FIFA 14 vs PES 2014 Comparison – Which is Better Gameplay

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, October 14th, 2013 | 64

FIFA 14 vs Pes 2014 graphic comparisons

EA Sports have announced FIFA 14, which will be release at the end of September or start of October, while Konami has announced PES 2014 couple of months ago and they released some great information for the Pro Evolution Soccer fans which were disappointed with the last 2 versions of the game. Here we will be comparing both the games features and all the updates regarding both games which will be released approximately at the same month this year.

First thing first we will be reviewing new details which both company’s have announced about the both games, PES has promised a new engine called “Fox Engine” which was used for the Metal Gear Solid game and they promised to revamp the whole game play experience, While FIFA’s recent few version were better and they have also promised a few new tweaks in the game.

Pro Evolution Soccer vs FIFA 2014

Main differences in FIFA vs Pes 2014

PES 2014 New features:

  • New Fox Engine
  • Possiblity of giant killings in the game
  • revamped physics and controls designed to create intriguing struggles between slow, strong players
  • FullControl for improved control options over every pass, shot and first touch.
  • Slow dribbling
  • Kits separate from Players models
  • Weight shift and Ball control animation

Pes has struggled to move from PS2 to PS3, specially their online play, FIFA did move to new engine but PES were still using the PS2 engine with little tweaks and they fall way behind to FIFA in the race of best football game and PES creative producer Kei Masuda acknowledged that ” Our biggest struggles were with online play. As we moved to PS3, EA changed its engine, but ours was based on the PS2 game. We only brushed up on animation and some of the AI features

FIFA 14 New Features:


  • Pure Shot: More control on the ball when shooting, players can actually feel the wight of the ball when they shoot.
  • Real Ball Physics:
  • Protect The Ball: More control over shielding the ball, 360 turns and body balance animation will be resigned
  • Teammate Intelligence: AI controlled players reacting intelligently in the build up to attack, and when defending.
  • Sprint Dribble Turns:
  • Variable Dribble Touches: Possibility of more touches on the ball when dribbling, and it that to variable depending upon the ability of the player
  • 2nd Chance Tackles:
  • Curling Lofted Through Balls: New through ball design, Players like Xavi, Pirlo and scholes can pull out curling through balls and passes

PES 2014 vs FIFA 14 Graphic Comparisons

Pro Evolution soccer 2014 have a new engine this year, called Fox Engine and Konami announced that the graphics of 2014 version will be greatly enhanced with this new engine as well as the over all gameplay. Here is the comparison with FIFA 14 gamplay screenshot.

PES vs FIFA Graphics 2014

EA Sports FIFA 14 Expectations this year
FIFA in the last couple years has been the best sports selling game, and that due to the fact that EA managed the transition from PS2 to PS3 effectively, they put together a new game engine, graphics were improved but most importantly first time they leaped forward than PES in terms of gameplay, ball and players physics. FIFA 14 is most probably be the same FIFA 13 with some new tweaks, a little bit better graphics, but if they can work on online connectivity issues they can again rock this year.

Konami PES 2014 Expectations this year
Konami’s PES on the other hand, was leaps and bound ahead in terms of game play than fifa before 2009, but after that they just could not take the series to next level and lost the battle, but with the promised to bring the new Fox engine in the game die hard PES fan will be dlighted that they can actualy expect great things from PES, and this is Konami’s last chance to get on lever terms before consoles move to next generations.

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FIFA vs PES who wins ?

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  • fifa always

    fifa will always be a better game now, they have taken a huge lead from pes who left behind ages ago

    • Anonymous

      Said from a FIFA fan who compares it with PES 2006.

      • Gerard

        Where was pes 2006 mentioned in his/her comment? You needvto read everthng before you comment

        • LuLuMA

          PES 6 > PES 14

      • eqgqeg

        fifa 11 is better than all pes games

  • Tony Gray

    PEs can turn the tables this time around

  • ct

    biased report on fifa. no details on pes dri.bling, and its struggle between ‘slow strong players and small agile players’… and its a photo of messi using his RIGHT foot to shoot from distance lol… which really shows the development team know nothing … also nothing on completely seperate ball and player physics, shirt and body also seperate to be more fluid and more importantly the terrible online on pes to be completely overhauled. but hey your website and your (biased) article. Oh and fifa13 hardly ‘rocked’ its too quick and i know people who still play fifa 12 due to this and other problems…

    • sumedh

      fifa is a nice game but the features and graphics of pes are any time better

      • dinesour

        they may be somwhat better, but you just cant face the fact that FIFA will always be better.

