England won another ‘World Cup’ after 51 years

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, June 11th, 2017 | 0

After Dominique Calvert & Lewin  goal, a journalist tweeted  the first goal of any English player in the World Cup final that did not play West Ham. There is no problem even if you do not understand the joke. The puzzle is a bit difficult. When in 1966, England lost the West Germany by Geoff Hirst’s hat-trick and Martin Peters by 4-2. Both of them played at West Ham.

England once won the World Cup. It never happened in the final, at least in the World Cup final! He was sad, England beat Venezuela by 1-0, won the Under-20 World Cup. This is England’s biggest success in football after the 1966 World Cup.

Football Birth or England. At least the island nation’s claim.  The world’s most popular football league English Premier League It does not have to demand them, everyone has accepted the truth. However, England could not show the same way in world football. After 1966, before any of the World Cup finals, they did not rise!

England need to look forward to the final. In 35 minutes, Everton Academy player Calvart-Lewin got the opportunity to repay several times in Venezuela. Sometimes the goal, sometimes or the fate, has helped extend.
Venezuela received penalties in 73 minutes But goalkeeper Freddy Woodman stopped the Adalberto Penarand shots. It is then confirmed, the fate is for England today – 51 years later, another World Cup is going to England.
Youth World Cup has always been the name of the future stars. Diego Maradona, Luis Feigo, Lionel Messi gave the world their first prize in this competition. Gabriel Jesús of Brazil, who got runners up in 2015, gave the nation the status of the Olympic Games.
England can expect that the team will bring the original World Cup one day.

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