years straight (Except for Piazon), I’m not saying I want a playable youth team, but having you assistant manager/youth manager controlling the team, maybe reporting back to you on progress and results would be effing awesome!

    I would love to see a strickness slider for referees in FIFA 15, the referees in FIFA 14 were too lenient in my opinion.

    I know I probably left some stuff out, but the stuff I’ve pointed out would take quite a bit of work, and we all know that EA isn’t going to implement all the features we want in one swoop, because they want to keep earning serious money doing what they do.

  • Thrylos

    Please add the Greek super league and get rid of or at least fix the Global Scouting Network!

  • Božidar

    croatian natonal team and croatian league

  • Balint

    would be great if were able to call up players from barcelona b(i guess it’s just us,barcelona fans),and back

  • Kwame Antwi-Agyei

    Football is played with the foot so I suggest throw-ins be abolished. When the ball goes over the touchline it should be placed on the spot where the ball went over the line and kicked with the foot. Only the goalkeeper should use his hands.

  • anon

    Anyone thought of club records? Or even world record i.e Alan shearer most goals In BPL or Frank Lampard Chelsea highest goal scorer? And add in player award like balon dor or PL youth player of the year these awards could also help boost players overall i.e hazard rated 88 could increase to 90 next season after winning the balon dor.

  • Jordan

    i think that they should put other international teams like Jordan and others

  • Dale Sturdivant

    They’ve already said it won’t happen, but Brazilian league. I already miss my super OP wunderkids. Also, Ukrainian, Croatian, and/or Serbian leagues. Especially Ukraine. Or just add Kiev and Dnipro.

  • Gitsy

    Create our own team from scratch!!

  • anonymous

    in career mode, make transfers more realistic and make transfer deadline day more realistic as it is too arcady and doesnt feel real enough

  • Tushar

    Multi-player career mode is exactly what I want in a Fifa soon! Think of the fun while bidding for your friend’s players! ^_^

  • Anson

    They should add a mode of were you can build your own squad with any players and play other people or teams

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