Casillas is the worst in 15 years!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 | 0


This past January. Leaving a simple ball to catch in the game with Guimaraes at Portuguese league and being a ridiculous mistake. How the ball went into the net melting the hand. Since then Iker Casillas can’t back into the previous form. Porto goalkeeper Iker Casillas is now the worst in the last 15 years.

Porto have conceded 30 goals so far this season. As per ports statistics agency APTA report, this is the most goals conceded in a season in last 15 years by any goal keeper of Porto in league. Casillas has conceded 28 goals in Porto out of 30 goals. Porto had conceded 30 goals last time in the 2001 season. Either the miss take with Guimaraes, Casillas conceded another goals like a child after come out goalpost.

But last season, Porto just conceded 13 goals. Finished League second place from behind the three points of Benfica. But this season the Point difference is 15. Casillas must take some responsibility for it!

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