Manchester United 2014-15 Blue Third Kit Released

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 | 45

Allegedly new manchester United home kit for the next 2014-15 season has been leaked and the following picture is doing the rounds on internet as we speak. The new sponsor Cheverlot appears on the kit with whome Manchester United signed one of the biggest sports contract which is worth a whooping £25 million a year for the next 7 years making it £175 Million in total.

All New Manchester United Blue Third Kit for 2014-15 Season – Released:

The new manchester United third kit comes main colour of blue with white and Red application across the shirt. The kit was released just before the Inter Milan friendly game.

New Nike manchester United home  Kits 2014-15 – Released

This is the new leaks of United kits for upcoming season, they are a little different than the earliers leaks which can be found below.

Manchester United Away Kit 2014-2015 – Leaked
This is the new manchester United away kit which will be released during the 2014 pre-season US Tour.


The new kit has the chevrolet logo in white colours while the sleaves have black cuffs as well.

While Nike are in contact with United for another kit suppliers contract extension which is believed to be going as planned but United’s demand are much higher than before and Nike will be willing to make United Nike contract the biggest in world football.

What you think of the new kit ?

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  • Mahriza

    bad design..

  • Stephen Oonga

    please re-design the kit ..very poor

  • Markos Haftom

    Please redesign the kit, it is not good for utd

  • man utd fan

    not the real one probably

  • kenny


  • Muaz Mazlan


  • Dino Simeone

    It looks cheap & nasty 2 seasons ago we got a table cloth. Now this! Why do City seem to have Nikes crack team designing their kits & we have the chimpanzees on crack?

  • Dylan

    We should have this kit, much nicer design

    • Sameer

      to be fair I dont like this design. too much going on, specialy the sleeve cuffs looks terrible.

    • kieron murray

      that can be the kit for 2014/15 because man united are not going to sponsor AON it is going to be CHEVROLET so that can’t be right!!!!

    • Nick

      That is the official on

  • n

    That is not the real one because man u have agreed a deal with addidas to make their kits

    • dean

      not really they havent even reached an agreement with nike over a new deal

    • David Moyes

      Nike will still have 14/15 season even if they do reach a deal with addidas. Kit is boring as always from NIKE but I will buy it for the badge and not the looks.

  • mufc

    Truly disgusting we need adidas to design our new kit

  • liam

    This is pretty bad

  • deo

    Very bad design plise redisign it

  • BB

    The one on the bottom is a lot better, the top ones are horrible

  • Harry

    Really crap! Have Ferrari sponsor us.
    Yes i do work for Ferrari.

  • ads

    Nooooo pls,,,!!!

  • Mag

    How about this one?

    • gsjones

      Mag your shirt is far better… that chevrolet logo above looks awful it ruins the shirt, add the cheap looking trim on the sleeve and neck area. Not Happy!

    • H

      The logo is better they should’ve used that logo

  • Mag


  • Polydukes

    it’s obvious that’s not the season kit. And Manchester United have a contract with AON.

  • samuel asare

    the jersey not that much beautiful
    we need to make redshirt with red down nwith white in side it the shirt
    we need to make the sponor AON but not chevrolet

  • busbybabes

    This article is wrong the Chevrolet deal is worth £44 million a season rising to £53 million by the end of the 7 years.


    Awesome like it is world class but liverpools is some bad thing but uniteds is out of this world

  • wayne bridge

    They all look horrible please change the design

  • Jamie

    Plz re-design the kit it’s crap

  • Jamie

    The one by mag is much better

  • Laura Mc Cartney

    Hi there my son loves the new shirt. Does anyone know when we can buy it in the shops

    • shane

      23/7/2014 in shops

  • Euan McGuire

    shit as

  • Just A Bloke

    The new kit every 2 years thing is a scam, but nobody is forced to buy one…are they?

  • Lionel messi

    Messi shit Ronaldo better messi poo

  • jaybo

    This is one off the worst kits I ever seen its like watching a crap season need better design kids do better

  • Jack

    Man Utd really did wrong this time around, I was expecting something better. In my opinion, the Chevrolet logo messes the jersey up

  • cam

    guys stop worrying about how it looks we should be wearing our teams colours with pride no matter how they look on us wear it with pride and care about how we look on the pitch

  • bob

    I don’t think the Chevrolet really works with a united shirt I think we should have back aon because they worked well with us

  • Tony

    We need to change Adidas , these Nike designes are getting worse every year.

  • The Shadow

    I know the Nike and Chevrolet deals are beneficial but damn all those are butt ugly…
    If that’s the best the designers can come up with, they should be fired.

  • Seb

    Remove the gold in the Chevrolet logo to reduce the damage

  • gaz

    both kits are horrible , hate the sponsor and united kits always look to plain year in year out , glad we going back to addidas , bring back blue and white stripe kit as the away .

  • Lou

    Anyone know when I can buy it in the shop?

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