Arsenal 2014-15 Home Away Third Kits Released

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, July 10th, 2014 | 14

Arsenal who were rumoured to switch their Kit Suppliers from Nike to Puma for the 2014-15 seasons onwards, today there is a picture of Theirry Henry and current Arsenal stars doing the rounds where Theiry Henry is seen with the new Puma Arsenal Home kit which is suppose to be the 2014-14 season shirt.

Puma Arsenal Home Kits 2014-15 – Released

This is the official released image of new Puma Arsenal 2014-15 home kit to be used next season.

Puma Arsenal kit has been leaked on Internet today as a picture was tweeted where Henry is seen wearing Puma shirt, The new kit sponsorship with Puma is a mega £30million a year over five years contract and the new kit comes in tradition white/red colour for the home kit.

Arsenal Away Kit 2014-15 – Released

On the right side there is this leaked away kit which comes in Yellow colour to be used in 2014-15 season by Arsenal. Official release of both kits are set to July 2014.

New Arsenal Puma Third Kit 2014-15 – Released

This is the new unqiue designed Arsenal third kit which will be released somewhere in the summer this year.

West Ham 2014-15 away kit released

Arsenal 2014-2015 kits puma official

Arsenal away kit 2014-15 leaked

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  • princefrimps

    Why did Arsenal had to choose puma, adidad would have even been better!!! this kit has no style st all trust me, Puma’s only fit national teams kits

  • tonjonks

    puma have deep pocket for arsenal

  • Krusty The Clown

    good photo shop effort. shame the fabric and writing aren’t flowing the same direction

  • Harry

    looks pretty poor, they’ve gone back in time and i don’t like the style. For me no money will make puma kits look nice – stick with nike who are much more sleeker.

    • samuelsdad

      Nike kits were awful. Poor quality , desperate design and overall a crap look.

  • Joe

    I think they look OK. But I don’t like the away kit

    • Gooner

      The away kit looks awfull they need to step it up hope that’s a first draft

      • RN

        Its a fake. The real away shorts is white.:-)

  • H Bo

    I think the home kit is eeeerrrrrmmm okay away is awful 3rd kit is better than the others but how do yo make a blue kit look bad. I just want Nike back I can’t believe want the club have done I’m distraught to be honest and will probably just get tshirts from the club shop and kit for the kids

    • samuelsdad

      distraught about a kit……you need to get out more. Gunners have been fobbed off with nike rubbish for years

    • T-No

      So long as it doesn’t have a Spuds badge and the home kits red and white I couldn’t really care. I don’t think there is any need to be too upset, I mean were getting paid 30 mil which is already being invested into players like Sanchez so I can live a few bad kits if the team is improved and peforms well.

  • John

    When does it come out

  • Paul

    When’s it out ?? And where can I buy it please ??

  • Antonlw

    Already have the home and away shirts, and getting the 3rd for my bday cause its 4 days after its released 😀

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