Lionel Messi out of the field for 7-8 weeks or more

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 | 0

3rd minute of the game between Barcelona and Las Palmas, Lionel Messi the Argentine Captain and Barcelona superstar gets the ball in a dangerous place and gets inside the D-box. He found his space and about to shoot and right then an accident happens.

A very big accident to be more exact. Daniel Castellano tackles him and Messi falls in the ground. First everyone thinks it’s a minor injury and a little bit of magic spray would be enough to keep him in the game but when he was still having trouble standing properly after 10 minutes, Barcelona boss Louis Enrique replaced him and he was taken to the nearest hospital where the real bad news for Barcelona came out.

Lionel Messi Injury

His ligaments from one of his knees has been tore and it’s a big injury for him which will not allow him to return him to field for over 7 weeks which could extend to 8 weeks. Barcelona got a shaky start this season as they lost their dominant look in the field and loosing their ace in this match will hurt the badly. They are hanging on and at the moment is in the 2nd position but that was a big blow for them.

Its also a bad news for Argentina as the world cup runners up will have to play couple world Cup qualifier without their biggest superstar. The physician from Argentina said Messi will return sooner than estimated and we can see him play for both his country and his club very soon. But still it can not be denied that the world of football will miss him in this two months.

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