30 Title for Messi before the Age of 30

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, May 29th, 2017 | 0

The title would have been perfectly matched by the 30th Copa del Rey title in Barcelona’s history.  It would be perfect with Lionel Messi’s “30” title night.

In the last match of Atletico Madrid’s Vistente Calderon, Barcelona defeats Alvases by 3-1 and won the club’s final match. Also winning the 29th Copa Dale Reed in the club’s history. It was the 30th title for the great Argentine Forward, who will be 30th Birthday in a few months. Oh, the record was another one. Messi made the first goal of the match, in a record of the 50s of Telmo Jarra. After the 2009, 2012, and 2015 the record of goals scored in this four-copa del ray final.

He scored a goal in the four defender’s “wall” and made the team’s last goal with Pako Alkasar in an incredible pass, with Neymar’s second goal in Barcelona’s second goal, his key pass.   Messi seemed to be playing the game to watch the match-winning football match, in the last match of coach Luis Enrico will give something memorable with the title. Because of the ban, Messi did not understand the absence of Luis Suarez and Sergey Roberto.  In the same way, in the match end news conference, Enrique once again  recognize the favorite disciple  the ‘other world footballer’ !

Messi scored goals in the 30th minute with a bounce from outside the box after the one-off with Neymar. Three minutes later Alaves returned to the unbelievable free kick of Left back Theo Hernandez. After that, Barca broke, after the goal of Neymar in 45 minutes, in the extraordinary period of the first half, Pako Alkasar  goal was the pass of Messi. And that confirm the title of 2017’s Copa Del Rey. Also this was the 9th title for Enrique out of possible 13 title.   Only two coaches in the history of Barcelona have won more than two coaches – Pap Guardiola (14) and Johan Cruyff (11).

Nine out of 13 titles! Not very bad ‘- Enrico voices calmly after the match. There is no remorse, even with the time spent in Barca, ‘There is no sorrow, I have only joy. I got 100 percent from the players, I gave 100 percent. ‘

But there is a fascination with Lionel Messi! Messi and Enrique were heard in the middle of the first season of Barça. But with all the care, in that season, both of them gave Treblas to Barca. After winning another trophy, the favorite disciple was praised by Enrique, ‘Another planet! The way he and the players spend, the team is dragged …. Messi is the best, or one of the best conditions, he has the luck of coaching him. It’s a wholesome delight. Oh-best He keeps his own mind carefully. There is still a lot to see from Messi!

What is the coach left to see from Enrica? Barça will probably announce the name of the new coach tomorrow Atletico Bilbao’s Arnesto Valvardi is ahead in the race to become the new coach. But what to do next to Enrica?   “I do not have the time to spend the holiday with the family,” the 47-year-old coach’s answer. Longer plan? The answer is fun, ‘I do not know what to do in the future. Can do anything Maybe I can leave football and go to another game. “He said in a laugh, ‘Hey, I’m good at another game!’

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