Chinese Grand Prix 2015 (Race): Schedule, Broadcaster, Live stream, Details

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Chinese Grand Prix is knocking in our door. The race or Grand Prix is one of this year’s major racing tournaments. Since the last Grand Prix at Malaysia, people are eager for this race in anticipation of what may happen in this circuit. Here we have some information that will help with this race.

Chinese Grand Prix

Chinese Grand Prix 2015 information –

Official Name – 2015 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix

Date – the dates are:

  1. Practice – 10th April 2015, Friday
  2. Qualifying – 11th April 2015, Saturday
  3. Race – 12th April 2015, Sunday

Course/ Circuit – Permanent Racing Facility

Course distance – 5.451 km / 3.387 mi

Location – Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai

Country – China

Scheduled Laps – 56 laps

Scheduled Distance – 305.066 km / 189.559 mi

Now that we have taken a loo at this year’s Chinese Grand Prix, let’s take a look what happened last year in this course. Then we can have some thoughts about what may happen this year.

Chinese Grand Prix 2014 –

Official Name –2014 Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix

Date – 20th April 2014

Location – Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai

Circuit/ Course – Permanent racing Facility

Circuit length – 5.451 km

Scheduled laps – 56 laps

Scheduled distance – 305.066 km

Laps completed – 54 laps

Distance Covered – 294.164 km

Attendance – 150,000

Pole position –

  • Name – Lewis Hamilton
  • Time – 1:53.860

Fastest lap –

  • Name – Nico Rosberg
  • Time – 1:40.402 on lap 39

Podium –

  • 1st – Lewis Hamilton
  • 2nd – Nico Rosberg
  • 3rd – Fernando Alonso

This year is being more interesting than last year. Some are already seeing the end Mercedes reign as in the recent Malaysian Grand Prix, Vettel defeated Hamilton. Its big news as some is seeing it as the rise of Ferrari. Bigger news is Alonso, who recently made contract with McLearn and Honda and been absent till now, would be back in this race. So, this race will be very interesting and who may know what may happen in this race. But this can be said the boring reign of Mercedes might be coming to an end. Now, even if Mercedes wins, it will become much more intense.

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