What a Stat of Test Playing nation on FIFA ranking!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, January 8th, 2016 | 0

If a nation play well in Cricket, they must well in football it is not true. On the other hand there are 209 FIFA listed team and only 10 team on ICC test arena. There have only 2 team of ICC test playing nation into best 50 and 3 only team on best 100 on FIFA ranking.


Only England is different, and it is so much normal. They are the father of both event in the history. Though they started played cricket after Football. The 1966 FIFA World Cup winner also the no.1 test team. But currently Alistair Cook’s England on the 6th position. And 9th on latest FIFA ranking.

West Indies playing cricket as only West Indies. But Caribbean Island’s countries’ played football as individual team. Currently Trinidad & Tobago placing on the 50th position in FIFA Ranking. And this is the 2nd best position among the test playing nation in FIFA ranking.

South Africa is the current ICC test no.1. But 3 times FIFA world cup playing nation on the 74th. Australia is forward in FIFA ranking then South Africa, though Australia on the 3rd at test ranking currently.

The 2nd position holder at test India is on 163rd at FIFA ranking. But Zimbabwe is the 4th best team among the test playing nation with 108 FIFA ranking. Bangladesh is also forward then Pakistan and Sri Lanka where Sri Lanka have 188 FIFA ranking and Pakistan on 185th.


Team                                     Test Ranking                      FIFA Ranking

South Africa                                       1                                              74

India                                                      2                                              163

Australia                                              3                                              59

Pakistan                                               4                                              185

New Zealand                                     5                                              150

England                                                                6                                              9

Sri Lanka                                              7                                              188

West Indies                                        8                                              50 (Trinidad and Tobago)

Bangladesh                                         9                                              179

Zimbabwe                                           10                                           108

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