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GROSSER PREIS VON OSTERREICH FORMULA 1 is generally known as Austrian Grand Prix. Which was started at 1963 and this racing was stopped e individual times and it returns in the Formula 1 calendar at last year after 2003.And this is the 19th appearances of Austrian Grand Prixso far. The most wins drivers are France Formula 1 racer Alain Prost, he have won 3 time and all were comes consecutively. As McLaren won the title 6 times as constructor.


Formula 1 grand prix du Canada 2015 details:

First Grand Prix: 1963

29th Appearances Start off Date: 19th June, Friday – 21st June Sunday.

Time Zone: +1 GMT.

Official Name: Formula 1 Grosser Preis Von Osterreich 2015

Location: Österreichring (Austrian circuit), Zeltweg, Austria

Course: Street circuit, 4.326 km

Distance: 71 laps, 307.02 km

LAP Record: 1:08.337 by Michael Schumacher (2003)

After come back in Formula 1 racing the 28thAustrian Grand Prix winner was NicoRosberg from Germany. That was his 6th Formula 1 title in his 10 career title. And first ever in the Austrian Grand Prix. The defending champion have chance to won the title consecutively as 6th player of the race, last achieved by Michael Schumacher (2002, 2003).

Austrian Grand Prix All-time Records:

  • Most title winner are Alain Prost (France) – 3 title
  • Most podiums winner are David Coulthard (UK) – 5 title
  • Most points winner are David Coulthard (UK) – 39
  • Most grand prix attendance by Jacques Laffite – 12 grand prix appearances
  • Race time record – 1:24:04.888, by Michael Schumacher at 2003
  • Fastest lap – 1:08.337 by Michael Schumacher at 2003
  • Qualifying time record – 1:08.082 by Rubens Barrichello at 2002.

Last Austrian Grand Prix Statistics:

Champion Position: NicoRosberg, (GER) Car: Mercedes, Time: 1:27:54.976

Podium: 1. Lewis Hamilton (GER), Car: Mercedes, Time: + 1.932s

  1. Valtteri Bottas, Car: Williams, Time: +8.172s
  2. Felipe Massa, Car: Williams, Time: +17.358s

There have just 5 race to won Austrian Grand Prix more than 1 time. Most and only 3 times winner were Alain Prost and be the first racer to win consecutively at 1985 and 1986 at Austrian Grand Prix. After Alain Prost this title wins consecutively by Michael Schumacher at 2002 and 2003 and he is also the 5th race to won more the 1 title (2 title).

McLaren have won 6 title as constructor, become the top title winner. And Ferrari in the 2nd of the list with 5 title. McLarenhad won consecutively 2 times and Ferrari have 1 consecutive wins.

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