  • mark

    @fifa always huge fanboyism right there. PES is not ages behind. I played both pes and fifa 2013 and I enjoyed more PES it’s a good game.
    Fox Engine will be a deal breaker it allows lot of tweaks to be made to the gameplay and graphics will be top class. Even now the graphics in PES are better than in fifa.

    The article also is fifa biased. “Pro Evolution Soccer fans which were disappointed with the last 2 versions of the game”.Yeah right. The last game wasn’t a disappointment at all.
    Komany released less information about their game than EA did so you really can’t compare them now.

  • James

    LOL Fifa soccer simulator? Bull shit the only football simulator on the market is the Fooball Manager series

    Anywho this generation is a write off, FIFA won, both teams need to concentrate on the transition to the new consoles. Pro evo fucked up because they were kings on the ps2 and didnt want/ think they had to change much when the ps3/xbox360 came. So it will be interesting to see how fifa will react.

    One thing thats always bothered me about fifa is the graphics, the colour palate seems too cartoony

  • Admin

    @ james

    very well said man. PES was awesome on PS2, and after xbox360/ps3 they just could not make it to next level. FIFA improved on next gen but still after playing 1000 games online i can only see same kind of goals i am scoring or conceding same pattern.

  • haz

    To be honest i liked fifa 12 but no-way is fifa a simulator its a great package game but thats it…pes 13 on the other hand has a realistic gameplay which is the reason of my switch over this year from fifa to pes..bottom line is

    Fifa 13- great and fun football package and online modes.

    Pes13- great gameplay and a game for hardcore football gamers.

  • Terrybull

    FIFA is a just arcade, play 20-30 matches and you will start to score same goals over and over again. nobody an not deny, you play it online or offline they way you play is so damn same.

    with PES you get variety, you can score different goals all the time, even after playing for 1000 matches you will get somthing new….only downfall ? official licensing or overall game presentation.

    its like beautifull vs sexy, you always want to bang sexy why ? because its fun to play with her.. isnt it ?

    • Messi10

      Very well said!

    • Sajal

      @Terrybull…totally agree with you man

      these are the right words to xplain pes vs fifa

  • dont deny it

    the amount of pes fan-boys that go online and write stuff about how fifa is crap just to make themselves feel better knowing that fifa is so good successful popular and that much better than all of the pes games put together times ten.The top three football games out are fifa 13, fifa 12 and fifa street no arguing about that end of story

    • Aaron

      I’m really not liking the moniker “arcade”. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever had to insert coins for credits to play PES. Why is it arcadey anyway? What is the definition of “arcadey”. It just seems like an arbitrary thing to use to define a gameplay style.

  • joeke12

    Since the ignite engine won’t be in fifa14, i am now stepping away from fifa and go to PES 2014.

    • joeke12

      Mean in PC version ofc.

      • Beroe

        Same to me

        • andrea

          fifa 14 foreverrrrrrrrrrr fifa 14 > pes 2014

  • Sascha

    FIFA is a nice game but the biggest problem is that it is run by EA. So money milking everywhere, the worst support imagineable and an incredible amount of user-unfriendly decisions per se. Remember how they tried to sell FIFA 12 to WII users as FIFA 13 at full price where the only thing that had changed in fact were the player jerseys and the music? Things like that. To be honest the new features that every FIFA title seems to offer rather make up for a good update then a new game. That would be fair to everyone. But if they would call it update, they couldn’t demand 66 – 80 € (!!!!) for it anymore.

    It COULD be a great game, it really has the potential yet in fact especially Ultimate Team as a main feature is one big unnecessary waste of its consumers lifetime and nerves. Not only is the game full of unnecessary annoyances and in severe need of becoming more beginner friendly, it constantly annoys you with cards like contracts, form, formations and so on that are neither realistic nor improve the game.. they are only meant to prolong your playing time and annoy you so much that you want to buy FIFA points.

    This year for the first time i will not support EAs impudence anymore and change to PES.

    EA should invest the millions that go into the license monopoly rather into the game so it offers the most enjoyment possible also to the customers – not only their bankers. We all know that the licenses are the only reason why EA can rest assured that people will buy over and over again their FIFA series. Yet don’t let names blind you. If you are up for a good game and a publisher that sees you as a consumer that has a right for the best game imagineable since after all you payed a lot of money for it.. then avoid EA.

    • El Matador

      thks man,

      I’ve always played pes and iss, ando for the first time in my life i was strating to think that maybe i should give a chance to FIFA, but after reading your post i’ve decided to, once again, to buy Pro Evolution Soccer – the best game series ever.



