Top 10 ODI Individual Runs Scorer in an innings

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Rohit sharma

  1. RG Sharma

Country: India

Innings: 264 runs vs. Sri Lanka

Venue: Kolkata at 12th November 2014

The Indian middle order batsmen RG Sharma is the highest individual innings holder in the ODI cricket. On 2014 vs. Sri Lanka in his 173 balls innings, hits 33 fours and 9 sixes. Which become the most fours in an innings. Rohit have another double hounded, which makes his the first international batsman in ODI scoring 2 double hundred in career.

  1. MJ Guptil

Country: New Zealand

Innings: 237* runs vs. West Indies

Venue: Wellington, New Zealand at 21st March 2015

In the list the second highest individual had come in the last world cup, New Zealand’s opener Guptil have scored 237* runs with 163 ball. This is the biggest innings in the world cup as well. In his 163 balls innings he had 24 fours and 11 sixes.

  1. Sehwag

Country: India

Innings: 219 runs vs. West Indies

Venue: Indore, at 8th December 2011

As the second batsmen in the world ODI Sehwag was scored double century after S. Tendulkar. On his time his 219 runs innings was the highest international runs recorded as well before Rohit’s 264 runs innings. For this innings Sehwag was played 149 balls and scored 25 fours with 7 sixes.

  1. CH Gayle

Country: Wes Indies

Innings: 215 runs vs. Zimbabwe

Venue: Canberra, at 24th Feb 2015

The second highest world cup innings is in the 4th at the all-time list. The dashing West Indies opener Gayle scored his 215 records vs Zimbabwe with 147 balls and hits 10 fours with 16 records which is the most sixes joint recorded in an innings so far.

  1. RG Sharma

Country: India

Innings: 209 runs vs. Australia

Venue: Bangalore at 2nd November 2013

Rohit scored his first double century at 2013 and his first double was 209 runs innings comes vs. Australia at Bangalore. In the way to scored 5th most runs in an innings he was hit 12 fours and 16 sixes. This is the joint most sixes in an innings.

  1. SR Tendulkar

Country: India

Innings: 200* runs vs. South Africa

Venue: Gwalior at 24th February 2010.

In the ODI history the first double hundred has been come with the greatest cricketer in the world Sachin Tendulkar.On the way to make history this Indian batsmen scored 25 fours and 3 sixes. His 200 comes with 147 balls.

  1. CK Coventry

Country: Zimbabwe

Innings: 194* runs vs. Bangladesh

Venue: Bulawayo at 16th August 2009.

This is the best individual scorer for the Zimbabwe cricket history and 7th highest individual scorer so far. At 2009, Coventry scored his 194 runs vs. Bangladesh with 16 fours and 7 sixes. And this innings comes in 156 balls.

  1. Saeed Anwar

Country: Pakistan

Innings: 194runs vs. India

Venue: Chennai at 21st May 1997.

Before Tendulkar’s double century this innings was the best individual innings in the ODI cricket. His record was stayed 13 years long. At Chennai on 1997 his innings comes with 146 balls. And hit 22 fours and 5 sixes.

  1. IVA Richards

Country: West Indies

Innings: 189* runs vs. England

Venue: Manchester at 31st May 1984.

Most often then the record of Saeed Anwar, Sir Richards’ 189* runs innings was the best innings in ODI. This record was stayed also 13 years to broken. He had scored this runs with 170 balls and hit 21 fours with 5 sixes.

  1. MJ Guptil

Country: New Zealand

Innings: 189* runs vs. England

Venue: Southampton, England at 2 June 2013

The second highest individual innings holder Guptil’s have another innings listed at number 10. His 189 runs innings comes with 155 balls and 19 fours with 2 sixes.

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