To Prevent Misconduct Strict Laws at English League

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 | 0

In European football it can be seen to rush towards match officials, players or officials; Discourteous behavior to be seen as well. England has introduced new rules to rein this in football. The law will come into effect to aimed eliminating the use of unwanted sounds.

On Wednesday, the English Premier League, the English Football League and the Football Association said in a statement, discourteous behavior is not acceptable. The new law has been introduced.

The new legislation will be introduced from the coming season. According to the new rules, if a player or official was charged at the match officials; indecent language, or physical clash he will be a direct red card to be shown.

Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore said, a lot of players who did discourteous behavior. To its rein new legislation has been introduced.

He said, “This is our collective decision that we will not tolerate the use of unsolicited. Intense competitive match create exiting situation. In the meantime, players must not exceed the limit. ”


The new law is due to be shown yellow cards:


  • Disrespectful behavior towards the match with officials.
  • When the attacking behave against any decision.
  • Took place face to face of Match officials.
  • To protest against a decision of the match and ran toward Match officials.
  • Insulting, disrespectful or abusive language to match officials even when any player tried to attack him.
  • Physical attacks, offensive language and attacking talk with any match officials.
  • When two or more players from the same team will surround Match officials, at least one player will be shown a yellow card.



The new law will be shown a red card on the grounds that:

  • If a player came to rush to the match officials and insulting, disrespectful or use abusive language them to shape the signal to attack.
  • If a player is offensive or objectionable conduct and made effort to involve physical clash with the match officials.
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