    I see that many have now understood that PES is way better than FIFA………..I am lucky that i got it 2 years ago………..Now enjoying PES 12 & 13…………FIFA has never grown up—the same childish gameplay for babies………PES is real man’s football………and who says FIFA outsold PES in 13?………. Check yourself……..Now with FOX ENGINE let’s hope PES will reach beyond FIFA’s limit………..LOL

  • Syiranami

    Also,pes should get an official license so that way it will be a ground breaking football game!:-) I used to be a Fifa fan boys but when i tried pes it blows me off!! The free of customization,graphics patches and fifa is so dumb that u cant edit official players faces like ronaldo,messi etc. and also ive pissed off on fifa 13 where the nike boots is design is too damn tiny…hopefully the fox engine will outrun the crappy engine that used in fifa and also pls pls make a pes for the ps2 cuz they should realize that there are many people that cant afford buying those higj end console so make one that is different from the 13 and 12….bring back the 07,08,09 pes! with new engine lol!

  • joy

    pes^s grapics always better than fifa but when u talk about real game and feel the heat of real football u will always go for fifa.

  • shawn

    i think that pes is getting way way better than fifa

  • marwen

    marwen says pro is always better

  • josephcouri

    Im a fifa fan but lets admit it.pes 14 will be way better than fifa that is before the ignite engine comes into play.fifa is too one-way.initially it is interesting but after some time u get fed up.To pro fans i was one myself until i tasted fifa next gen.Movement was lyk straight and diagonal(hardly saw 360 movement),bubbling shots,player faces were kinda tough,bad ball control.But i got hope in pes 14.hope they dont dissapoint.

  • alonso

    Pes all the way i play pes since pes 5
    Pes 6 give me pure excitement, i enjoy pes 6 and skipped pes 2008 , 2009, i played 2010, 2011,
    but still i love pes 6 ,
    then when pes 2012 is out , i really enjoy it,pes 2013 as well…
    pes working hard to improve their graphic especially on pc….
    the only matters is , fifa have so many teams and players that give you really enjoy career mode , but gameplay still i think pes is better ,

  • Bruce

    One of The most important factors the pes needs to edge fifa is more flexibility in the master league… In particular to change from one team to another. If pes listens to this I can guarantee a huge leap forward.

    • shamir

      Bro this time round there is switching option!!!
      So do join a PES gang

  • Matt

    The top 2 notes for each game in this article should be flipped. I enjoy both but PES is just eternally screwed due to the licensing situation. Nothing like a “realistically” gripping match between North London and Man Red. It’s just ridiculous that EA is allowed to own sole rights to these licenses.

  • Cillían O’Bynre

    as the comparison says they are different games so saying one or the other doesn’t matter. its personal preference each game has something the other doesn’t and neither of them are perfect and both lacking in many ways still. but then again they wouldn’t just give us everything otherwise they wouldn’t be able to make another game. i have played both over the years and found both entertaining fifa needs to get out of its own arse a bit and PES needs to license teams.

  • james

    Initially I was PES, then in the last 5-6 years I moved to FIFA. This time I’ll go back to PES. I decided to boycott EA from now on.

  • Anonymous

    Pes of course

  • willis

    if you play fifa u wont bother playing pes

  • Floyd

    this article is wrong all this picture from to pes 2013 …

  • Santiago

    I think you got it backwards… FIFA has a much faster pace and is much more unrealistic than PES… I’ve been playing FIFA for a while now and it just doesn’t add up, the ref misses incredible fouls all the time, and the players simply don’t have any hint of intelligence, they never generate spaces on the attack and is quite normal to have the forwards just staring at the midfilders as they carry the ball forward… It’s just really nerve-wracking! This year I’m definitely going with PES.

  • ricarbonero

    fifa is an easy to play game, if you learn how to play pes (2013) you see that you have a lot more posibilities than in fifa. fifa is really simple and the goals are always the same, players don’t miss passes,.. in pes you need to learn how to control ballth(pessing R2 at firs touch, don’t turning 180º unless players are skilfull, etc…), once you learn that you won’t play fifa

  • 789456123

    pes est meilleur ke fifa ils ont fait plus de réglages le 2014 va etre denfer viva pes

  • Ltomas

    I just don’t understand why people like FIFA. It’s ridiculously easy to play. Can ask anybody that had played both games n’ I’m sure they’ll say PES is a challenge (specially with manual shooting).

