2015-16 Season’s Italian Serie A Prize Money

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, January 24th, 2016 | 0

At the earliear of the season of Serie A, a new TV rights announced by Serie A authority, which make effect on the total Prize Money of Italian Football league. And it must increase this season at least €100 million from last season.

From the new TV rights each team will earn at list more than €100 in every season then previous. Total worth of TV rights are 943 million. As per the new deals of TV rights the Champion of Serie A will receive €122.8 million per season. While last season they pocketed 91.3 by Champions Juventus, and bottom team Sassulolo earned 20.8 million

2015-16 Season's Italian Serie A Prize Money

40% of prize money are come from Equal Share while each club earned €16.2 on the fixed bases. Then 25% of the total prize money comes from Supporters Index, which is determine by 3 different Italian companies. And then the biggest effect is come at Town Population, while in this effect AS Roma earn most €7 million. Which was equal of Juventus and Torino. Historical Result (10%), last five season Performance (15%), and last season performance (5%) also make effect on overall Prize Money winning.

Prize Money Distribution Serie A 2015-16:

Team                                     Prize Money (€)

Juventus                              122.8 million

Inter Milan                          94.8 million

AS Roma                              92.4 million

AC Milan                              91.1 million

Napoli                                   89.8 million

Fiorentina                           66.8 million

Lazio                                      62.6 million

Torino                                   55.3 million

Parma                                   54.5 million

Verona                                 39.6 million

Udinese                               38.8 million

Sampdoria                          37.2 million

Genoa                                  37.9 million

Cagliari                                  35.8 million

Bologna                                35.3 million

Catania                                 34.5 million

Atalanta                               33.6 million

Chievo                                  32.6 million

Livorno                                 26.7 million

Sassuolo                              26.5 million

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