Mbappe at Real Madrid Madrid with record contract?

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 | 0

Mbappe leaving Monaco and coming to Real? Spanish media reported that the 18-year-old French footballer, or the real, is going to sign in the record 180 million euros.
The Spanish magazine Marka has quoted a special source saying that Mbappe is going to join the Rial on a six-year contract soon.

To the French newspaper La Persiaian, Monaco asked them to refuse the whole thing.
Marke claims, Real has reached an agreement with Monaco to join the Mbappe team. This compromise is approximately 180 million euros. The exchange rate is basically 160 million euros, but the remaining 20 million euros will be based on the future performance of the Mbappe. If Marker’s news is true, Mbappe is going to break the record of Paul Pogba’s joined Juventus from 105 million euros in Manchester United last season. The French youth will receive 70 million euros per year if they join the contract in Real Madrid.

On the other hand, Casemero welcomes Neymar to Real.

PSG? If you go, why not to Real Madrid! Although many fans of the Spanish club are not open in public, they are really thinking, Neymar would have been great! Realizing that Real was more prepared than Barcelona was to get Neymar. There is more to the wailing of Real.

The national team’s teammate, Casemero, kept telling, “If you ever think about changing the team, then you can also think about Real Madrid. Barcelona’s anticipated club will be welcomed by the warm welcome of him.

Real stars from Globosporto said, ‘Neymar will tell us what the future is. And he knows well, what should he do? If the team wants to change, why not Real Madrid? He will be welcomed here. ‘

Neymar really want to change the team? Casemero could not deliver any internal news, “There was no conversation with him recently. But I keep wishing him good luck. Neymar is a wonderful player, I am his fan. He knows what he’s doing. Besides, he is well advised. His father (Neymar’s agent) is a great man as well. He also knows what he’s doing. And if you leave Barcelona, ​​I would like to thank him. If it goes away, I would like to say good wishes. He is very important for the Brazil national team. We always got his good game in the national team. ”

Not very seriously, but is it possible to write a big star from Barcelona to Real?Luis Feigo, who was spotted. Although not directly, Brazilian legend Ronaldo played in Barcelona and became a superstar even after Real.

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