  • salman

    I played FIFA 2000-2008 all versions. Than I experimentally tried PES 2009 and I was shocked being fooled for so many years that FIFA is a best soccer game. I must say there is no match between FIFA and PES. PES is way way better, Realistic in game play and graphics wise also better. And the positive think is they are evolving. I checked 2013 again after that i left it since 2008 just to check there potential but unfortunately they are still far behind in game play

  • Zado

    Boy what are u talking about PES and FIFA.This. are you playing the wrong games? PES = Arcade and FIFA = Realistic? Man what game did you play??? probably neither. FIFA SIMULATOR? “head shake”.License, I have the FUCK License. with the PES community i got every license of the world every team there and I want to play the league in Bangladesh then I can on the original team in the original stadium with original shoes on the correct original lawn with original ball without fucking license . maybe not on the cheap console but on PC.I’ll pass on details to go here.

  • Evans

    Well said, I laughed a bit but yeah, you on point.

  • dacosta

    dacosta says; we are talking about reality here. if you to know which game is the best, compare each with real football. pes is the best and feels you are controlling everything.

  • PodySchweiny

    FIFA 14 Wins again this year. FIFA 14 Takes the Lead with its NEXT Gen version on Xbox One and PS4 with Newest Engine called Ignite Powered by EA Sports. PES just has to accept the the truth that PES Cannot fight AGAINST FIFA undoubtedly. BOO!!! PES

    • adrick

      I AM die hard fan of pes but i thought lets give a chance for fifa 14 I searched INTERNET youtube every where about the pes 14 vs fifa14 so i wanted to bring one this games all the children n youths said fifa is best in each n every way even in gameplay so i spent my money buying fifa14 yesterday i was excited that every thing is improved in this game so came home started to play after one match trust me i was dissappointed with the graphics ,especially for gameplay the players runs like zombies n animation is fucked up n i saw pepe clapping after the match he was clapping in the air i got so pissed becoz of this shit i payed my pocket money to buy this shit controls TO ALL THOSE GUyS IN INTERNET STOP TELLING BAD ABOUT PES14 N I LIKE PES13 MORE THAN FIFA 14 BECAUSE GUYS DONT GET FOOLED BY INTERNET CAUSE I BOUGHT FIFA 14 N I AM REGRETING A LOT

  • Sajal Jain

    I’m afraid this couldn’t be the reason for 3rd world war….lolzz

    yeah..if you are playin’ for enjoyment and excitement .. go for FIFA
    But if you are seeking for realistic gameplay .. PES is for u

    well i play both…depending upon my mood and friends with whom i am playing

  • Tee Wee

    Fifa is top in promoting the beautiful game but somehow they always disappoint. I love the way they write but it is the action that counts in the end. PES2014 is pretty lame in promoting their game but they are way ahead of Fifa in terms of gameplay I am still waiting for my Fifa 2014 , just hope that the gameplay has changed. In terms of features Fifa has almost everything whereas for PES nothing much can be said. How nice it would be if we can have both FIFA features and PES gameplay. Anyway I am hoping that Fifa 2014 will spring a surprise. Then again it may just be wishful thinking.

  • Treasure

    after these comments I’m getting me a PES 14 no doubt, thank you

  • halldors78

    are you actuallly talking about pes and fifa???? Fifa has always been the arcade ping pong game while Pes has been much more like soccer were games sometimes end 0-0 with few shots on goals and then other games end with alot of goals. Fifa have the same kind of goals and is more for kids.

  • DSD27

    PES is not an arcade game anymore !!!!!!!
    since pes 2008 its becoming simulator, and now in 2014 simulates better than fifa

  • pedrosaul1

    Well what I know ea its a monoply it has licensed logos in all sports like madden fifa etc it has more teams and pes only has a few but quality or quantity u decide and I know cause I play hours of ea games it has generic scores every thing is repition in all ea games in pes well its like life you have random goals like real life it happens when dont expect while in ea you have to score of a goal kick or cross in pes I once had a cross go in a goal

  • Let me watch the world burn

    *grab popcorn*

  • 212121

    Pess is a very good game. this is much better then FIFA. Because it has very good graphics & this is enjoyably games. because I’ve played this 2 games. I’ve seen that pess is very good

  • poiu

    But FIFA is also a good game. BUt in this games c.ROnaldo’s Face is not good. IN pess 2011 there are all players has the real face. for this reason I want’s to vte pess 2014.

  • poiu

    I want’s to say that FIFA is the best football games ever.

  • jake Roberts

    PES is arguably the best that the world has to offer to pure soccer lovers. Enough said

  • Dd

    Guys please help me put Fifa classic controls on pes

  • parnian

    just Fifa 2014

  • StockholmUltras

    I’m sorry, I would agree with you like 3-5 years ago but right now PES is so far behind FIFA its not even a competition anymore… shiit I didnt even know they made a PES for 2014 until now lol.

  • holeesheet

    This screenshots aren’t from FIFA 14 and PES 2014

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