Pogba-Lukaku – Friend when teammate

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The two homes at Manchester are very close. Both are same age Spending time together, practice-out-of-time matches … The relationship of Paul Pogba and Romelou Lukaku is similar like other ten close friends. After the busy club season, the two went together to Los Angeles in the United States to spend the holiday. Friendship is moving forward one step, two friends will play next season in the same jersey.

Pagba has returned by build world record last season from Juventus in Manchester United, now Lukaku become the French midfielder’s partner. Not a world record, but England’s record has been made up. 85.5 million euros spend to bring the Belgian striker from Everton to Manchester United, which is a English records to exchange between the two English clubs.

Why did Lukaku leave Everton to United? For this, does not have to be expert football analyzer. Chelsea was interested in returning to The conversation went a long way. But why did he change mind at the last moment? Because Pogba is there! Lukaku , on the official TV channel in the United two days ago, said, “After watching him come to United, it started working on my mind. I knew if I had a chance to sign my (United) day, I would not say no. ‘

Luakaku, who came to United, has joined the team in preparation for pre-season preparations in the United States. How deep is the friendship between the two, it has been raised in ESPN and in both interviews. As Pogba said about Lukaku’s change, ‘I knew that it would be one day. When, I did not know where to be. But now that’s it. “Luakaku is happy,” Playing in one team with one of the best friends is always fun. ”

Friendship started in the time of ‘competing’ for both. Luakaku was in Chelsea’s youth team, and Pogba was of United. Luakaku said, “Stamford Bridge was first seen in us, when United played Chelsea. After the match, I talked about one another’s phone number. The next year he went to Juventus, showed his glance. I went to the West Bram and got the taste of Premier League football. ‘

If there was a chance, he would have borrowed something from each other. Pogba seek, if he had the power of Luakaku ! And Luakaku wants Pogba’s Vision. Belgian striker could have scored more than 10-15 goals in the season, if he had the ability to pick up the opponent’s defenses, or to score more than 10-15 goals in the season.

Even after Everton’s number 10 , United gives Lukaku to Ibrahimovic’s number 9. Ibra can stay one more season at United,  the rumor has been heard again for a long time. However, the Swedish striker has given permission to Lukau, ‘My mother’s birthday is October 10. That is why I used to “number 10”. But “9” striker jerseys. I’ve also got permission from Ibrahimovic. ‘

Lakaku 9, this season has not changed, Pagba 6 is jersey number 6. Not only this, but the combination of six and nine will be a big concern for United opponents in the coming season. ESPN, Daily Mail

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